A Knight’s Journey into the Abyss The voices are speaking in the deep dark night You who

have been shriven and risen in brightness. Adorned with velvet and armour of white, know oh how easy it is to love the light. But the Warrior Knight in the deep dark night must travel on beyond the bright, if to ascend to full force is the wish then into the deepest darkness must you stride. The spirit must explore the deep dark night The body courage must find, the shadow you must also adore and easy love black as white. So at the crossroads stood I in the deep dark night a left hand turn ready to take, behind me put fairy land, Sunshine and crystal castles bright, and learn to love the dark as once I loved the light. Gently the path wends through the deep dark night and here as in light there are friends, with love the heart still swells as the shadows grow colder, as in the light the spirit must grow bolder. Come descend then soldier into the deep dark night into my outstretched arms I invite you, with seduction tempt you, and with words of delight call you, onwards into the darks shadowy realms. Lay your head on the breast of the Queen of the deep dark night And receive a crown of Laurel and Vine. Drink deeply of the blood given as an offering, in a chalice that once was filled with the light. So I walked into the deep dark night trailing memories of days so bright, I know that if I would ascend into that God like state I must be as willing as I was in the light. The path leads onwards into the deep dark night to places where monsters roam, where some times courage bright deserts me, and cowardice remains where the demons dwell. I work to be worthy of the deep dark night I take hold of my sword and my wand, and break bread with the minions of he who was once called the Angel of Light. No hope, no faith here in the deep dark night No deity to call upon for rescue from my plight, shadows gather about me now, impenetrable

mists hamper my sight, and all alone I fight. Dragons where are you in the deep dark night? Elves, Gods and Goddesses. deities, and entities that I once did entreat, have I left you all without, in the light ?. Now I have behind and before only the deep dark night I know I am approaching the very core, the abode, the place some men call the pit of hell the throne of the darkest and most beauteous Lord. Have you a question for me in the deep dark night ? Says he as he holds out his welcoming hand. And I answer, why now is your beauty as splendid to me still, as it was when you were a creature of light ?. Am I forever trapped in this deep dark night or will the same love that guided me once so bright, bring release for me from your shadowy domain, or must I forever more dwell without the light ?. Warrior Prince of the deep dark night by your will can you be free, have you the courage to bravely treat with me, as once you did in the light ?. An end then may be found to the deep dark night as you pass through the gates of harmony where wisdom dwells. Then will dark winter pass, as you behold the glowing rainbow bridge spanning both darkness and light. At one end only the deep dark night the other end into a cauldron flows, everlastingly full, food for the weary soul. From thence shall you emerge at last knowing it is easy to love both the darkness and the light. Shekhmet 2009

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