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Advertisement Evaluation

I was presented with the job from ConnextCast of making an advert

about how teenager in-between 13-18 can stay safe online. This can
be in any form from Anti-Bullying to how to keep their devices safe
from hacker, bugs and other things that may harm. The brief stated
to me that the advert had to have a positive outcome for the
viewers watching. To be able to successfully make my advert and
allow it to appeal to my audience and feel connected to it I had to
think about many different qualities. One of the main qualities I had
to consider was the structure of the advert. The structure is the
foundation of the whole advert and allows me to successfully
communicate the message that I would like to convey to the
audience. The structure of the advertisement is a young teenage girl
(the main actress) is the first thing the audience is presented with
and she is just calmly walking into her room. During the progression
of the advert we see that she receives a hateful message from
bullies who are trying to provoke her despair and they accomplish
that goal. Once we see that the main character is in despair we are
then presented with the actress looking at her phone again however
receiving positive message of encouragement from hope
contradicting what the previous bullies had said to her. The use of
having a structure like this was in order to persuade the audience
that bullying is never the right things to do. I had hoped to urge the
audience not to do as the bullies did in the video and had hoped to
allow the audience to feel what the actress had felt when she
received those messages. This was done through the use of her
facial expression, the music and the actress herself. This would fit
the concept of the advert due to the fact that the style of the advert
is dramatic. The advert is dramatic in tone due to the fact that it is a
serious topic. The form of the advert is stand alone and realistic
narrative. This is due to the fact that it isnt a chain of anti-bullying
adverts from this company and its the only one as well as the fact
that the narrative is something that may happen in a real life
The effectiveness and finishing product of the advert is done to a
high standard as well as qualities due to the reason that there were
various things that needed to be considered when making it. This
would include things such as the purpose, the technical qualities
and the overall look that the advert possesses. The first thing I
decided to think about was the purpose of the advert and if the
advert was fit for that purpose. The advert that I produced was
meant to be educational the audience about the effects of bullying
and the consequences that it may possess. I was able to
successfully portray that, during the production of the advert and
through the use of the actress. The next thing that I had to consider
was the clarity of communication. I was able to show the
communication and message of the advert successfully through the
1 Khrystlyn Wilson

storyline and actress. I was also able to commutate the message

clearly due to the answers and reaction that I was able to get whilst
doing the focus group. To be able to successfully target my audience
and get the correct information that was needed to evoke their
emotions and feelings during the advert I asked various questions
such as if they thought there were enough help for teens about
bullying, if they felt like they needed help from peers as well as
parents and what they know about being safe online. By asking
these questions I was able to incorporate what they said to me in
the advert to make it successful.
I also think that the direct message from the actress addressing the
subject of anti-bullying would be useful because it would have
allowed them to remember if it was directly targeted towards them.
Once I had thought about the communication aspect of the advert I
also had to think about the effectiveness of content. These were all
the qualities that were exhibited in the advert. I was able to
successfully portray this due to the use of the actress and the
storyline of the advert and was able to put across the context and
message of what I was trying to portray.
One of the important things that I had to consider was the technical
quality of the advert- this is the editing and how the finishing
product may look successful. The technical qualities in my advert is
finished to a good standard due to the high quality/definition of the
footage as well as how smoothly the transitions are in between each
video. The last thing I had to think about was the aesthetic of the
video. In order for my advert to appeal to my audience I had to think
about how I would present it to them. This meant that I had to put in
qualities that would allow my audience to enjoy the advert such as
the music and the settings that its in. The music that I used was a
remix from an original and well-known song that has been made
upbeat and fast in pace. This was effective to appeal to my
audience to the fact that my audience likes this type and genre of
music. However there were some aspects that I had to change in
order for the finishing product to be presentable as well as
During the process of the advertisement there were some qualities
that had to be changed for my audience to successfully enjoy and
understand the advert and appeal to my audience. In order for my
advert to appeal to my audience of 13-18 year olds I had to change
a few scenes and choices made in the advert in order for it to make
it a bit more relatable to my audience. This meant things like
changing the music as well as the storyline of the advert. These
choices were made to make the advert successful towards my
The first thing I had decided to change was the music for the

advertisement. I had originally decided to use Christina Perris

Human for the soundtrack of my advert in order for the emotions
and feelings to be portrayed a bit better but I found a music that
was able to portray the same emotions in a better way than my
original decision. Whilst I did like using the Christina Perri- Human I
just thought it gave the advert a slow and boring atmosphere thus
not making it appealing to the audience to watch because the
tempo was too slow and not progressing anywhere. I then thought
about looking for a better song with the same emotions the song did
as well as a bit of a faster pace, and that's how I thought to do a
remix song. This was how I found Ben Cock So Cold (Al Bear RMX). I
thought that this song will appeal to my audience a bit more than
the previous one due to the tempo, the fact that its a remix, and
the song adapts to the advert. Allowing the music to be a remix
would appeal to the audience because they would find it audibly
appealing and would give them a reason to watch the advert. As
well as the music I had decided to change a few scenes in the
advertisement to ensure that it appeals to my audience and it
doesn't seem childish and uninteresting.
The other thing that I changed was the storyline of the advert. I
thought that changing the advert would be a better choice than
what I originally had due to the fact that the concept and technical
editing were too profound for me and would confuse the audience
as to what is really happening within the advert. At first I had the
idea of having someone at the centre of the world and universe
however as they get bullied the bubble gradually became smaller
and smaller and that they felt suffocated and isolated from the
outside world. I changed this concept due to the fact that the editing
for this would be too hard for me to do because if the editing
software that I had.
In order to allow my advert to be able to target my audience I
decided to get information about them and about the kind of things
they enjoy such as: the programmes they watch as well as their
interests and their favourite genre of music. I gathered this
information through the use of questionnaires and voxpox questions.
Once I had gathered this information I then incorporated it in the
advert through the use of the costume, props, settings, actor and
music. However I think that there could have been more that I could
have done in order to target my audience in a more proficient way
such as what the actor may say during the advert. During the
thought process about what I wanted to include in my advert I
thought about adding the use of slang.
I thought about adding slang order to appeal to my audience and
that its something that they are able to relate to due to the fact
that they would probably be able to better understand the context
of whats happening. However I thought that it might also make the

3 Khrystlyn Wilson

advert look a bit unprofessional and may make it look uncompleted

and untidy.
In terms of the various different projects that I have done in terms of
moving image work I think that the social message campaign that
has been recently done has been a huge improvement in terms of
editing, concept and filming.
The first work that I did which was the ident wasnt to the best that
it could have been due to the fact I was unaware of the variables
that it would have taken to make it look successful and professional.
Due to the fact that it was my first image work there were no special
effects or anything that stood out from any other. The only thing
that was incorporated was music however this was only due to the
fact that it made the ident interesting and it was a technique that
that was needed.
However due to the fact that we had then been given the chance to
do little projects I then learnt what it took to make any moving
image successful no matter the concept. I then incorporated this
into the music video that I produced. The music video had various
different effects as well as different camera shots due to the style
and techniques that I wanted to add to the video. The fact that I had
watched other music videos and was able to practise by making a
test music video before allowed me to play around with the editing
and be able to learn a few things as I was doing that.
Doing all these allowed me to learn the skills that were needed to
put into the social message campaign. Watching other videos like
mine in terms of same storyline and same aspects allowed me fully
understand what needed to be done and gave me a clear
understanding of what I had wished for it to look like. However due
to the fact that it was social message campaign I thought that there
shouldnt be any special effects because it may distract the
audience from the message that was trying to be portrayed. It
would have been better to keep it plain and simple for the audience
to stay focused and know what they true picture was.