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London, January 31, 2013, Prince Charles announced the award recipients FIRST
ceremony at Buckingham Palace with the CEO of Unilever, Paul Polman, and vice
Canchellor from the University of Cambridge, Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz in
the presence of the leaders of the organizations and companies internationally in
the field of sustainability.
Gamal Albinsaid ( 24 years ) of Indonesia gain awards from HRH The Pince of
Wales, Prince Charles , with a 50,000 prize as financial support and mentoring
package from the University of Cambridge designed individually. Winners were
selected from 511 entrepreneurs from 90 countries. After a rigorous selection,
chosen 7 Unilever Sustainable Living Award finalist in the around the world,
namely Anu Sridharan of India, Mene Blessing of Nigeria, Surya Karki from Nepal,
Isabel Medem from Peru, Curt Bowen from Guatemala, and Manuel Wichers from
Mexic , and Gamal Albinsaid from Indonesia.
This international award program is designed to inspire youth around the world
to resolve the issues of environmental, social, and health. This competition
invites entrepreneurs aged 30 and under to provide solutions that inspire,
practical, and clearly to help bring sustainability living.
" I want to give my warm congratulations to Gamal Albinsaid for an amazing
initiative," said Prince Charles in the awards ceremony. Prince Charles also added
"This idea handle two problems at the same time ( to handle the waste problem,
to solve health problems )".
Polly Courtice, Director of CPSL, and co -chair of the awards judging panel, said:
"The exceptional caliber and dynamism of the finalists to encourage and inspire
the jury. We are very pleased to bring the insights of research and
entrepreneurial dynamism Cambridge community to support young leaders in
refining their initiatives and to bring them to the escalating".
Unilever CEO Paul Polman said : "There is no group more important to be
involved rather than youth. They are half the world's population and sustainable
development will be a keeper long into the future . Now is the time for young
entrepreneurs to stand and develop true business - really can make a big
difference . we all need to use our energy and intellect to support young
entrepreneurs in order to achieve the scale , accelerate development , inspire
others and help create a brighter future for all".
"We all know HRH The Prince of Wales excited and enthusiastic about sustainable
development for young entrepreneurs and youth entrepreneurship . I would like
to thank HRH The Prince of Wales for his leadership in supporting these awards
and to approve top prize is named with honor".

Gamal said " With this gift , I hope with Indonesia Medika could do more good ,
help more people , because I believe , in a great gift , there is a great
responsibility ".
"For me award is not important, this even dangerous , could damage the goodwill
and sincerity. Because many of us begin the work with sincere intentions , but
not many of us who survive with sincerity . I pray and ask prayer may Allah give
my heart sincerity, persistent and kindness can make this gift which brings other
virtues and benefit both the world , and the hereafter . Gamal said , when asked
for his comments related to this award.
When asked what made him successful , Gamal replied "I believe, whoever
enhance intention, then Allah will perfect His help. All we could do me a small
and simple , but the God of our authorize to make bigger of sincerity that we do.
Therefore, be sincere in doing everything, sincere, not sincerely, we still take the
time, sincere, not sincerely , we are still tired , then why do we not choose to be
sincere. " add Gamal Albinsaid, CEO of Indonesia Medika .
"By the Grace of God Leave this , I plan to replicate the massive Garbage Clinical
Insurance (GCI) in Indonesia, trying to replicate in the international community ,
conducting research as a basis for making program modifications or referral role
model of concept garbage insurance " said Gamal related to future development
plans .
Gamal Albinsaid , the founder of Indonesia Medika also started thinking to enter
other fields, such as Garbage School Insurance, so that people who can not
afford and the government can not get an education affordable to pay garbage.
Gamal also said that the acquisition of knowledge, " there are many people who
care about people who are less fortunate , imagine if the seven finalists live in
the same village , what will happen?". That's the message of optimism that I
catch and really know, concern that was sweet".
"In the presentation , I illustrate that there are still many Indonesian people who
do not have health insurance , and international data show nearly half of
Indonesia's population earning less than $ 2 per day , so that we can predict the
health budget at the household level . Then I try to offer a solution that can
create financial models of health that allows anyone to get access to the health
of household resources . Garbage is the best solution, because almost every
day , every person , and every home produces waste that is not used . What we
do is make people mobilize their resources are wasted and not used , that is
garbage, to improve access to health and destroy the barrier or barrier between
access to public health. Practically, I asked people hand over 1 dollars per
month and the number of garbage is returned as health insurance in primary
care. " Said Gamal.
If asked benefit of related programs, Gamal replied "I am optimistic, the concept
of this garbage insurance could encourage people to become entrepreneurs
garbage in their homes, changing public perceptions and habits related to

garbage, and the most important thing is to make people calm, not to worry, and
do not need to be afraid if the pain, because they can get access to health care".
"I founded the Indonesian Medika company to realize a vision of justice and
welfare for the health of the people of Indonesia, because I believe health care is
a human right. " Gamal said when asked his company 's vision .
When asked who contribute to the development of this program , Gamal replied
"I would also like to thank dr. Rita Rosita, M. Kes and Unit Pengembangan dan
Pengabdian Masyarakat ( UPPM ) Faculty of Medicine, University of Brawijaya that
foster in studying, applying, and developing this concept.
"Please continue to be in the way of kindness, because kindness is the way God's
way, so that he who walks in the path of good, actually walking with the Lord. "
He replied, when asked his message to the youth of Indonesia.
When he came back to Indonesia, there are many televisions interviewed him.
He become so popular not only in televison but also online news and social
media. People are talking about him. But he always say that award is nothing. It
can erase sincerity from our heart. The message that he gives to Indonesia
Medikas team is Its enough if Gods know. Now he and his team prepared to
make GCI prototype so it can be replicate everywhere.

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