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December 2009

Newsletter Number 66

Exhibition Convention &
Centre se

ts the stan

The newly completed

Melbourne Convention Centre has been
fully integrated with the Melbourne Exhibition Centre to
create a modern, user-friendly and versatile environment that makes an
architectural statement on the banks of the Yarra River.

a total building capacity of
22,000 people, you need to make sure there are no hiccups
It is the first convention centre in the world to be awarded a 6 star
with the ventilation system, Mike said. To ensure a high level
Green Star environmental rating. It also won the Banksia Environmental of reliability we have standby fans, pumps and air handling
Foundation Built Environment Award; an award presented for buildings, systems.
infrastructure, services and technologies that incorporate significant
A major feature of the centre is the 5000 seat plenary hall with
sustainable development principles and practices.
its gala seating system. This unique spiral lifting device allows
The buildings innovative water management system captures and uses flexible seating configurations in a 510 square metre room that
all rain water and is complete with its own black water treatment plant. can be divided into three self-contained, acoustically separate theatres.
Solar hot water systems and energy efficient lighting have also been
Visitors to the convention centre breathe comfortably thanks to
incorporated to reduce energy consumption.
under-floor displacement air systems fitted with carbon dioxide
Mike Reid from James L Williams Pty Ltd, a leading mechanical
monitoring and control in the plenary hall and foyer.
contractor in Victoria, said an energy efficient HVAC system was
Mike said the technical complexity, large scale and tight
achieved by conditioning an occupied area up to 2.5 metres above the
construction program of the project had combined to make the
floor in open spaces through low velocity systems and high efficiency
motors. He said 149 Fantech fans were selected for their high efficiency convention centre a huge challenge. At the peak of the project
there were more than 1000 workers on site, and we were able to
and there was extensive use of primary and secondary pumping
deliver the project on time, he said.
systems incorporating variable speed drives to help limit energy
The Melbourne Convention Centre and integrated Hilton Hotel
were designed by Joint Venture Architects Woods Bagot and NH
The main foyer, with its 18 metre glass faade fronting the Yarra River,
has radiant slab heating and cooling to keep the occupants comfortable, Architecture for the Plenary Group consortium.
while efficient chilled beams are used in the ground/mezzanine offices. The Melbourne Convention Centre opened in April 2009.

oo panders
ders to new
ne guests
g ests
Two Giant Pandas will soon be on display at Adelaide Zoo. Three year old
Wang Wang and his two year old mate Funi left China in late November,
bound for a 10 year stay at Adelaide Zoo.
To accommodate its new guests Adelaide Zoo has undergone a major
construction project. In addition to the new Panda enclosure, the zoo
has a new ticketing area and a function centre known as the Santos
Conservation Centre.
Giant Pandas are on the endangered species listing with only 1600 left in
the wild. To protect the species and secure its long term survival, breeding
pairs of Giant Pandas are loaned to zoos outside China.
Adelaide Zoos Panda enclosure cost $8 million and includes a separate
enclosure and day room for each Panda as well as sleeping dens and a nursery.
Native to the high mountains and deep valleys of China, the Giant Pandas
will be kept cool in Adelaide by chilled rocks. Haden Engineerings Project

Manager J
h G
d said
id tthe
h rocks
had chilled water coils constructed from
PVC Nitrile material embedded within
the Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC)
rock. Chilled water enters the rock at 6C
and aims to maintain the surface of the
rock at 12C on a 25C ambient day.
When the weather is too warm, 25C
or above, the Pandas will stay inside
their day rooms where chilled water
air handling units complete with heat
recovery modules air-condition the room to
maintain a maximum indoor temperature of 18C, he said.
To help facilitate the air flow and cooling Fantech supplied a range
of products including five in-line centrifugal fans and two in-line
mixed-flow fans.
The Panda enclosure is due to be opened to the public on 13 December.

Technically Speaking
With Jack Pirie

Fan Total Efficiency

Global concern about the level of carbon dioxide
(CO2) production and links to climate change
have led to increased demand for more
efficient equipment and systems that consume
less energy.
The building mechanical services industry accounts for about
20-25% of the worlds energy consumption, with fans representing a
substantial share of that. This is an area where well-engineered fan
selections and systems can be made, providing substantial cuts in
energy consumption, much of it with an immediate cost benefit.

