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MSC Software Corporation

Adams 2014.0.1 Student Edition

Important Information about this Release

Dear Student,
Congratulations on receiving the Adams 2014.0.1 Student Edition, one of MSC Softwares
new Student Edition offerings! This Delivery Letter will help you get acquainted with your
software package. We want to make sure you are aware of all the valuable resources
available to support your use of the Adams Student Edition.
Please note the following details regarding Adams 2014 Student Edition:

The license for this product will be valid through October 31, 2016.
This software is available only for the Windows 7 32-bit platform; it may be installed
on a Windows 7 64-bit system, but will run in 32-bit mode
This version should be used only for academic work
The student version is designed for small, academic simulations only; there is a 20body limit imposed on the number components that can be created in a given
Adams 2014 Student Edition includes the new wizard-driven Adams/Machinery
offering for straightforward creation of common mechanical components, including
gears, bearings, motors, and much more

Other valuable aids accompanying this release include the following:

The Motion Learning Center, part of the MSC.Software Academic resource site:
The SimCompanion Product pages:
The MSC Discussion Forums:

Your Student Edition Product Team

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MSC Software Corporation

Adams 2014.0.1 Student Edition

Adams 2014.0.1 Student Edition

MSC Software
Adams 2014.0.1 Student Edition

Adams 2014 Student Edition

2016 10 31
Windows 7 32-bit Windows 7
64-bit 32-bit

Adams 2014 Student Edition Adams/Machinery

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Adams 2014.0.1 Student Edition

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