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Call for Volunteers

Rural Sustainable Traditional EVS Camp

Are you outdoorsy? Like building things? Make good things for the
Like knitting and arts and crafts? Meet new people and languages?
If you are nodding your head RIGHT now and smiling, this
volunteer project in Croatia is perfect for you!

Organized by Outward Bound Croatia (OBC)

August 3rd August 16th of 2015
In Veliki itnik, Croatia
Short-term EVS Project | 25 volunteers
Latvia | Portugal | Hungary | Finland | Bosnia and Herzegovina

Volunteers will do a lot of creative work in traditional crafts - traditional
wooden fences characteristic for Lika region called "pleter", traditional wool
knitting (socks, slippers, hats), weaving, have a lot of practice by helping the
locals with cattle breeding, dairy, farming and gardening. They will learn about
the local customs and folklore, share experiences, have a lot of intercultural
learning, practice foreign languages, and contribute to promotion of
volunteering and Erasmus+ and EVS projects.
The objective of the project is to raise awareness among young people of the
importance of preserving the local customs, old traditions and cultural
heritage of the rural areas, use their experience in their communities back
home, create their own similar projects and spread the word about volunteering
projects and opportunities that young people can create for themselves and
their communities in rural areas.

Profile of volunteers

Should be in a good physical shape, since two week project is mostly made doing
different kind of tasks at outdoors;
Interest of old traditions and abilities to put an effort on mentioned tasks above are
required, but volunteers dont need earlier experience;
Be willing be part of the entire camp for two weeks and be part of the daily
activities with positive and open mind;
No previous qualifications or educational level will be required;
Be able to communicate in English;
Be able to work as a team with other volunteers;
Must be between 18-30 years old.

Hosting organization and venue

Outward Bound Croatia is a member of Outward Bound International whose experiential
educational programs are recognized in over 30 countries around the world as a valuable
enrichment of the classic school system. The main field of activity is organization and
implementation of innovative outdoor programs for school children and youth. Learning
through experience, challenge and adventure in a supportive environment are the
principles we use to design and deliver programs with targeted outcomes like character
development, leadership and service. We organize training courses, youth exchanges and
EVS projects for youth supported by the Erasmus + and previously by the Youth in Action
As Outward Bound Croatia Educational center is placed in a village Veliki itnik, near
Gospi, county of Lika, a rural area in an undeveloped region, with development
backwardness and depopulation trend, one of our goals is to contribute to the
development of opportunities for young people of this region through youth projects,
gathering young Europeans and the local young people what we have started with
previous Erasmus+ funded youth exchanges taking place in Lika region.

Objectives and activities

for 2 week EVS Camp

Learn about traditional crafts;

Have a chance to try different crafts,
arts and work on the country;
Do community service and help the
local people; Raise consciousness
about the importance of preserving
the local customs, old traditions and
cultural heritage of the rural areas;

Exchange experiences and traditions;

Practice foreign languages (English
and Croatian);
opportunities for youth;
Promotion of EVS volunteering;
Establish longlasting friendships;

How to apply?
If you are interested please fill the application form in:
For any questions and information about the project and application process contact the
sending organizations and contact persons:
FINLAND: Allianssi Youth Exchanges; Tiina Hokkanen;
BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA: NGO Youth Power; Marina api;
PORTUGAL: AEVA - Associao para a Educao e Valorizao da Regio de Aveiro;
LATVIA: Aluksnes Bernu un jauniesu centrs;


Or the receiving organization OUTWARD BOUND CROATIA:

Contact person: Lana Novosel
E-mail: | Mobile: 00385 91 595 11 78