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Velalar College of Engineering and Technology,

Department of CSE Academic Year [2014-15]

1) Program counter is used to store the


(a) Address of current instruction

(b) Opcode of current instruction

(c)Address of next instruction

(d) Address of next instruction

MOV AX,[8300] is an example for addressing mode in 8085

(a) Direct


(b) Immediate

(c) Indirect

(d) Indexed

In 8086, Example for Non maskable interrupts are

a) Trap

b) RST6.5


4) The advantage of memory mapped I/O over I/O mapped I/O is

a) Faster
b) Many instructions supporting memory mapped I/O
c) Require a bigger address decoder
d) All the above
5) In 8086 the overflow flag is set when
a) The sum is more than 16 bits
b) Signed numbers go out of their range after an arithmetic operation
c) Carry and sign flags are set
d) During subtraction

6) 9 data bit is transmitted in mode 2 and mode 3 using ..

(a)TB8 bit of SCON

(b) TI bit of SCON

(c) SM0 bit of SCON

(d) None of the above

7) BHE of 8086 microprocessor signal is used to interface the

a) Even bank memory

b) Odd bank memory

c) I/O

d) DMA

8) In 8086 microprocessor the following has the highest priority among all type
a) NMI

b) DIV 0

c) TYPE 255


9) Multiprocessor configuration is done in mode

(a) Minimum
(b) Maximum
(c) Both a and b
(d) None of these
10) How many reserved interrupts are there in 8086?
(a)5 (b)26 (c)224 (d) none of these

Prepared by C.GOKUL, AP/EEE, Velalar College of Engineering & Technology, Erode12

11) IC 8255 is
(a) Bus controller

(b) Bus transmitter

(c) Programmable peripheral interface

(d) None of these

12) Digital one-shot is the function, which can be achieved by the

(a) IC 8282 (b)IC 8253 (c)IC 8255 (d)IC 8279
13) Which of the following is not a microcontroller?
(a) Intel 8031(b) Intel 8751 (c) Intel 8851 (d) Intel 8052AH
14)8051 has of external data memory
(a)1MB (b) 64KB (c)65536 bytes (d)both b and c
15) Timers of the 8051 operate in 8 bit auto reload mode
(a) Mode 0

(b) Mode 1

(c) Mode 2

(d) Mode 3

16) In 8086 microprocessor one of the following statements is not true.

a) Coprocessor is interfaced in MAX mode
b) Coprocessor is interfaced in MIN mode
c) I/O can be interfaced in MAX / MIN mode
d) Supports pipelining
17) 8088 microprocessor differs with 8086 microprocessor in
a) Data width on the output
b) Address capability
c) Support of coprocessor
d) Support of MAX / MIN mode
18) The 8051 contains
a) 4 banks of 8 registers
b) 2 banks of 16 registers
c) 8 banks of 4 registers
d) 4 banks of 4 registers
19) If EA=Vcc in 8051, then
a) only external program ROM is selected
b) only internal program ROM is selected
c) both internal and external program ROM is selected
d) None of the above
20) MOVC A,@A+DPTR is example of..
a) Immediate Addressing
b) Direct Addressing
c) Index Addressing
d) Indirect Addressing

Prepared by C.GOKUL, AP/EEE, Velalar College of Engineering & Technology, Erode12