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I. To prepare Jug One II. Add the following III. Add the juice of
begin with one gallon _____Tbl(s) Power Cell ______fresh lemons.
_____Tbl(s) Super C Active (Must be fresh, not packaged)
of pure distilled water.
Pour out 1 glass to _____Tbl(s) Bio Ox
make room for your _____Tbl(s) Aloe Vera Formula
health tonics. _____Tbl(s) Electrolyte Formula
_____Tbl(s) Liquid Enzymes
_____Tbl(s) Hunza water
_____Tbl(s) Energy Elixir
IV. Add ____Drops of:
Homeopathic Oxygen V. Add ___ Drops of the following Bach Flower
Tea Tree Oil Complex Emotional Health Flower Essence Remedies
Homeopathic Remedy #____ Emotional Health Remedy # _____
Homeopathic Remedy #____ Emotional Health Remedy # _____
Homeopathic Remedy #____ Emotional Health Remedy # _____
Homeopathic Remedy #____ Emotional Health Remedy # _____
Homeopathic Remedy #____ Emotional Health Remedy # _____
Homeopathic Remedy #____ Emotional Health Remedy # _____
Homeopathic Remedy #____
VI. Add _____Tablespoons of the following Ionic Crystalloid Liquid Minerals
Boron "Nature's Calcium & Mineral Metabolizer" Iodine "Nature's Thyroid Nutrient" Potassium "Nature's Acid Neutralizer"
Chromium "Natures Blood Sugar Stabilizer" Iron "Nature's Red Blood Builder" Selenium "Nature's Youth Element"
Calcium "Nature's Knitter" Lithium "Nature's Mental-Emotional Balancer" Silver "Nature's Disinfectant "
Cobalt "Nature's Enzyme Catalyst" Magnesium "Nature's Tranquillizer" Sulfur "Nature's Free Radical Neutralizer"
Copper "Nature's Collagen Stimulator" Manganese "Nature's Brain Element" Vanadium "Nature's BioEnergy Stabilizer"
Germanium "Natural Oxygen Uptake Catalyst" Molybdenum "Nature's Metabolic Balancer" Zinc "Nature's Power Healer"
Gold "Nature's Anti-Aging Element" Platinum "Nature's Chemo Nutrient"

VI. Add _____ Tablespoons of the following Specialty Ionic Crystalloid Liquid Minerals.
Acidosis Correction Formula Cal/Mag/Boron Tonic Liver Support Formula
ADD/ADHD Formula Cancer Prevention Formula Lung Formula
Anti Cholesterol Formula Candida Formula Metabolic Fat Burning Formula
Anti Depression Formula Cardio Vascular Formula Pancreas Support formula
Anti Fatigue Formula Chelation Formula PMS Formula
Anti Anemia Formula Colon Formula Prevention Cysts Formula
Antibiotic Formula Deep, Sound Restful Sleep Formula Prostate Formula
Anxiety/Panic Control Formula Diabetic Prevention Formula Sinusitis Formula
Arthritis Formula Edema Correction Formula Stomach & Digestion Formula
Beautiful Skin Formula Eye Formula Stress & Nerve Repair Formula
Bladder/Kidney Formula Friendly Flora Formula Strong Bones, Nails, Nerves,
Blood Sugar Control Formula Immune Enhancement Formula & Teeth Formula
Brain De-Fog Formula Libido Enhancement Formula Thyroid Support Formula
VII. Drink all day between meals, Ideally 8 oz. every half hour. Begin your day by drinking 16 oz. to 32 oz. upon arising. Patients on
special I.V. Vitamin/Chelation Therapy ideally should drink 64 oz. but no less than 32 oz. between the time they arise and time of
treatment. The goal is to drink one full gallon or more each day. Eliminate all coffee, soda, caffeine, alcohol, sugar drinks. Do not
drink with meals-Do not wash food down-Drink before, after and between meals. Consistency is the key to success when it
comes to your health. A winner never quits; a quitter never wins.
VIII. Abunda Life Patients on the Jug Two Protocol
Alternate every half-hour all day long-Drink 8 oz. from Jug One then a half-hour later drink 8 oz. from Jug Two
Go back and forth alternating between jugs all day long.