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TO WHOM SO EVER IT MAY CONCERN <Date> This is to certify that Ms. xxxxxxxxxxxxxhas worked as an engineer with us on full time basis from May25th 2007 to February 25th 2009. During his tenure he has worked on various projects like Railway Traction and IVRS. He is a very dedicated resource and always focused on the quality. He has good time management skills. He had leaded various projects and has delivered the deliverables on the set timelines. His duties and responsibilities are as follows: • • • • • • Designing and developing the systems or products Collaborating with engineer team, manufacture, quality and support teams Understand the requirements of the client Providing support to clients or customers Doing Research and development Interact with the clients and onsite resources

In his 20 months tenure inxxxxxxxxxxx he was mainly involved in executing two projects one xxxxxxxxxxxxxx for Railways Where he was a key player in testing the (Railway Traction Unit) RTU functionality and many errors are rectified. Secondly his contribution is appreciated for designing IVRS for our client. He has even gone through induction program on IVRS. He communicates well and maintains good rapport with the team and the management. He has achieved desired business results working with others with different backgrounds, perspectives, and approaches. If you have any further query related to this, please don’t hesitate to contact me on ------------ (email) or -----------(Phone). Regards, Full Name: xxxxxxxxxx Designation: HR Manager

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