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Head - Fraud Control and Investigation


Chief Risk Officers

Working environment, process and action plan strategy of departments dealing with suspected or
confirmed incident need to evolve and match up to the expectations of senior management as also
keep pace with increasing sophisticated methods and modus operandi of modern day fraudsters.

Chief Legal Counsel

Chief Compliance Officer

Chief Internal Audit

With cases of fraud some topping the media headlines, it makes more sense to be ready with a
plan a strategy which can swing into action immediately without resorting to a knee jerk reaction
and being prepared for any far reaching eventualities.

Chief Information Officer

Chief Security Officer

Changing Thought Paradigms on Fraud

From fraud cannot happen in our company to a more proactive approach on preparing for an
incident and strengthening internal control is redefining management and board philosophy today.

Critical reaction timing and hence pre planning are decisive in fraud investigation.
This comprehensive, wide ranging discussion from experts in fraud investigation and control will
converse on:-

Best practices in fraud investigation framework

What are the key elements involved in Internal and external communication strategy during a
fraud investigation to safeguard reputation without compromising the process
Structuring a fraud response and investigative team with skill sets that enable efficient and
timely conduct of investigations
How to minimize damage while conducting internal investigation
Collecting evidence which can stand scrutiny in a court of law
Structuring relationships with external investigators

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Vice Presidents, General Managers,

Head, Functional Managers
& Consultants of:


Corporate Governance




Legal and Regulatory


Operational Risk

Audit & Internal Controls

Information Technology

Information Security

Management Assurance

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Conference Day One: Thursday 16h June 2011


Registration and continental breakfast


Opening remarks and opening address by conference chair



Redefining the thought environment for managing fraud risk, fraud
control and fraud investigation practices
Thought shifts from fraud cannot happen to us to a more proactive approach
to fraud is redefining approaches from management and board.
This session deals with how organizations can better prepare for fraud risk
management and investigations
Establishing link between tone at the top and fraud risk management
How can management and board members be prepared for an internal and
external fraud investigation?
Defining fraud Investigation framework that will work for your organization
Why not to look the other way when company benefits from employee
fraud or conduct?
Uncovering fraud triangle in your organization how do you identify and
mitigate areas susceptible to fraud
Role and response of board in respect to allegations of fraud or corruption
by senior management
Tracking and case management systems for fraud allegations
Panel Moderator:


Defining scope and responsibilities in a team led approach for conducting

internal investigations
How do you minimize confusion in leading investigations and develop a
streamlined process defining each members role and responsibility?
Collaborative approaches in internal investigations
Involving Internal audit, HR, Legal, IT, Corporate communication in a
collaborative team for effective fraud investigations
How forensic services and tools help protect business from fraud and misconduct?
Evaluating the skill sets of your team - how do you identify and fill critical
skill gap?
What are the common challenges in a team based investigative approach?
Understanding sensitive points
Key learnings and case studies from team based fraud investigations
Panel Chair:
Vikram S Kulkarni, CFE,
General Manager-Investigations, Fraud Risk & Security,
Vodafone Essar Limited
Panel Members:
Anurag Parashar,
Head of Forensic,
Samsung India Electronics Ltd.

Jasmeet Wadhera,
Head Legal,

Amber Gupta,
CS & Head Legal & Compliance,
Aditya Birla Money

Key Note Panel Members:

Rajinder Sharma,
President & Group General Counsel,
JSW Group
G D Balasubramaniam,
Director -Internal Audit & Fraud Risk
Fullerton India Credit Co. Ltd.

Nikhil Anant Parulkar,

Head - Risk Containment Unit
Kotak Mahindra Bank

The Fraud response plan

This is not a Witch Hunt! :

Minimizing damage while carrying out internal investigation
Internal fraud investigations often create an environment which is ripe for
heightening sense of insecurity, creating distrust amongst team members and
seen as mean to settle old scores.

What is a fraud response plan?

