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HEAVEN'S LIGHT/ HELLFIRE ‘Music by ALAN MENKEN. Rubato Lyrics by STEPHEN SCHWARTZ F Fous F Fsus F cr EbF BbE OF & € £F BF & 8&8 BR ff Quasimodo: So man-y times out there I've watehed a hap-py pair om a rds 4 mp genily vad GF AME F Gm7ic F be i = 5 of lovers wallcing in the night. They had a kind of glow a-round them, ~TUu Moderately F & Bbsus? — Bbsus/D Am7 Bb “EB e OF EbIF BI & 8 @ It al-most looked like heay-en’s light. T knew I'd nev-er know that warm and loy-ing glow, ‘UT? a os though I might wish with all my might. No face as hid -e -ous as le - Fr Bb(add2) BA Gm? Fladd2vA —-Bb(add2) = & = @ 2 Was ever meant for heaven's light, ———_But FBbmF OF Fy Bb(add2) Ee © 8 ci sud-den-ly an an-gel has smiled at me and kissed my cheek with-out a trace of o~ — I dare to dream that she might © - ven care for me, 63 GuF AJIF Em7iA Am Bb a Ea sf x ff and as I ring these bells to - night my cold dark tow-er seems so TE? 7 Sa a swear it must be heay-en’s light. ‘a tempo Bb(add2) EB nceroass) Bb(add2) @. m ft Priests: Con-fi -te-or de - mp peacefully 64 GmiBb Es om-ni-po-ten - ti, A F FIED Sane-tis a - pos - to - lis Frollo: Be - a - ta— FiBb Bb —— 8S or BbiD in Ma-ri ~ a,— you know I Eb F Bb a BR sem-per vir-gi - ni. a Eb(add2) Eb am a right-eousman, BbiD Eb Gm GmF = = & of omy vir- tue 1 am just - ly prea Cy 9 Priests: (Et ti - bi Pa- ter...) B Em7bS so much pur - er than the BbIF AsuvE Ay a & Eg com-mon, vul - gar, weak, li - cen - tious crowds Priests: (Qui_- a pec - ca - vi__ni- mi Gm D Gm Cm Bb/D D her dane - ing there, 66 Eb Asus Aq. eo | EY why her smol-d’ring eyes still scorch my soul. Priests: (Co - gi - ta - ti - on sun caught in ven Al Disus D7b9 i N.C(Gbass) blaz-ing in me out of all con - trol. Frollo: Like fi - re, Priests: (Ver-bo et o-pere. > > $$ | frartempo—_— poco rall Pavia N.C.(Dbass) hell - fi - re, is i This burn - ing — 67 Poco piu mosso ' Dm a de - si - re is turn - ing | | = = e ? | 2 = 2 Frollo: It’s not my fault. I'm not to blame. It is the x Priests: Me-a cul gyp - sy girl, the witch who _sent__this . Is not my in God’s plan g ty ae - pay 68 Dbmaj7 Dm7b5S GB Csus. fe ee | . Froil: max = i - ma cul - pa. Pro - a Maestoso = ra F Cc F Bbm FIC CIBb Ey H & ea & tect me, Ma-ri - a don't let this si ~ ren cast her spell, don’t td FIA Bb Din FIC ca bi @ @ let her fi- re sear my flesh and bone. De-stroy Es - mer- a fal Bbm FA Gm? @ B Ee let her taste of hell or else’ let her be mine and mine a ~- bad rs. 69 Asus AT & N.C.(Abass) molto crese. N.C.(Dbass) N.C.(Dbass) Frollo: Hell - fi - re Now gyp-sy, —— | = it’s your turn. Choose me or ———— <> Hf atempo A” ZA o 7 = A A N.C.(Dbass) Priests: Ky- Dm your py - re. Be mine or —~ —_~ a tempo | mp a 3A GiD 70 Dm — Em7(n05)/D iin God have mer - cy Froilo: God have mer-ey Dm g & N.C.Bbbass) # E - lei - son. Ky-ri-e she be N.C.Dbass) burnt 2 s emo v z is Bub. Bb(add2)