Explanation about Earth and Death (soul) and it proves “There is a God”

Solar System


•Do you know, Every Planet revolving around the Sun. But it does not make any mistakes when it is running around the Sun. •It doesn’t make any conflict between them when it is rounding around the Sun. Why it should not change its way? Why earth doesn't go near to the Sun...

• Because Every planet is knowing about its orbit (Way of moving). It shows, some body is arranged this orbit properly. Everything is calculated!!! by one of the Power.... • Moon is very nearest to us. Earth also has gravitational force. But even Moon cannot come near to the Earth and the Earth cannot dragging the moon near. • Hence it proves, Some power is moving these things in one of the direction. That Power created all and restrict every creations to its limits.... • What is that Power? Who is that Power?

Welcome to Our World


We are living Here!!!! This is our Home !!!


Wonders of our World

Earth’s Natural Scenes

Earth’s Beautiful Flowers

Earth’s Terrible Climates

Earth's Dangerous Creatures

We can take food and medicine from these creatures.

Earth’s Creatures
• We are living in this world..... How can we get food.? Answer - From Plants and Animals.. • Do you think, if you want medicine, you will get from the plants and Animals... • If you want cloth, You will get from the Plants and Animals... • If you want hot and cool climate, you are getting Summer and Rain and winter in different regions... If you want, you can go that place.....and you can enjoy. Now You should know All in this earth is created for Human Beings only... • ie., Humans having some more knowledge than other creatures..

• Human Being is KING of the Earth.... How is it? • Why every animals obey our order and rules....? for example, Cow, Goat, Dog, Cat, etc......... Think it..... • Why don't animals get work from Human Beings???? • Why don't animals can be master of Human Beings???? and Plant too.. • Who controlling these plants and animals? And Why these creatures should be helpful to us.. • Some Body order these plants and animals to support Human Beings... • Who is that? YES It proves.....There is a Power....

• No Tickets, Passport and Dollars need for this Death. • Free of Charges… Wow!!! • Death means “We don’t have enough charge to live. We lose our strength” • That Charge is our Soul.

• Do you know, from where we came from....? What is our soul? • What do you know about soul.... After Death, Where is it gone again. • We should think where is our late grand father and grand mother gone.. • Why they won't come again....? What is the secret behind this..... • There is some secret behind this? We have to find this secret. Secret is that Power.

Earth, Birth and Death
• Please think where you are....!!! • You are in Earth...a round ground with air, water and more..... • What is this? What happen in this round flat ground....? • Every Body come and born in this ground and go away from this Earth....

• Between this born and Death, What are we doing here? • then what is the aim for all this Human Beings...? • Why they come and go immediately. Nobody can't stay in this world long life... Why? • Why they can't stay here?.... Not one or two persons... Every body is facing death at certain situation...Think it... why it happens...?

Our Death is Fate?
• Yes. Definitely it is a Fate... Who created this Fate? • Somebody is giving some time to live in this world... • Who is that? Hence this is a proof, That Power decide and create fate for all creatures. That power is giving time to all creatures to live in this world for some time. • Surely, We have to go out from this earth at a particular time.. Nobody can't stop this. • Hence it proves, there is a Power.. Who is controlling all these activities....


• But Between these Born and Death… What are we doing here? • Some People enjoy their life, But some people…..

Conflict between Earth’s kings

Living like this…

Why this War?
• There is no KIND in their Hearts. • There is no FEAR about that Power (God). • They want to occupy other land and Wealth. This is very big theft. • They want to become rich more and very quick. So they ready to capture another land illegally. But He forgets about his DEATH.

• Who will give judgment to these criminals. • Rich Criminals may escape and die easily without getting any punishment. Who will give judgment for them? • Yes Answer is God.

Now, Who is God?

• We can't tell cat is God... Or Plant is God... and Even MAN is also not a God...Everything is destroying by Human Beings.... A Man is Killing another Man. • So, Who are all having “DEATH", those are creatures. There is no Death for God... That’s why it's a GOD. God is super power of all. That is God. Creator of all.

God’s Definition
• That power is Supreme of all, Controller of all, Super natural, King of all, Creator of All, All people's God, and more..... There is one God, All others are creatures... and We should Worship that only one God... • People who are black or white, Rich or Poor, BC or FC or MBC or anything.. For every body there is a God. That only that super natural God..

My Final Conclusion
• We have to live happily and We should not make hurt to other persons. • We have to Worship that God only. • We should be “Kind- Hearted” TO BE KIND ….. TO BE KIND….. Dedicating this song from this link to my friends and teacher….

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Pray for me brother Pray for me brother Pray for me sister Are you searchin’…. Pray for me brother Lookin’ for the answers To all the questions In my life Will I be alone Will you be there By my side Is it something he said Is it something he did I wonder why He is searchin’ For the answers To stay alive Could you ever listen Could you ever care To speak your mind Only for a minute For only one moment In time The joy is around us But show me the love That we must find Are you searchin’ For a reason to be kind, to be kind… He said… Pray for me brother Pray for me brother Pray for me sister Pray for me brother Say what you wanna say now But keep your hearts open Be what you wanna be now Let’s heal the confusion Pray for me brother Don’t let me take When you don’t wanna give Don’t be afraid Just let me live Don’t let me take When you don’t wanna give Don’t be afraid Say what you wanna say now But keep your hearts open Be what you wanna be now Let’s heal the confusion Pray for me brother Pray for me brother I’m ashamed ah, brother be dying of poverty when he down on his knees its only then he prays And it’s a shame ah, brother be dying of ignorance cos the world is a trip and everybody’s a hypocrite Need to stop ah , taking a look at the other I’m not ashamed of poverty need to be making his life better So think about it, think about it once more cos life is a blessing and it’s not justa show, ah Round and round the world is spinning around We need to be singing a prayer, we need to be singing it now Round and round the world is turning around We need to be singing a prayer, we need to be singing it now Need to be feeling the power, need to be feeling the faith We need to coming together just to win this race