What are the characteristics of a practical fraud response plan?
How do you develop and action a fraud response plan from paper to one
which really helps in a fraud crisis situation

How do you minimize impact of an internal investigation on regular work

function and business activity?
Physiological impact on employees how do employees perceive an internal
Creating trust and eradicating perceptions of a witch hunt

Sushmit Bhattacharya, Senior Consultant, Corporate Investigations,

Control Risks India

Panel: Best practices in setting up and managing your fraud

investigation and forensic team

Networking and refreshment break

Shashank Karnad, Executive Director,

KPMG Forensic

Planning Fraud Response and Investigation


Expert Insight:
24 - 48 Hours that make a difference in fraud investigation


Networking and refreshment break


Best practices while engaging external investigators

Decisions and actions which are made within the first 24- 48 hours of discovery
of a fraud make a critical difference between success and failure. Whether the
fraudster can be located, tracked and in recovery of assets. This fast paced
session will showcase the decision factors which should form a part of your
fraud response and investigation plan:
Business and process implications
Dos and Donts

Assessing engagement with external investigators

When and whom to engage as external investigators?
How do you effectively budget and control cost for engaging external
Evaluation RoI for external investigators
Fees negotiations and billing practices
Importance and structure of engagement letters

Geetu Singh, Associate Director,

KPMG Forensic

Interactive Panel: Fraud investigation framework

Developing a practical and real world fraud investigation framework
that responds fast to suspected or confirmed fraudulent activity

Rajinder Sharma, President & Group General Counsel

JSW Group

Speed is of essence when a potential fraud is suspected or discovered. A

defined and approved fraud investigation framework helps in ensuring that
critical evidence is not lost and that suspected fraudster is not alerted and
covers his deeds by erasing vital evidence. This panel offer a collective insight
into constituent of a good fraud investigation framework

Defining strategic objectives of your investigation

Fraud response plan or fraud investigation plan?
Conducting the investigation
Defining the moment when you start involving law enforcement
What constitutes a 'successful' investigation?
Case Study: Investigation Frameworks and experience sharing

Panel Chair:
Abhijit Sanzgiri , Head Internal Audit,
Aditya Birla Management Corporate Pvt. Ltd.
Panel Members
Vikram S Kulkarni, CFE,
General Manager-Investigations, Fraud Risk & Security,
Vodafone Essar Limited
Vivek Karwanyun,
General Manager - Supply Chain,
Bunge India Pvt. Ltd

Networking Lunch

Case Study: Lifecycle of a Fraud Investigation

Gyan Barah,
AGM - Financial Crime Prevention and Reputation Management Group,

Summation of learnings of day one

About our Platinum Partner: Control Risks

Control Risks is one of the worlds leading global business risk consultancies. As a trusted
adviser to almost three quarters of the Fortune Global 500, we protect our clients most
valuable assets: their investments, people, brand and reputation. Our support and advice
enables clients to manage the political, security, operational and integrity risks that come with
doing business internationally.
Our services include:
Political risk assessment
Business intelligence
Fraud and investigations
Crisis management and business continuity planning
Security risk audits, protection and training
Security design solutions
Travel security analysis and management services
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Conference Day Two: Friday 17th June 2011


Registration and continental breakfast


Opening remarks and opening address by conference chair


Strengthening Whistleblower Policy in India for effective corporate

governance, fraud control and investigation


Establishing the nature of documents i.e. genuine or counterfeit, forged or

fraudulent are an important part of the investigative plan and evidence

Red flags for non genuine documents

Checklist to establish genuine or forged documents
Non genuine document which stand out speeding the search for the
needle in the haystack
When does it make sense to call a document expert? When is the time you
do not need one

Historical analysis shows that most frauds come to light due to whistleblowers.
The need is to take the whistle blower policy beyond scope of legal
requirements and ensure commitment on managing transparency by activating
this to a tool which aids in corporate governance and assist in fraud control
and investigation
Key steps for moving the whistleblower policy from paper to one which
assists in good corporate governance, fraud detection and control
How to overcome practical challenges in maintaining the secrecy and
confidentiality of the whistleblower?
Discussion: recognizing and rewarding whistleblower what works best for
encouraging whistle blowing in India
Investigating claims the first critical hours when the whistle is blown

Anurag Parashar, Head of Forensic,

Samsung India Electronics Ltd.

