Office of High School Instruction INSTRUCTIONAL SERVICES Nancy F. Sprague Technology Center 4414 Holborn Avenue Annandale, Virginia 22030

Dear Online Student: Welcome to the Online Campus. Before you begin your Online Health & PE or Science Course this year, you will first complete a short Technology Course designed to familiarize you with the technology you will be using for your online course. It is required that each student will successfully complete the Prerequisite Online Technology Course before beginning an Online Health & PE or Science Course. The Technology Course should take no more than two hours to complete. I will be your teacher for the Prerequisite Online Technology Course. You MUST complete the Technology Course before Orientation, the first face-to-face meeting with your Health & PE or Science content teacher. Your online Health & PE or Science teacher will contact you with the time and place for your orientation. The Prerequisite Online Technology Course will not meet face-to-face, we will only meet online. Please send me an email, rlamons@fcps.edu, as soon as you get this letter. If you have more than one email address, please use the one you will check every day. Now you need to access the Prerequisite Online Technology Course in Blackboard. Take this letter to the computer with you and follow these directions exactly. 1. Send me an email ( rlamons@fcps.edu ) 2. Open Internet Explorer (MUST be IE) 3. Turn POP-UP BLOCKERS OFF (the Course will not work properly with a Blocker on – you will see only a Blue Screen. If you need help with turning them off call Presidium 1-866-4348880.) 4. Type in this URL http://fcps.blackboard.com (Notice NO www) 5. A Blackboard screen will appear -- click login.

6. Your user name and password are the same the first time you login into Blackboard. Your login is your student ID number_________. Username: <your student ID #> Password: <your student ID #> 7. If you have used Blackboard in your face-to-face classes, the login is still the same as it was back then. When you successfully login for

the first time, you will immediately be directed to change your password. You have now successfully accessed Blackboard. Now it is time to access your Prerequisite Technology Online Course.

1. You will need to click on the Green tab: Courses.↑↑↑↑↑ 2. Find the course titled— ↓↓↓. Online Tech Prep Course↓↓↓

3. Read the Announcements and get started. If you have technical difficulties with your computer while taking this course, Technical Support is available to Online Students. The Presidium Help Desk provides 24 hour technical help/assistance. The number for the help desk is 1-866- 434-8880. Call Presidium if you have difficulties with any of your Online Courses. For example, if you have difficulties opening the Virtual Chat, do not email your content teacher, call Presidium. (Remember: Your Science Teacher is an expert in Science, not technology.) Please do not share the technical support number with anyone else; it is for you to use to get help for this course. Do not hesitate to email me if you have difficulties. I check my email regularly. If you are struggling during the day and would like to call me, my office number is 703-503-7586.

Bob Lamons
e-Learning Resource Teacher