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Highcroft Community Pool Rules

POOL HOURS  Please do not enter pool if you have an infectious

disease, open sore or wound, nasal or ear
 Open from dawn until dusk, except: discharge, skin infection, inflamed eyes, or
o 7:30 – 8:15 AM M,W,F for pool maintenance. bandages.

o 3 to 4 evenings per year for swim team meets.

Please shower before entering the pool.
POOL MEMBERSHIP  Animals are not permitted in the gated area unless
they are required to assist disabled individuals.
 The pool is for use of Highcroft Homeowners
Association members and their guests. Please IN CASE OF FECAL INCIDENTS
inform all guests and caregivers of pool rules and
policies. Fecal matter in the pool poses a potential health risk.
When contamination occurs, please follow these steps:
1. Instruct swimmers to exit the pool.
 No lifeguard on duty, swim at your own risk. 2. If possible, remove stool and dispose of in toilet.
 Children must be under active supervision of a 3. Contact the pool management company at 795-8210
responsible adult. or 337-3135 and advise them whether:
 No one should swim alone. a. The stool is easily picked up and illness is not

* suspected, or
Please keep gate locked and do not prop it open.
 b. The stool is loose, the stool is not easily picked up,

No glass of any kind is permitted in the gated area.
 No running or horseplay. or illness is suspected.
 Diving is not permitted as the pool is too shallow.
‡ By informing the pool company of the nature of the
 If thunder or lightning occurs, please exit the deck incident, we can minimize the amount of time the
and pool immediately. Allow a minimum of 20 pool needs to be closed.
minutes from the last occurrence of thunder before 4. Inform a member of the pool committee.
re-entering the pool. COURTESY
 For security reasons, a security camera has been  Lap lane is for swimming laps.
placed to monitor unauthorized use of the pool. By  Food and drinks are not permitted in the pool.

using the pool, you consent to this monitoring. Please enjoy picnics, snacks and drinks at the tables
 In case of emergency, call 911 – there is a phone provided.
next to the pool entrance as well as a first aid kit.  Please properly dispose of trash, pick-up dropped
 No bikes, scooters, skateboards, roller skates, or food and wipe down tables after use.
other recreational wheeled vehicles are allowed  If smoking, please be considerate of others. Please
inside the gated area. dispose of cigarette butts in the trash.


 Please stay off the lane lines as they are expensive Wilson Farrell, Chairperson 469-5986
to repair. Judy Analco 971-8172
Dan Godfrey 469-9314
HYGIENE & SANITATION Anne Gomes 467-9903

If you have diarrhea you are not permitted to swim.
 Swim diapers AND plastic swim pants are required
for all persons who are not toilet trained. Pool Management 795-8210 or 337-3135
 Please change soiled diapers in the rest room Chase Pool Mgmt.
Property Management 461-0102
Omega Management
* Town of Cary Regulation
† Wake County Regulation
‡ North Carolina Recreation & Hygiene Regulation