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Key issue or problem in the case study

The branch office was experiencing low morale and lower productivity than expected. One of the
difficulties was that office serves as an informal training center for young managers, when they
reached a certain level of competence, they were promoted out of the branch office, this whole
run-through dispiriting the assistants.

How Sarah responds to these issues or problems

After with some checking with the boss and other people at corporate headquarters, Sarah
concluded that it would be impossible to change this program. Her branch was one of those
considered to be essential for executive development in Metro Bank.
After meeting with the employees individually she decided upon a unique idea for the branch
that would integrate the needs of her employees with objectives of executive development

The successful aspects of this response

After successfully identifying the problems she planned to cope with problem which is discussed
Sarah used Transformational a behavior of leader which is concerned with collective good and
leader sacrifice their own interest for others and to change the employees behavior and motivate
them as follows:

1. Idealized Influence
Sarah to arouse followers by acting as a strong role model for them and showing high moral and
ethical conduct.

She validating an inclusive vision.

She integrated the need of career advancement with

the organization, objective to develop the executive.

Sarah exhibiting great commitment and persistence in

pursing objectives.

Sarah gives confidence in the vision of the organization.

She builds trust and confidence among employees by

giving opportunity to her branch employee for development and growth.

She symbolizes the goals and mission of organization.

2. Individualized Consideration
A leader act as advisor, coach to help and assist their subordinates. Sarah provides coaching,
support and encouragement of the employee as:

She meet each employee for explore their individual

She develops interpersonal connections with
She genuinely caring and showing this compassion in
She encourages continuous development and growth of

3. Inspirational Motivation
Sarah communicate high expectations in order to make the followers including assistant and
other employees committed and motivated towards shared vision.

She inspires the employee to perform.

Clarifying where the organization will be in future.

Creating a strong sense of purpose among employees.

Aligning individual and organizational needs.

She helps the employee to achieve more that even they

though was possible.

4. Intellectual Stimulation
She makes or stimulate their assistant and employees to be more creative, innovative and need to
challenge their own job, norms, values and beliefs:

She encouraging the imagination of employees.

She challenge the old ways of doing things by
developing new strategy for employee.
She look for the new ways to do things in a better
She was willing to take risks for potential gains.

Question No. 02: Describe Sarahs vision for her branch office of the bank.
To be branch that best develops managerial talent while still offering quality customer service
Question No. 03: Do you think Sarah should be classified as charismatic leader, a
transformational leader, or both? Why?
Sarah is a transformational leader because transformational leadership has desire and ability to
raise the consciousness of other by appealing to powerful moral values and ideals. Sarah is
transform employee of her branch beyond the dishonorable emotions of jealously, greed and fear
to higher principles of liberty, justice and humanitarianism. Sarah influences her employee by
serving as a teacher, mentor and coach. She seeks to elevate and empower other to a higher level.
She influences all their subordinates. In this way Sarah get loyalty, trust, admiration and respect
from their employee. She motivated to serve the employee and achieve more than expected from
Sarah raises the level of motivation and morality of their employee and get the benefits of
synergy that might existing whereby everyone gets raised to higher level of performance. Sarah
provides a sense of purpose and meaning that unite employees to achieve a common set of goals.

The end result of Sarahs leadership is inspiring them to be more committed and building their
self-confidence to provide a faster and better service to customers.