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13 MARCH 1996



The Church, Its board and Its management take no responsibility for statements or
clalm made by taff members regarding the worl<ablllty of Dlanctlcs opirltual healing
technology or Scientology applied religious phllooophy o r any dalmo or promises made
to publlc person., the public or to SclentologlslS.
Any promise of "cures" or results are not authorized and will not be honored by the
Church, Its board of directors or manag-ement.
L. Ron Hubbard developed and founded the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology.
The Church Is privileged to have the use of his work.
At no time did L. Ron Hubbard p.romlsc people anything or claim anything for
Dianetics and Sdentology. Hls writings ate a. record of observat.lons and research and are
offered by him as such. What he researched and developed he reported and othero have
used It. One of his most common sayings Is "what is true for you is real to you. Others, a
vast multitude o f fully qualified observers, have found that what was true for them was ve.ry
real In Dianetics and Scientology. It Is they. not Ron, w ho mal<e the clalms for the subjects
and who have heralded its breakthroughs.
It Is not necessaiy for a staff member to make promlses or claims to people who
come to the Olurch for service.
The Church does all It can to make auditing and training availa~e to Its parishioners.
The results obtained by the lndlvldUlll are up to him .
Parishioners applylng for or seeking servic:.e from the Church or any connected person
should be made aware of this Scientology Polley Directive. should aloo sign an attestation, as part of an enrollment fo<m signed by

all parl$hloners enrolling on services. that no c:laJms or promises were made to them and
that tl\eY have inFerred none From the worl<s of L. Ron Hubbard.
A reaoon for this Scientology Polley Directive stems From a review of past and current
litigation which indicates that many of the dalms flow From alleged misrepresentations
made to them concemlng the values of the Sdentology religion. It goes without saying. of
course. that such litigants are usually professionals who hope to make money dishonestly by
shaking down organlzatlons, successful Individuals or wealthy person.s. Oddly, such a person
could not possibly beneftt from Scientology slnce he means It harm! thus It bcc;om~ a
foregone conduslon that the person wtll not benefit. Their percentage I ve.ry small yet
society as It ls at this dmc seems to be slanted In the d irection of favoring such peoples'
claims even when they lie. Thus. care must be taken on this point.
All staff members should be aware of this Scientology Policy Directive and, in
offering service or enrolling parishioners on services, must not make promises or daims or
statements concerning results but inform the person that it is his own responsibility
and additlonally must obtal_n attestation In eNery enrollment that no promises. statements or
claims for Dlanetlcs or Scientology were made to him by a staff member and that he Inferred
no such promise had been made to him through the works of L. Ron Hubba.rd.
Anyvlolatlons of this SPD arc to be reported to theEthlcs Officer of the local Church.
Nothing in this Scientology Polley Directive should be construed as inhibiting any staff
member or publlG Sclentologlst From statjng his own opinions, exper1ences 0< observations
as to the wori<abllity o f Dlanetics spirltual healing technology or Scientology applied
religious phllosophy but in offering service of any kind, any such statement must be clea.rly
labeled the staff member's personal oojplon and It is not in any way bi'lding upon the
Church. Its board, the management or any other person.
When Jn doubt what to do or how to answer, the staff member is referred to the
book, WHAT IS SCIENTOLOGY?. aloo mal<lng clear that this volume Is not policy but only
an assembly of information ror rcfcr~ce.
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