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Bio-fuel Stove

Oorja is a real alternative. In the home kitchen, Oorja is an alternative to wood, kerosene and
even LPG. In the commercial food service kitchen, Oorja easily replaces conventional cooking
fuels like LPG, diesel, etc.
Moreover, Oorjas service and distribution network across major cities and various sub-metros in
India, makes it a solution our customers can easily depend on.
Oorja offers an integrated solution: a combination of a uniquely designed micro-gasification
device or stove and a biomass-based pellet fuel. When used together, the Oorja solution delivers
efficiency & value that are higher than conventional cooking devices that use LPG and diesel.
Oorja is a real alternative. Oorja is also efficient, economical and easy to use.
Ask our 5000 customers and they will tell you. Cooking with Oorja not only saves money but
food cooked with it also tastes better. Oorja is capable of meeting a majority of any kitchens
needs. In many kitchens, Oorja has replaced conventional fuels 100%.
The Oorja solution delivers an LPG-like flame for use in food-service establishments like
restaurants, caterers, messes, and hotels. Essentially, any kind of open-flame bulk food
preparation can be serviced with the Oorja solution.
To our commercial customers, Oorja is a no-risk proposition. We offer the product on a pay-asyou-go rental model with full free service as an added bonus.
Oorja is available 365 days of the year in every city that we operate in. Oorja is safer to use than
Oorja does not have the risks associated with LPG because it is not pressurised and it has a much
higher flash point, which means that the fuel needs to be heated to about 200 deg.C before it
starts to fully combust.
Food cooked with Oorja tastes better. This is what we keep hearing from our customers. LPG
after all is a fossil oil and Oorja pellets are derived from natural agricultural residue.

Commercial Use

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Domestic Use
Oorja K3 Dlx

Oorja Home Use Stove K3 DLX is based on gasification technology in partnership with IISc,
Bangalore which has patented this technology. This is very efficient low emission stove, which
reduces indoor air pollution. The stove burns using specifically developed biomass residue based
solid fuel called Pellets. The stove works in such a manner so as to provide appropriate air to
fuel ratio thus delivering much higher efficiency and consequently lower emissions.
Oorja Cookstove and Pellets is a unique solution which provides LPG like performance and
made easily accessible to households. The pellets are made using agriculture residue and reduces

dependency on firewood and answers solutions to deforestation. Customers also benefit from
time saved in collecting firewood.


1. Power level: Nominal 5 KWH, Medium 4KWH, Low 3 KWH

2. Operational duration: 50 to 70 mins
3. Amount of fuel: 800 g of pellets (on one loading)
4. Fuel: Biomass pellets Density 550 to 600 Kg/M3 Moisture content less than 10 %
Ash content less than 10 %.

Oorja Home Use Stove K3 DLX is based on gasification technology in partnership with I...

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