When this formula is applied

to a particular fan size, the fan with
the highest efficiency will be the one
consuming the least power. However, if the selection is made
over a range of sizes, a different picture can emerge.
Consider an axial flow fan required to meet BCA Section J5.2
W/(L/s) ratings, handling 40m3/s @ 600Pa static pressure.
From the Fantech Product Selection CD, for fans in the 1400
to 1800mm dia. range, the two fans with the highest total
efficiency are the AP1404CA9/31 at 80% efficiency and the
AP1806FA12/19 at 73% efficiency; both fans meet the BCA
W/(L/s) requirement.
Interestingly, although the AP1404CA9/31 fan has the higher
total efficiency, it requires 50.36kW shaft power to drive the fan
whilst the AP1806FA12/19 requires only 40.50kW.
The reason for this is because a fans total pressure is the sum
of the static and velocity pressures and, as the 1400 dia. fan is
smaller than the 1800 dia. fan, its velocity pressure will be higher
when handling the same airflow.
Fig. 2 illustrates the differences in the total pressures of the
1400 and 1800 dia. fans; in this instance the 1400 dia. fan having
to develop 1005Pa and the 1800 dia. fan only 748Pa.

Vacon Drives, Coles Myer Mulgrave

To generate the higher total pressure the 1400dia. fan has to do

more work than the 1800 dia. fan therefore using more energy.
Unless static regain is utilised, the higher velocity pressure
produced by smaller fans is often lost resulting in the energy
required to generate it being wasted.





Fig. 1

An early step in improving energy efficiency in Australia was the

establishment of AS/NZS1359.5 2004 Three-phase cage induction
motors High efficiency and minimum energy performance standards
(MEPS) requirements. The minimum efficiencies of MEPS motors are
now between 80% and 96% for the majority of motors which will make
further efficiency gains difficult to achieve.
Section J of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) legislates minimum
performance targets, W/L/s, for fans and air handling equipment in
Section J5.2, while allowing AS1359.5 2004 to handle the minimum
motor efficiencies. Even with the BCA requirements, further
reductions in consumed power of up to 40-50% can be obtained using
best practice principle and careful, well considered fan selections.
It stands to reason that, with regards to fans, major efficiency gains,
and therefore power savings, are possible both now and in the future.
The efficiency of a fan impeller is generally rated in terms of total
efficiency. This definition measures how well a fan impeller converts
the power output from an electric motor into useful mechanical energy
in the airstream, based on total pressure. It is NOT a measure of
the overall efficiency of a fan, as losses through the motor or other
elements such as belt-drives, are not considered.

Fan pressure, Pa

Fig. 1 shows that the efficiency of a single fan varies greatly over its
performance envelope. If a fan is selected too far from its sweetspot
energy may be unnecessarily wasted. Not only is energy saved by
selecting near the sweetspot, but noise levels are typically quieter,
and there is less chance of the fan entering stall.



P sF




Duty Point

Duty Point

Pd F


Pd F

Fig. 2





qV-Volume flow, m3/s




The 1800dia. fans cost is approximately 56% higher, or $4,000

more than the 1400mm dia. fan. However, assuming an
electricity cost of $0.15/kWh and a fans operating program of
10hrs/day, 200days/year, the potential saving in running cost/yr
with the 1800mm dia. fan is:
(50.36 40.50kWh) x $0.15/kWh x 10hrs x 200 days = $2960/yr.
In such a scenario the additional cost of the 1800mm fan can
be recovered in just over 16 months. Of course, if we take a life
cycle approach, the savings in running costs will continue for
some 10-20 years; based on a life of 15 years the saving will
amount to more than $40,000, almost 4 times the initial cost of
the fan.
This example highlights, where more than one fan diameter is
considered, the importance of focussing on absorbed power
figures rather than aiming for the highest total efficiency.

Eltafantech achieves
ISO certification
A subsidiary of Fantech Australia, Eltafantech Asia began its operation in
2005 and has now achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification. Today there are 25
people employed at the Malaysian manufacturing facility and office.
In this day and age we need to have set quality standards to work to,
Eltfafantech Managing Director Peter Lester said.
The ISO 9000 family of standards for quality management systems are
recognised internationally. ISO 9001-2008 requires a business to implement a
set of organised quality procedures to ensure high quality products, service
and adherence to standards.
Procedures may include monitoring products through the manufacturing
process, testing for defects, and taking remedial action where needed.
Adequate records are also required to help review processes and
make improvements.

Fans by Fantech

Product Selection Program

Tip No.6

With Stuart Bryson

Adding ancillaries to a fan

When choosing to add a fan to a schedule, the Product Selection
Program will prompt you with a Fan Details dialog, where usually
you would choose the quantity required as well as a location and
designation to identify the selection.
You can also select ancillary items for the fan, such as
speed controllers, guards and mounting feet by clicking on
the Ancillary button. This will open up a list of seven fixed
categories of ancillaries and three flexible categories.

