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Recruitment Brief

Housing Support Worker/Coordinator, HOPE worldwide UK

The Organisation
HOPE worldwide is a Registered Charitable Company, which has been operating since 1995
in the UK. It has 2 main activities. It runs programmes in the UK (currently mainly in London)
to meet the needs of disadvantaged people. It also raises funds and in-kind support for
affiliated charities operating in other regions, especially South Asia (India, Afghanistan,
Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal) and Africa (Zambia, Zimbabwe). Its annual expenditure is
around 1,200,000 (including grants to overseas programmes).
The Vision, Mission and Values of HOPE worldwide are given below.
Our vision is of a world where all disadvantaged and vulnerable people are assisted by those
who are able.
Our mission is to transform the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable people by delivering
high quality programmes that inspire and involve others in compassionate service
Our Values
Christian based
We seek to follow the example of Jesus Christs sacrificial love and service. Our motive for
serving the vulnerable and disadvantaged is faith and love and there is no ulterior motive
We are accountable to God, to our supporters and to our beneficiaries for the use of our time
and resources. We endeavor to be as transparent as possible
We are committed to good relationships with our partners, supporters, beneficiaries and
colleagues, affirming the equal worth of each individual and showing compassion in all our
interactions. We are committed to learning from others.
We are committed to excellence in both the tangible and intangible aspects of service. We
constantly strive for the highest levels of learning and performance in order to maximise our
In the UK the programmes areas are:
Our Two Step programme was established by the London Church of Christ in 1993 and
taken over by HOPE worldwide in 1995. It helps homeless people, especially those who are
not high priority for local councils, gain access to the private rented sector. In support of this
aim HOPE worldwide runs the Stop Over scheme which provides emergency
accommodation in volunteers homes while long term accommodation is being found. HOPE
worldwide also runs the Moving On scheme to provide trained mentors to those housed to
help to reduce repeat homelessness, and to support people in achieving their goals.
Recovery from substance misuse
One Day at a Time (ODAAT) is a programme to help people recover from drug or alcohol
addiction. It was also established in 1993 by the London Church of Christ and taken over by
HOPE worldwide in 1995. It operates a two stage quasi-residential recovery programme
from two houses in Lambeth, with a wide array of follow-up support for those who complete
the six month programme that includes after care, job training, vocational qualifications and
supported housing in one of our five third stage houses.

Other Information
Together these two programme areas operate mainly in London from our London Centre of
Hope but have also periodically operated in Manchester and Edinburgh.
HOPE worldwide has a current full-time staffing equivalent of 33 people made up of 10.5 fulltime, 2 part-time contractors, around 30 regular volunteers and several hundred occasional
volunteers. Without these volunteers it would not be possible to make its programmes
HOPE worldwide in the UK is affiliated to the global HOPE worldwide organisation which has
its headquarters in Philadelphia, USA. It operates its UK programmes completely
independently and supports the efforts of other affiliates in their international work.
HOPE worldwide in the UK was founded by the London Church of Christ and continues to
receive financial and volunteer support from members of this and its successor and sister
congregations in the UK, as well as from other denominations.
Role of the Housing Support Worker/Coordinator
To help single non-statutory-priority homeless people access accommodation, primarily in
the private rented sector (PRS). The post-holder will represent the charity externally to
referral agencies, homeless clients, statutory authorities, supporting churches and
volunteers. They will be involved with assessing and supporting homeless people and those
at risk of homelessness through the process from referral to housing with a special emphasis
on applying for housing benefit and supporting people in their tenancies. The role was
created because of grant funding. At present, a number of grants may end by March 2016.
This means that HOPE worldwide is only able to offer a nine-month contract.
Criteria for the Successful Candidate
Please look at the job and person specification.
Remuneration and term of contract
The role has been created because of grant funding. This means that HOPE worldwide is
only able to offer a nine-month contract, with a salary range of 20-25,000, pro rata.
Recruitment Process
Wil Horwood the Chief Executive, and Rob Payne the Director of Homeless Services will be
the recruitment panel, with the possible inclusion of another. The process will be as follows:
Stage One Longlisting
The position will be advertised via various outlets and/or interested candidates will be invited
to apply. All interested candidates will be provided the Recruitment Brief, Job and Person
Specification, Equal Opportunities Policy, Recruiting Ex-offenders Policy, Application Form
and Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form. Interested candidates must complete both these
forms and the screening of applicants will be on the basis of the Application Form please
dont send a CV. Applications must be received by HOPE worldwide no later than 5.30pm
Wednesday 24 June 2015. Applications will be reviewed by the Recruitment Panel. All
those candidates who do not meet the minimum requirements for the role will be informed.
The remaining applications will go to the next stage.
Stage Two Shortlisting
The Recruitment Panel will examine the remaining applications and then narrow the
Shortlisted group down to those applicants who most closely meet the criteria as presented
in the Recruitment Brief. Those not meeting the requirements will be notified, and those

selected will be informed that they have been Shortlisted for this position. These candidates
will move to the next stage.
Stage Three Interviews
The most suitable candidates will be asked to join in an interview with two or more members
of the Recruitment Panel. This will take place in our office at 360 City Road, London EC1V
2PY. It is expected that the interview will last no longer than one hour.
Stage 4 Decision and Offer
Following the interviews, the Recruitment Panel will meet and decide which candidate is
most suitable to be offered the role. In case of two candidates being similarly qualified,
further interviews may be required.
The expected start-date for this position is in July 2015.

For further information please email: