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We all want our children and grandchildren to
prosper and know that education and training will
make that possible. Whatever ones educational
aspirations, its important we support them.
Therefore, I commit to:

Ensuring that the existing Education

Enhancement Agreement provides the maximum
benefit for our children and is managed in a
culturally sensitive manner.

Providing training for our members in fields that

lead to direct employment within our province.
My experience with NB Power and my extensive
experience in workforce development initiatives
will ensure this happens in the first year of our

Completing and making operational the Heritage

Gardens in my first term as Chief. A plan is in
place to house a Treaty and Aboriginal Rights
Research Centre on Garden Grounds and
through this centre, our community will be a
driving force in Mikmaq culture and language
I have spent most of my working life in the fields of
Community, Economic and Small Business
Development and I will utilize that experience to
bring increased employment and business
opportunities to our community. To ensure that
current and future members have the opportunities
they deserve, I will:

Expand and enhance the Osprey Truck Stop

operations to increase your income from that
facility and provide more employment to our

Continue efforts to finalize and develop the

Canadian Panelized System project for the
benefit of Eel River Bars interests, increasing
employment and business opportunities,

Develop a fund to assist our entrepreneurs and

ensure they have the financial and technical
support to start and grow their businesses,

Ensure that (through available federal funding

programs enhanced by our own source
revenues) no major impacts are felt by our
members if we are forced to move to provincial
social assistance rates.


The Bay of Chaleur has been our territory since time
immemorial and yet we do not manage it. Other
territories are taking a direct interest in their
fisheries and wildlife management. We will manage
our Bay and therefore I commit:

We will initiate discussion with Canada and the

Province and will become directly involved in the
management of our resources and traditional

Our commercial fishery effort will increase, we

will acquire more licenses and our people will
receive training in order to become more
involved in these efforts,

Our Rangers will receive enhanced training and

will become more directly involved in all aspects
of community safety and resource management.

506 6 86 1648

Charles Harn
For Chief
A proven effective, experienced
and community-minded
candidate for Chief of Eel River
Bar First Nation


Our members deserve to have homes for their
growing families and live in a community that
provides all essential services to bring up their
children in a vibrant and safe environment. I will
ensure our current and future generations enjoy
these benefits by:

Developing a transitional housing program that

will see the purchase of a number of mini-home
units that will house (temporarily) our young
families who must live outside the Community.
These units can be purchased at a fraction of the
cost of traditional housing construction and be
put in quickly.

Through a series of community engagement

sessions, completing and implementing an Eel
River Bar Housing Policy. This will ensure a fair
and transparent policy that reflects the needs of
our membership.

Ensuring Health Canada provides Eel River Bar

with the funding to begin and complete a new
Community Health Services Building to continue
the work of the present Chief and Council.
In closing, I truly believe my education, experience
and networks can work for the positive
advancement of Eel River Bar and you, the
I am seeking your support in my candidacy.

On June 13 , Vote Charles

(Chuck) Harn for Chief!

When Eel River Bar does well,

our Members will do well.


I would like to first thank you

for the opportunity to put this
platform forward for Chief. I am
both proud and humbled to
have been nominated. I also
want to wish everyone who put
their name forward in this
election the best of luck.
I realize that I cannot address
all of the issues that will be
addressed by the incoming
However, I have some ideas
that I wanted to introduce. The
plans discussed in the following
brochure are plans that I am
confident I can successfully
deliver in my first term as Chief
of E el River Bar.

Our Community.
Our Territory.
Our Rights.

Membership has its privileges.

I am proud to be part of the administration that brought community meetings and an Annually General Assembly to our
community. Moving forward, I want to b uild on that. Therefore, I commit:

To continue to hold an Annual General Assembly during my administration,

To develop an Elders Council that will provide an opportunity for Council to seek guidance, learn from our Elders
and be responsive to their issues,

To develop a Youth Council that will provide insight on the issues of our next generation of members and
leaders, and respond to their needs and issues,

To ensure the communitys financial audit is available for every member and to address any questions or
concerns you might have.

To provide the first annual royalty When Eel River Bar does well, our members will do well. We have done
quite well over the last two years and members should benefit.

To ensure that I am always accessible call me, email me, or talk to me. I want to know your concerns and value
your input as we work together to ensure Eel River Bar is meeting its full potential.
We are living in a time when our rights are finally being acknowledged b y the highest court in Canada. No longer are we in a
position that developers and government must simply consult with us they need our permission to go forward. This
permission will not be given u nless our Community issues are addressed. I therefore commit to ensure:

Every development project in our traditional territories has our approval, through appropriate Consultation and
(if required) Accommodation based on environmental responsibility.

That no project will take place in our territory without our approval and, for projects we ultimately approve of,
the benefits of employment and contracting flow to our members, just as they have with NB Power.

That organizations who represent our community ensure our members benefit from any of their activities.

That I will seek to set up a Treaty and Aboriginal Rights Research Center at our Heritage Gardens. This center will
provide the funding to operate the building, which can also be used as a Community Cultural Resource Center.
While working for Government, I was lead on the Metepenagiag Heritage Park project and I know how to make
this happen.