Peter said that it had proved to be a good business decision, as positive

feedback from staff indicated that the detailed procedures of ISO 9001 had
made it easier to introduce a new quality management system.
Achieving ISO 9001-2008 certification gives us a much stronger credibility
with our customers and opens a lot more doors when conducting business
in and around South East Asia, he said.

Tick the ancillary categories you require for the fan. For the
flexible categories, enter a description, such as Backdraft
Damper or Painting.

Southern Cross
East Tower

Etihad Stadium

The product code drop down will include a list of ancillary

items which are available refer to the website, or your Fans by
Fantech catalogue, to determine the suitable ancillaries for your
fan. Check the quantity per fan required (feet and mounts
usually require more than 1 per fan), and confirm
your choices by clicking OK and then
Save to Schedule.

D&E values stand the test of time

People are at the core of
D&E Air Conditionings

Founders Doug Langford and Ernie Wills began

the company in 1989 with only a handful of employees. With Ernie
now retired and Doug involved in D&Es parent company, the Hastie
Group, original employee Greg Andrews has taken over as
General Manager.
Right from the start Doug and Ernie instilled a sense of belonging
in their employees, Greg said. They offered training to apprentices,
trainees and graduates, along with other staff, and helped them to
progress through the company.
D&E still follows that philosophy today and as a result a number of
early trainees and apprentices have been with us for 10, 15 and 20
years and now head our departments.
Initially the company began with a willingness to work on any size
and type of project, and this is still the case today.
By the end of the first year the business had grown to 15 employees.
Demand for their services continued to increase and today there are
over 250 employees based at the Melbourne office.

Five years ago the Hastie Group acquired D&E Air Conditioning.
Greg believes this has complimented and added to D&Es strength
in the industry. Belonging to an international group which provides
a full range of building and engineering services has given D&E
greater scope, while still being able to maintain the original core
values as founded by Doug and Ernie.
We also have a regional office in Geelong, an installation business
in Perth, have worked in all states of Australia, and internationally
in Papua New Guinea, Thailand and China. Our experience in the
mechanical services industry is extensive.
Offering a range of mechanical services to both small and large
commercial and retail developments, the company specialises in
pharmaceutical, hospital and laboratory installations.
We are keen to promote designs with low environmental impacts
via our in-house Green Star and NABERS accredited engineers.
Some recently completed projects with better environmental
outcomes include: Southern Cross 2 (5 Star Green Star Office
Interiors); 181 William St (5 Star Green Star Office As Built - 4.5
NABERS commitment); 140 William St, Perth (5 Star Green Star
Office Design); and Myer C9 Docklands (5 Star Green Star
Office As built).

Fantech congratulates D&E Air Conditioning on their 20 year milestone.

Energy recovery products now

available through Fantech
Air Design is pleased to announce the release of the
Modutherm Air Handling range with Energy Recovery (ER)
capability. The Queensland-based company, which is part of the
Fantech group, can now offer their customers a range which
incorporates Klingenburg plate and rotary heat exchangers with
air flows to approximately 11,000l/s.
The heat exchanger is the heart of a heat recovery unit and Air
Design is proud to be working in collaboration with Klingenburg
to supply this component. Klingenburg is a world leading
developer and manufacturer of heat recovery components
based in Germany.
Air Designs National Sales Manager Adrian Bartlett said,
Working with Klingenburg to supply rotary and plate
heat exchangers added confidence and great value to the
Modutherm ER range. Klingenburg has an impressive history
and have been in operation since 1982, supplying Eurovent and
ARI certified heat exchangers for use throughout the world.
They have a selection program that enables accurate product
design and a website that is highly informative.

Modutherm ER with rotary

heat exchanger, DWDI fans &
integral filter plenum.

The units feature an aluminium pentapost frame system,

double skin polyurethane panels and unique quarter turn
lock panel retention systems providing easy access to
components within the housing. The polyurethane has
an Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) and Global Warming
Potential (GWP) of zero, which reduces the products
impact on the environment.
Modutherm Energy
Recovery units are
available with forward
and backwardcurved DWDI fans or
centrifugal plug fans,
and high efficiency deep
bed and panel filters.
Adrian said There has
been a lot of interest in
the range, particularly
the models with the
Sorption rotary heat
Klingenburg Rotary
exchanger, which transfers
Heat Exchanger
both sensible and latent energy
ensuring the greatest energy recovery. The rotor has a
zeolite coating that acts as a molecular sieve, which, in
combination with its purge or cleaning sector, ensures
no odour molecules are transferred and leakage is kept
to a minimum.
A comprehensive catalogue has been developed to
highlight the key aspects of the range. However, if the
exact solution is not within the products listed, the
Modutherm modular box construction system can be
configured to suit individual requirements.

