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Tutorial Level (Training Room)

Analyzing surroundings. Doctor, we are ready to commence your training

exercise. Simones monocle shot out a bright red laser that pierced through the
darkness of the room, moving up and down; scanning the entire area.

Doctor, what exercises will ensue throughout this training module? asked

Good of you to ask, Pierce. You and Simone are going to be put through a
series of tests to check for any inconsistencies in your programming. Pass the test, and
you may proceed to the city, where your first mission awaits you. the Doctor

Must we be put through these tests? We are in primo condition, and ready to
face any infectado that dare challenge us! Simone roared boorishly.

Come now, old chap. I feel we could learn a thing or two from the good Doctor.
You may proceed when ready, good sir. Pierce bowed graciously.

First, we are going to check your motor functions. Use the (arrow keys) to move
left and right. Good. Now, make your way over to the highlighted area. Next, we are
going to see if your hydraulic joints are in working order. Using the (space bar), jump
your way up to the platform. Okay, your movement has been analyzed. Time to work on

your combat functions. While on your mission, you will encounter enemies that can be
attacked with two type of weapons: Melee and Ranged. Press the (d) key to attack
enemies closest to you and the (s) key to attack ranged enemies. Finally, along your
journey, you will come across certain special weapons that can be used to rain
destruction down upon your enemies. Press the (a) key to pick up any special weapons
and use these to help you in your quest. Looks like your programming and systems are
in working order. One last test; Make your way to the end of the training room using all
the training you have learned. the Doctor monologued.

The two gentlemen robots make their way through the training room, fighting off
training bots and dodging obstacles thrown at them. As they reach the final chamber,
the door slams shut behind them, nearly cutting Pierce in half.

A little too close for comfort, eh amigo? quipped Simone Enrique, pulling Pierce
away from the falling door.
Indeed. Nearly had myself a free shave, my good bot. Pierce chuckled.

Dr. Whozamawhatsits voice boomed over the PA system, Not so fast,

gentlemen. You have yet to conquer your last obstacle. My second greatest invention:
the POTATOBOT! Faster, Potatobot! Kill! Kill!

The ground begins to shake as a platform rises up, revealing their opponent. The
Potatobot looked quite ordinary (as robots go), with the exception of a potato in his
chest cavity. His chest cavity closes, and his eyes and antenna glow a lucid sea green.
{His main attack in friend mode is running after the Gentlemen Robots in a gangling

and uncoordinated fashion and attempting to hug them very tightly. (This drains minor
health). After several unsuccessful passes, he pauses, winded. He doubles over and
exposes his potato, allowing the player to momentarily inflict massive damage. When he
reaches half health, his eyes and antenna turn red. He curls into himself and is
shrouded in a cloud of steam. His smile changes to a frown and his eyebrows turn
angry. His chest cavity pops open with a microwave-esque ding and in it is a baked
potato. His chest cavity stays open during the second stage, allowing the players to
continually score critical hits. However, he also pursues the players with reckless
abandon. His attack is now swinging at the players. (This does massive damage)}

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