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* S ha hp gia ch ng v ng t

QUY TC I: Hai danh t/i t s t, ni lin bi and th phi theo sau bi 1 ng t s

- She and I are friends.
- Linh and her friend are going to the library.
Nu hai danh t din t cng 1 /1 s kin th ng t ch l s t.
- The lecture and author is coming to the stage.
QUY TC II: Hai danh t/i t c ni bi with, as well as, together with, along
with "accompanied by" th ng t phi ha hp vi danh t u tin th nht:
- Duong with her boyfriend is very tired.
- His family together with Nam are going on holiday in Ha Long Bay.
QUY TC III: Danh t s t ng sau each, every hay danh t s nhiu/i t s
nhiu ng sau each of u hp vi ng t s t:
- Each boy and girl has an English dictionary.
- Each of us gets a tin of coke.
QUY TC IV: Hai danh t/i t c ni bng or/not, eitheror/neithernor, not
onlybut also th ng t phi hp vi S gn nht:
- Either you or your husband is going to the meeting.
- Neither I nor you are young.

4. Vi cc t sau: both... and, many, some, a series of (mt lot), few, all,... ==>
verb dng ngi th 3 s nhiu
ex: Both she and I are lovely
Both he and his brother are student

6. Either: bt c ai/ ci g trong hai

Neither: khng ai/ ci g trong hai
Another: mt ci/ ngi no khc
anybody, anyone, anything, any: bt c, little, much, some
==> Verb lun dng ngi th 3 s t
ex: Either of these (two) boys is doing his homework
Neither of these (two) books is interesting

1.A number of nouns + verbs:
A number of workers are on strike.
2.The number of nouns + verb (s t):
(V 1 s danh t, tuy c hnh thc s nhiu (s) nhng ng l s t, nn ch hp vi ng t
s t):
+ Danh t ch bnh tt nh: meals, mumps, herpes, rickets (ci xng).
+ Danh t ch mn hc (academic subjects) nh: physics, economics, linguistics,
mathematics, statistics
+ Danh t ch a danh nh: Athens, Algiers, The United States, The Philippines,
VD: The number of meals has raised, especially in the crowded population areas.
+ Trong mt s danh t tp hp, cm t nh lng, vic s dng ng t s t/s nhiu i
khi ty thuc vo ngi ni mun nhn mnh n mt tng th hay cc b phn cu
thnh tng th .
VD: The number of students who have withdrawn from class this quarter is appalling (d
Dart is/are often played in pubs. (dart = 1 mi phi tiu/ darts: tr chi nm phi tiu)
QUY TC VI: Danh t ch ng ch thi gian, tin bc, khong cch, trng lng th hp vi
ng t s t, VD:
- Ten tons of rubber is exported to Japan.
- Two years is long enough for them to separate from each other.
- Five kilometers is too far to walk.
1.Phn trm (percentages), phn s (fractions)
Phn trm/phn s + of + uncountable noun + verb (s t), VD:
Sixty percent of waste paper is recycled.
Three quarter of the worlds population lives in bad living condition.
2.Phn trm, phn s + of + plural noun + verbs:
Half of the students in this class come from the country.
Less than fifty percent of students are bad at foreign language.
QUY TC VIII: Gerunds hay infinitives lm ch ng u hp vi ng t s t:
- Smoking is bad for health.
- To live is to struggle.