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A. F.



an organisation established in 1968 in

the commercial capital city, Dubai.

We introduce ourselves as the oldest dealers in Cutting Tools,
Measuring Instrumentation and Professional Hand Tooling
Systems. Over a period of three decades we have grown to
market the most specified range of tools in our fields of trade.
In return we have earned a strong repute of a reliable supplier
of quality tools throughout our respective clientele in the UAE
and the neighboring Gulf countries.
Today we proudly deal with all our related markets with
complete satisfaction of price and quality served. We cater
industries such as Government, Multinational, Engineering
Workshops, Ship Building & Repair Industries, Construction,
Glass Industries, CNC Workshops, Die & Mould Manufacturers
and major Automobile Dealers & Service Centres.
Dedicated to quality and support by our principle companies,
today we are Sole and Authorised Agents for world-renowned
brands of tool manufacturers in their relative grounds of
production, where quality comes first. Hence, our company is
based with the principle of strictly importing high quality
products providing maximum performance results to the end
We take this opportunity to acknowledge you a basic
know-how about the varied products available whereby you as
a buyer will have a wider options for your choice.

Vernier Calipers

Digimatic Height Gauges

Outside Micrometers

Universal Bevel Protractor

Inside Micrometers

Radius Gauges

Dial Gauges

Telescopic Gauges

Dial Test Indicators

Thickness Gauges

Magnetic Base

Steel & Granite Surface Plates

Gauge Blocks

Profile Projector
The largest range of measuring instrumentation
are available under one roof and also the provision
to procure any & every sophisticated instruments
from the principle company
- Mitutoyo, Japan

Authorised Distributors for U.A.E.

Bevel Edge Milling Machine

HSS Code Drills
Standard & Vario Coated

Pneumatic Core
Drilling Machine

The true German powered core drilling machines

manufactured by BDS - Maschinen
with all the attractive features such as
Keyless chucks and Auto lubrication System.
BDS Core Drilling Machines are designed for continuous
operations. Powerful, reliable motors are the guarantee
for the best drilling results under extreme circumstances.
Maximum magnetic adhesion guarantees maximum
safety for man, machine and tools.

Deburring & Chamfering Machine

Magnetic Core Drilling Machines

Sole Distributors for U.A.E.

Socket Sets
1/4 ~ 1.1/2 Sq. Drive
Chrome Sockets
1/4 ~ 1 Sq. Drive
Impact Sockets
3/8 ~ 1.1/2 Sq. Drive
Reversible Ratchets
1/4 ~ 1 Sq. Drive
Hinge Handles
T - Rods
Chrome & Impact Extension Rods
Chrome & Impact Universal Joints
Chrome & Impact Adaptors
Attack Drivers
Allen Key Sockets
Screw Driver Sets
Insulated Sockets & Ratchets
Insulated Socket Sets


Sole Distributors for U.A.E.

Lathe Machine Accessories

Dividing Heads
Lathe Chucks
Revolving Centres
Dead Centres
Bull Nose Centres
Machine Vise
3 Way Angle Milling Vise
Hydraulic Vise
Clamping Kits
Collet Sets - ER & OZ Type
Machine Arbors ISO & NT Type
Coolant Hoses
Halogen Lamps
Cool Light Lamps
Tapping Attachments

.... and lots more to suite all engineering

workshop requirements.

Sole Distributors for U.A.E.


Thread Repair Kits - UNC, UNF, BSW, BSF, UNS, NPT & Metric
Thread Inserts
Inserting & Extracting Tools
Pneumatic Inserting Tools
Recoil Taps
Drill Out Power Stud Extractor
Sole Distributors for U.A.E.


Standard Drill Chucks Taper & Threaded

H/Duty Drill Chucks
Industrial Drill Chucks
Super Bearing Chucks
Dril Sleeve & Extension Sockets
Drill Chuck Arbors & Chuck Keys
Keyless Chucks

Sole Distributors for U.A.E.

