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Fellow Ugandans
Members of the press
We are delighted to address you this morning. At this moment, the country is
aware that leaders of political parties, pro-democracy pressure groups and
eminent Ugandan citizens met on June 4-7, 2015 at Katomi Kingdom
Resort. The purpose of the consultation was to agree on a grand political
alliance that will shape the future of governance and development in our
country. The Consultation follows a series of informal consultations held
over the last two months, which enabled us to identify and agree on the
goals and details of the alliance. The purpose of inviting you here this
morning is to brief you on the details and conclusions from the consultation
As you are aware, the entire country has been involved in a major campaign
to demand for the reform of our electoral system. The goal of this Campaign
is to ensure the establishment of a credible electoral management system for
our country and create the necessary conditions for free and fair elections. A
Free and fair election is a promise of our constitution. However, the
Museveni regime has betrayed that promise and remains obstinate in

refusing to undertake the desired citizens reforms as proposed by the citizens

through the Citizens Compact on Free and Fair Elections.
Indeed, in spite of the consistent calls to reform our distorted electoral
management system towards and after 2011 general elections, and after five
years of running government, the regime is now scampering and stampeding
our parliament with last minute proposed reforms that do not meet the
aspirations of Ugandans. So far, the incumbent government shows no
commitment to honor the reforms proposed and favored by the citizens as
outlined in the Citizens Compact on Free and Fair Elections and other
proposed reforms advanced by other interest groups. The arrogance with
which the incumbent regime treats citizens opinion has reached its highest
limits and we will spare no effort in working all Ugandans and other
democracy seeking forces in stopping such arrogance.

Formation of The Democratic Alliance

We have resolved to form ourselves into The Democratic Alliance (TDA).
The main goal of The Democratic Alliance is to win power and form
government in order to build a Uganda where there is equal opportunity and
shared prosperity for all citizens. Our objectives are:
a) To build the necessary mobilization capabilities and organizational
infrastructure of the Alliance and its members in order to win power.
b) To develop and present a common policy and governance agenda for
c) Ensure the attainment of an electoral majority by fielding candidates
for all electoral positions across the country.

d) To field joint candidates for electoral offices as set out in the TDA
e) To Constitute a Transitional Government of National Unity (TGNU)
with the purpose of implementing appropriate political and economic
reforms to build a strong and durable foundation for democracy, rule
of law and economic justice.
The Alliance has three categories of members:

Registered political parties or organizations.

Recognized pressure groups and other citizens formations

vetted and admitted in accordance with the TDA Protocol.
Eminent individual citizens vetted and admitted in accordance

with the TDA protocol.

Governance structures of the Alliance

The governance structures of The Democratic Alliance are:

The Summit which is the policy and decision-making organ

of the Alliance.

The National Candidates Committee which is responsible

for managing the candidates selection process.

The National Secretariat which will be responsible for the

running of the Alliances affairs including research and policy

We also agreed on the following important issues:

We will field a joint presidential candidate who will be arrived at by
consensus by the Summit. The person agreed to be the Presidential Candidate of
the Alliance shall, in consultation with the Summit, select a Campaign Team of the
The National Candidates Committee shall present to the Summit for approval a
detailed criteria for selecting a Presidential Candidate and the Campaign Team of
the Alliance.

We will also field joint candidates for all elective positions. These are:
a. Members of parliament
b. LCV chairpersons and Councilors
c. City and municipal mayors
d. LCIII chairpersons and councilors
e. LCI chairpersons.
Upon winning power, the Alliance shall establish a Transitional Government of
National Unity (TGNU), which shall serve for a period not exceeding 5 years.
The immediate goals of the TGNU over the transition period shall be:

To undertake appropriate political and electoral reforms.


To reorganize and rebuild state institutions and cut down the size of


To establish a credible electoral management system and organize

free and fair elections.


To undertake economic reforms to stimulate job-creating economic

growth and create conditions for equal opportunity and shared


To implement measures to eliminate the cancer of corruption.

We agreed on the following mandate and limits for the Transitional Government of
National Unity.

A person who serves in the position of President under the transitional

Government of National Unity shall not be eligible to contest for, or serve
in a political office for a period of at least 5 years after the term of the
Transitional Government of National Unity.


The Cabinet under the Transitional Government of National Unity shall be

comprised of not more than 21 ministers and 21 state ministers.

iii) A member of parliament who is appointed to a cabinet or other political

position shall resign from parliament.
iv) The President of the TGNU shall not appoint more than 10 advisers unless
this commitment is varied by a decision of the Summit.

The Government shall ensure that political, electoral and economic

reforms, including reform of public administration, are pursued within the
first two years of the TGNU.

vi) In all appointments, the Government shall ensure gender parity.

vii) The TGNU shall ensure that equitable criteria are established to allocate
funding to all duly registered political parties, provided they demonstrate
evidence of adherence to national laws and their constitutions.

viii) Consistent with the principle of excellence, any nominations or

appointment to any public office shall be based on merit, expertise,
professionalism and integrity.
ix) The Transitional Government shall present this Protocol for ratification by
Parliament within not more than six months after the formation of

Commitment to unity
We are conscious that Ugandans here at home and abroad are depressed over
the direction that our country is taking. We know that they are resolute in
changing the course of direction our country is taking and are anxious to
hear a message of unity. We therefore constitute ourselves into The
Democratic Alliance in order to offer effective leadership in the struggle to
overcome the current dictatorship and create conditions that will usher in a
new future of equal opportunity and shared prosperity.

We call upon every Ugandan to remain unyielding and steadfast in working

for a better future.
For God and My Country
June 10, 2015
Kampala, Uganda