Networking Lunch


D i sc o ve ry Kn ow l edg e C a f
Uncovering the real challenges facing fraud investigators and fraud risk

Shailesh V Haribhakti, Chairman, BDO Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Member Advisory Board, CWI

30 minutes of open interaction which uncovers real and practical challenges

facing fraud investigators and fraud investigative teams

Investigation of corruption schemes, bribes and kickbacks

Tools for investigating bribery and kickbacks?
Understanding specific challenges and formulating a proactive strategy for
How do you overcome key challenges while conducting investigation that
points towards involvement of senior management?
How do you gain support from your superiors while investigating corruption
schemes, bribes and kickbacks?
Investigating Illegal payments channels and sources of illegitimate
Understanding the legal framework which supports your investigations?

Alakh Asthana , Founding Member

Mumbai-Pune KM Community & Mumbai-Pune Analytics community

Networking and refreshment break


Case Study: Use of Technology for proactive identification of Fraud

When and why should you go ahead with legal proceeding?

Fiduciary obligations and responsibility to pursue legal action for recovery of
Are organizations liable for actions by third party in case of non pursuit of
legal options?
Legal options during cases of cross border frauds?
Assessing what is your real RoI on pursuing legal actions based on evidence
at hand, legal counsel fees and time spent in court? What are the options
What constitutes legal evidence?
Evidence collection techniques during fraud investigations what are
common mistakes to avoid which can compromise your end result?
Evidence presentation which are legally acceptable
Development of exhibits for use in courts
Testifying in courts
Examples of legal judgments in fraud cases

Gaurav Ajmani, Senior Investigations Manager,

Microsoft Corporation (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Anti fraud effort in financial services - a management perspective

Organization threat assessment

Anti fraud controls including staff background screening and risk
SWOT analysis for investigation function
Guidance for running responsible investigations
Investigators performance management
Challenges for an investigation function

Anil Fernandes,
Anil Fernandes & Associates, Advocates

Networking and refreshment break


Focused Round table Session

Maximizing results from employee interviews optimizing fraud based
interviewing skills

Sanjay Sharma, Regional Head Fraud Risk, Security and Fraud Risk,
- a leading multinational bank

Applying proper interviewing procedures and methodologies

Identifying key interviewing skills and applying them
Key learnings and best practices for interview preparation, execution and

Evidence gathering from mobile phone and personal data devices

technology aspects which help in you investigation process
A single byte of data can swing your end result and conclusion
When and how cell phone forensics become a part of your investigative
process? Seizing the device legal issues
Legal and other investigative aspects which empower you for conducting
cell phone forensics
What constitutes a cell phone forensic audit?
Forensic retrieval of data from cell phones and other mobile devices in a
manner that preserves the evidence under forensically acceptable
conditions, ensuring that it is court-admissible.
Type of data which can be recovered and be admissible in proceedings
Tools used in Mobile and SIM Card Forensics
Managing and analyzing digital evidence from Cell Phones and SIM Cards

Evidence that stands scrutiny in a court of law

Companies often hesitate to take a legal recourse with fraudsters due to
number of varying reasons , even when supporting evidence at hand and a
legal recourse can be considered exemplifying for other potential perpetrators

Rohit Mahajan, Executive Director,

KPMG Forensic

Investigating and evidence collection from documents

Arun Wable, Anti Fraud Unit

Deutsche Bank AG, Filiale Mumbai

End of conference

Murali Talasila, Executive Director,

KPMG Forensic

About our Knowledge Partner: KPMG Forensic

About our Document Partner: Corporate Whistleblower Initiative (
The Corporate Whistleblower Initiative is a program which helps organizations put in place a
simple and effective system for receiving confidential information from stakeholders and
managing the process efficiently.
The CWI Portal is Indias first web based helpline enabling stakeholders to communicate their
concerns with the designated authority within the organization securely, confidentially and
anonymously. Besides complementing the existing channels of communication provided for by
the organization and acting as an internal early warning system for detecting and checking
malpractices it also helps organizations create a non-threatening environment in which anyone
who perceives any activity detrimental to its interests feels free to report it.
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KPMG pioneered the Forensic practice in India in the year 1998 to meet the escalating demand
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KPMG's Forensic practice provides an independent, proactive and responsive service by
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