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Technique: Patchwork, Piecing, Sewing
Technique: Patchwork, Piecing, Sewing


Patchwork, Piecing, Sewing




Crafting Time:


Ruffle Tote

Skill level:


Featuring Eclectic Elements by Tim Holtz Designed by Richele Christensen

Patchwork and Ruffles in Eclectic Elements fabrics create this special tote.

Finished Size:

Finished Size: Approx. 12” x 17” (excluding strap)


Eclectic Elements Collection by Tim Holtz Fabric Requirements:

  • (A) PWTH008.REDXX Dictionary- Red

3/4 yd (.69m)

  • (B) PWTH005.TAUPE Subway Signs Taupe

1/4 yd (.23m)

Variety Eclectic Element prints 1/8 yd (.11m) each; 1/2 yd (.46m) total

Additional Requirements:

Sewing machine Rotary cutter/mat/plastic ruler Iron/pressing board Basic sewing supplies Fusible interfacing Coats Dual Duty XP All Purpose thread




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Ruffled Tote
Ruffled Tote

Ruffled Tote


Note: WOF—Width of Fabric, LOF—Length of Fabric. Fabric A, cut:

(2) 13” x 18” (17.78cm x 45.72cm), for lining (4) 2 1/2” x 36” (6.35cm x 91.44cm) with torn long edges, for ruffle Fabric B, cut:

(4) 4” x 14” (10.16cm x 35.56cm), for top band Assorted prints, cut:

Enough rectangles in varying widths and lengths to make one 20” x 42” panel


Note: All seam allowances are 1/2” (1.27cm) unless

otherwise indicated.

  • 1. From the fusible interfacing, cut two 4” x 14” (10.16cm x 35.56cm) pieces for the band and one 2 1/2” x 23” (6.35cm x 58.42cm) piece for the handle. Set aside.

  • 2. Sew the assorted print rectangles together as desired to make a patchwork panel measuring 20” x 42”. From the panel, cut two 5” x 13” (12.7cm x 33.02cm) pieces and four 7” x 13” (17.78cm x 33.02cm) pieces for the bag. Cut two 2 1/2” x 23” (6.35cm x 58.42cm) strips for the handle.

  • 3. Sew a gathering stitch along one long edge of each 2 1/2” x 36” (6.35cm x 91.44cm) Fabric A strip; pull the thread gently and knot to create the ruffles. Each ruffle will now have one torn raw edge. Right sides together, pin and sew a ruffle to the long sides of each 5” x 13” (12.7cm x 33.02cm) patchwork piece to make a total of two center units (one for the front of the bag and one for the back of the bag).

  • 4. Pin and sew a 7” x 13” (17.78cm x 33.02cm) piece, right sides together, along the ruffled edge of each center unit. Press seams toward the center units. Topstitch 1/8” (.32cm) away from the edge of the ruffles on the center units.

  • 5. Pin the tote front and back sections right sides together. Sew along the sides and bottom. Repeat with the two 13” x 18” (17.78cm x 45.72cm) Fabric A pieces for the lining.

  • 6. With the patchwork tote wrong sides out, pull out the seam at the bottom corners to form a triangular shape. Measure and mark 1” (2.54cm) up from the point of the triangle. Sew across the drawn line, making sure seams are aligned. Trim excess from the triangular shape. Repeat for the lining. Place the lining inside the patchwork tote with wrong sides together.

the first band), making sure that the side seams are aligned. Sew the bands to the top edge leaving 3” unstitched at each side seam. Turn the top band to the inside of the tote. Press the top edge, then sew the folded edge to the lining with a whipstitch.

  • 9. Apply interfacing to the wrong side of one 2 1/2” x 23” (6.35cm x 58.42cm) patchwork handle strip. Sew the two patchwork handle strips right sides together on the long sides with a 1/4” (.64cm) seam allowance. Turn the handle right side out. Press the edges. Topstitch 1/8” (.32cm) away from the edge. Insert each end of the handle inside the tote, between the inner band and the lining at each side seam, and pin. Machine stitch the handle ends in place and sew the unstitched seams closed. Topstitch the outer band 1/8” (.32cm) all the way around the top and bottom edges.

  • 7. Following manufacturer’s directions, fuse a 4” x 14” (10.16cm x 35.56cm) interfacing piece to the wrong side of each of two 4” x 14” (10.16cm x 35.56cm) Fabric B pieces. Noting print orientation, sew the pieces together at the short sides to create a band. With side seams matching, pin the band around the outside of the tote at the top. Create a 1” (2.54cm) pleat beneath the ruffle on the tote and lining, and then sew together.

  • 8. Sew the remaining two 4” x 14” (10.16cm x 35.56cm) Fabric B pieces short end to short end to create one long strip. Place the strip so that the print is oriented upright. Press the bottom long edge under ¼”. Stitch the remaining short ends together to form a band. With raw edges aligned and right sides together, pin the band around the top edge of the tote (over

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