Modutherm ER with plate

heat exchanger, DWDI fans &
Please contact your local Fantech office for a copy of the
integral filter plenum.
catalogue or for further details.

Product News

With Kerry Dumicich

Fantech proud to
distribute Vacon drives
Fantech is proud to announce that it can now provide the high quality
Vacon range of drives throughout Australasia. Fantech aims to
align itself with strong reputable products and brands, and Vacons
reputation for manufacturing high quality AC drives made them the
ideal choice. Fantech is now able to assist with the selection and
supply of fan and drive packages, which helps to simplify the design
and construction of the mechanical system.
AC drives are definitely the way of the future. The technology
enhances motor performance, with lower starting currents and
reduced running costs contributing to savings on energy bills and
a smaller carbon footprint.

additional cabinets and is ready for immediate integration

into the network. With versatile control and programming
capabilities, this is a simple, impressive drive that is suitable
for most HVAC applications.

And when it comes to choosing an AC drive, Vacon units are among

the best in the world. Furthermore, the technical support offered by
Vacons premium partner CMG, is second to none.

The Vacon NXS is also popular in building services. The

robust design incorporates effective protection against
supply network disturbances, and with a power range up to
90kW at 380-500V, the NXS is a reliable all-purpose drive.

One of the unique features of Vacon drive units is their modular design.
The drives are available with 240, 415 and 690 volt options, a choice of
air-cooled or purpose designed liquid-cooled drives and have
the capacity for several Input/Output cards and field-installable
conversion kits.
The Vacon NXL is a powerful and compact AC drive well suited to
general light industrial applications from 0.75 to 30 kilowatts. Offering
a high level of protection, the unit can be installed on the wall without

The beauty of Vacon drives is that they are quick and

convenient to install, connect and commission and can be
easily mixed and matched to suit individual client needs.
Fantech can also provide a range of accessories including
keypad door mount kits, through-mount adapters for panels,
brake resistors and various filters and varnished circuit
boards for corrosive environments.

A Life time

15 years

Mitch Jeffrey

of service

Fantech Victoria Internal Sales Engineer

Focused on customer service,

Fantech staff are the backbone of
the company. Management salutes
their contribution, especially those
who have reached 10, 15 and even
20 years of service.

20 years

Mario Kohler

Fantech Victoria Assembly Technician

Mario Kohler may have been born in Chile
but he is right at home in the Fantech
assembly area. He joined Fantech four
years after arriving in Australia and has
spent the past 20 years assembling a wide
range of products.
I enjoy life and when not at work I like
to exercise and spend time with my wife
Edelmira, he said.

Stuart King

Fantech Victoria Development Engineer

Stuart King likes life in the fast lane
as he races his home-built Westfield
clubman race car round the track, but
three years ago he chose to slow down
to a part-time position. He remains at the
forefront of development and innovation
in the company but these days tends to
work on special projects within the R&D
Fantech is a friendly supportive place to
work and I love the fact that we all work
together as a team, he said.

Tina Jordan

Fantech NSW Despatch Clerk

Making sure customers receive their goods
on time is the task of Tina Jordan as she
organises outward goods from Fantechs
Sydney office.

Initially working in export sales and

dealing with South East Asia, Mitch
Jeffrey transferred to an internal sales
position in July 1997 and now focuses
on the Victorian client base.
I enjoy problem solving, he said,
and helping consultants with special
When not at work Mitch gets a lot
of satisfaction from building and
upgrading computers and along with
wife Karen enjoys supporting their
three children in gymnastics and
their careers.

10 years

Peter Hanna

Fantech NSW Sales Engineer

After ten years of working as a Sales
Engineer with Fantech Peter Hannas
enthusiasm for the job just keeps
I guess Im a bit of a hunter and
gatherer, he said. I enjoy getting
out there where the excitement is,
the diversity of my clients, the spread
of personalities and consistent work
demands. It is all really interesting.
At home a three year old
granddaughter keeps him entertained.

A keen photographer, he takes the

opportunity to record the ever-changing
beauty of the South Island scenery
whenever he gets the opportunity.