HSS Rotary Burrs

HSS Burr Sets
Solid Carbide Rotary Burrs
Cutting Discs
Grinding Discs
Flap Discs
Fan Grinders
Mounted Stones
Wire Brushes

Authorised Distributors

Carbide Tipped Drills Straight Shank

Carbide Tipped Drills Taper Shank
(in all Inch/MM sizes)

Authorised Distributors

Bench Vises
Bench Vise Swivel Base
Grease Guns
Spring Dividers
Inside Calipers
Outside Calipers
V - Blocks Magnetic
Barrel Pumps
Oil Cans
G - Clamps
Revolving Centres
Engineering Scribers
Bearing Scrapers
Engineering Try Squares
Pin Vises

Authorised Distributors

Shims Stocks - Steel

Shims Stocks - Stainless Steel
Shims Stocks - Brass
Shims Stocks - Copper
Shims Assortment
Key Stocks

- G.I.

Key Stocks

- Stainless Steel

Authorised Distributors

Engineering Files
- Triangle
- Square
- Round
- Half Round
- Flat
Power Saw Blades

Authorised Distributors

Block Levels
Spirit Levels
Stainless Steel Rules
Measuring Tapes
Lazer Levels

Authorised Distributors

Distance Measuring Instruments

Angle Measuring Levels

Sole Distributor for UAE

Engineering Adhesives
- Thread Sealing
- Thread Locking
- Liquid Gasketing
- Retaining
- Instant Adhesives

Sole Distributor for UAE


Torque Wrenches 3/8 DR ~ 1.1/2DR

Torque Multipliers
Combination, Ring & Open End Spanners (Inch / MM)
Combination Spanner Sets (Inch / MM)
Offset Ring Spanner Sets (Inch / MM)
Open End Spanner Sets (Inch / MM)
Slugging Wrench Ring
Slugging Wrench Open End
Pipe Wrenches
Tool Trolleys
Sole Distributor for UAE

Mechanist Levels
Master Precision Levels
Sprit Levels
Crankshaft Distortion Gauge
Wire Gauge
HSS Holesaw Cutters & Accessories
HSS Hacksaw Blades &
Power Saw Blades
Authorised Distributors

White Threading Machines

Hydraulic Pipe Benders
Steel Pipe Benders
Pipe Die Threader NPT
Pipe Die Threader BSPT
Heavy Duty Pipe Wrenches

Authorised Distributors

HSS Hand Taps & Machine Taps

HSS Circular Die & Hexagon Die Nuts
HSS Drill Bits
Std., Long, Extra Long
Drill Bits
SS, H/Duty, Cobalt, Carbide Tipped.
HSS Endmill
Std. Long, Screwed Shank & Plain Shank
HSS Slot Cutter
Std., Long
HSS Reamers
Hand, Hand Taper Pin, Machine, Machine Taper Pin
HSS Roughing Endmill Std. & Long
HSS CSK Cutters
60, 82 & 90 Deg.

Sole Distributor for UAE

HSS Long Series Taper Shank Drill

HSS Extra Long Series Taper Shank Drill
Range : 12mm ~ 50mm Dia.

Authorised Distributors


Tin Coated Taper Shank Drills

Inch. & MM
HSS Hand Reamers
HSS Machine Reamers
HSS Expanding Reamers
HSS Taper Pin Reamers
HSS Endmills

Sole Distributor for UAE

Solid Carbide End Milling Cutters

Solid Carbide Slot Milling Cutters
Solid Carbide Drill Bits
Carbide Rotary Cutters for Wood Cutting
& Designing

Sole Distributor for UAE

Straight Edges (upto 3 mtrs.)

Knife Straight Edge
Circumference Tape
Thread Gauges in Inch. & MM
Washer Cutters (75mm ~ 800mm)
Frame Levels (upto 0.02mm accuracy)

Authorised Distributors

Aluminium Oxide
Grinding Wheels
Silicon Carbide Grinding

Solid Round Teflon Bar

Carbon Steel Hand Taps

(PTFE - 100%)

Carbon Steel Dies & Die Nuts

Size Range : 12mm ~ 200mm Dia.

HSS Tool Bits

Cup Stones
Taper Stones
Sharpening Stones

Teflon Sheets
(PTFE - 100%)

Stone Sticks
(Square, Round, Triangle & Flat)
Authorised Distributors


Authorised Distributors

Sole Distributor

Tel.: +971 4 3400034 Fax : +971 4 3400811

E-mail :
P. O. Box 4007, Dubai - U.A.E.