Shannon Bayley

The Ventilation Warehouse Sydney

Branch Supervisor
Shannon Bayley started in the assembly
area at Fantech and slowly worked his
way through QA, into sales and finally
Branch Supervisor for The Ventilation
Warehouse in Sydney.
I like the fact that I get to meet a lot of
different people, from engineers through
to home owners who do their own
installation, he said.
Seven children keep him very busy, but
Shannon likes to make time to play rugby

Greg Drechsler

Air Design Production Supervisor for axial

fans and warehousing
Greg Drechsler enjoys the company of
workmates and enjoys coming to work
each day. His current job as Production
Supervisor sees him involved in fan
production and scheduling, stock control,
supervising the warehouses inward
goods area and purchasing.
When not at work he enjoys photography,
bushwalking, camping and taking his
modified Toyota Surf for a spin in 4WD
events including night navigation.

Bob Wright

Fantech New Zealand South Island

Sales Engineer
Bob Wright was a bit at sea after
leaving the navy to become a Fantech
Sales Engineer.
It was a steep learning curve as I
had no previous experience in the
industry, he said, but I like the
daily challenge of supporting our
customers at the end of an extended
supply chain.

Bob Wright

When Tina first started with the company

20 years ago there were only seven people
in the office and she took on many roles
including banking, invoicing, and chasing
I like to travel within Australia and see new
places, she said. I also enjoy camping and
watching sports.

Shannon Bayley
Peter Hanna

Greg Drechsler

From left to right:

Mario Kohler, Mitch
Stuart King

Tina Jordan

Anthony Lamaro,
Fantech Victoria

AIRAH conferences
show way forward
t h iis proud
d tto h
have supported
t d ttwo A
t li IInstitute
tit t off
Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH) conferences this
year, Achieving the Green Dream and Pre-Loved Buildings. Both were
aimed at improving the sustainability of our built environment.
The Achieving the Green Dream Conference was held on 15-16 July
at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. The conference
explored the practicalities of designing, building and fitting out green
buildings and the relationships between architects, builders, building
owners, facility managers, engineers, commissioning technicians
and contractors.
The demand for green buildings has risen steadily over the last
few years so that it has almost become the default design criteria,
AIRAH Technical Manager Phil Wilkinson said. However, putting
the design into practice and achieving that green dream is often a lot
more difficult.
Phil said there was sometimes tension between these various groups,
which impacted on the performance of a building.
Improved communication and good working relationships help ensure
that the construction and ongoing maintenance of a building enables it
to live up to the full potential of the initial design. As architect Andrew

aptly put it,
Integration is the
new green dream, and
this is advice we should all
be following.
Although there has been much emphasis
on new buildings constructed with sustainable
design imperatives, AIRAH feels that improving
the energy efficiency of existing buildings is a continuing
challenge. The 4th AIRAH Pre-Loved Buildings Conference on
19-20 November at the Telstra Conference Centre in Melbourne, dealt
with issues surrounding the 98 percent of buildings that already exist.
Updating the existing building stock in Australia has become the most
urgent of priorities, Phil said. They represent an obvious area where
improvements can be made, efficiencies achieved and dollars saved.
Fantech Marketing Services Manager Frank Cosentino said it was
important to be involved in industry events such as the AIRAH
conferences. Conferences are a great way of disseminating technical
information and the presentations often stimulate valuable discussion
as delegates network between sessions, he said. Fantech is pleased to
have sponsored these events which show us the way forward to a more
sustainable future.

Boosting child health research

Fantech, Systemaire and Air Design will donate the money otherwise
spent on Christmas cards, to a worthwhile charity. This year the money
will go to the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research.

suburbs named
after her the
Fiona Stanley Hospital.

The Perth institute is dedicated to the prevention of major childhood

diseases and disabilities. The major research areas are asthma, allergy
and respiratory disease, cancer, Aboriginal child health, social and
emotional wellbeing, understanding disability, healthy development, the
early years and infectious disease.

CMS Engineering, a leading WA

mechanical services contractor, is a
Fiona Stanley AC &
strong supporter of the institute. Each year
some healthy,
Director Ken Mesure chairs the St Georges Day
happy children.
Function committee which holds events like the St
Georges Day Ball to raise money for charity. The committee has
raised about $130,000 towards child health research at the Institute.

Its founding Director Professor Fiona Stanley was recognised in 2003 for
her contribution to child health when she was awarded Australian of the
Year. She will also have a new major trauma centre in Perths southern

For further information visit

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