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Quotes on The Change Of The Body taken directly from transcribed sermons from the

Great Man of God, Rev. George Pike Sr. to whom was given, "The Revelation of Jesus

The Word that created the world, it created you, and God has already done it. It's
already taken care of it. It's just a time element involved until He can finish all this
other, and then you'll be changed to see that that's what you've always been. As He
said to them that were in the heart of the earth, under the altars, "Here is a white
robe, just a little time." They said, "How long?" He said, "Just a little time when your
brethren that are yet alive, they have to be killed as you are, and then I'll bring you
forth and all of you will rejoice together."
Folks, it's just a little time until the change of the body, to wit the change, to wit the
redemption, not that you have to come to that as to God doing that. It's always been,
but to come to the knowledge, to the understanding. And we've said so much about
that. Let's go on.

Pray that God will grant you an understanding heart. All right, listen. "Knowing this,
that our old man," that is, the man, Adam, "is crucified with him," as Jesus came to kill
the first man Adam, He was the first man Adam, as to His body unto death, being sin.
And then the second man Adam, as to the change or the quickening spirit, "Knowing
this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed."

You are children of glory, children of heaven, to appear in glory even as He appeared
in glory, having this glory within you, in Christ, as to your inner man, because the
body profiteth nothing. It is dead, and it will be changed at the coming of the body
that will appear in Thessalonians appearing. How beautiful, how beautiful, how
wonderfully beautiful. The church is thus being sealed in.

The body of death is gone. The vile, wretched body is gone, and God never sees that
bastard child image again, that body of flesh again, that body of fault and failures
again. But He sees me as the glorified, spotless image of the Lord Jesus Christ. The
Bible says that the Lord is coming back after a church without spot, without wrinkle,
and without blemish. And when the Lord breaks forth from the heavens, as it says in
Thessalonians, when He comes back in the clouds of heaven, I, all of a sudden, as He
appears in the heavens, will be changed into the glorified image of the Son of God.
When He looks down at that glorified image, before it ever leaves the ground, I will be
a church without spot, without wrinkle, without blemish. I will be His perfect likeness.
I will be His perfect righteousness. I will be His perfect bone. I will be His perfect
flesh. I will be the perfect, spotless church that He came back after, before I ever lift a
foot off of the ground, because I have been changed. And all of this righteousness of

God, as to Christ on the inside, has been made manifest, as to this life of Christ within
me, has been made manifest in the mortal genes of my natural body.

As the body without the spirit is dead, so then, the Word, being made flesh, and the
Word, being Spirit; our lives conforming to this Word; thus, the Spirit comes into our
lives in the form of the hearing of the Word. We, being changed from glory unto glory
at the unveiling of the mystery of the Word; the conception of the heart, of the seed
of the Word, changes our flesh from terrestrial to celestial.
So then, our body is no longer dead, separated from God, but rather, it is activated by
His presence and is alive forever more. Having been changed by faith in Christ, we
have become a quickening spirit and have passed from death unto life.

the Word could once again be made flesh, to write His laws upon the table of men's
hearts. The printed Word is now being changed into human thoughts. This develops
the nature of Jesus Christ. This nature is then set on fire by the Spirit and anointing of
God and reproduces Christ in a man's life. To change his makeup and his body or the
atoms and blood genes into a celestial body, his faith is resurrected.

the Word made flesh in our own body, it will glorify and change us to celestial bodies.
We shall have whatsoever we say, for we then abide in Him and He in us, and we can
ask whatsoever we will.

What is life? Life is a mind. Life is a thought. Life is a spirit. What is the spirit of life?
The Spirit of Christ. What is the mind of life, the thoughts of life? The mind of Christ.
This is why Paul said to be ye therefore transformed, changing your thoughts from
thought to thought, from glory to glory, from faith to faith, from thinking to thinking,
from believing to believing, and as each thought is revealed, that is, as the nucleus is
split, out comes the power of the nucleus, which is the inspiration which strikes your
blood genetics through your innermost spiritual being, and changes you into an
eternal body, a celestial state of being. This is what caused Moses' face to shine. This
is what caused Brother Branham's face to shine. This is what caused Stephen's face to
shine. His angelic being was so illuminated inwardly that it began to show through
the veil. This is what Paul speaks of as the manifestation of the sons of God. This is
what the rapture is. The rapture is not your body going up, like you see in
Thessalonians, where you'll be caught away. You'll be caught away and you'll go up
there. That's not what the Bible is trying to tell you. Your innermost being is to be
caught away from this human body of lust, captivity, ego, ambition, and desire;
caught away from this and moved into the body of Jesus Christ.

But if the mind of Christ comes into you, and if it becomes interwoven with your mind,
it will take everything in creation, everything that is in existence and break it down,

piece by piece, and put it together, day after day, as you seek, search, and desire. It
will put it together as a puzzle until you see the glorious mind of Almighty God. When
you see that mind, it means that you have been completely transformated to where
your mind is no more a mind of things, and of do's and don'ts, but your mind has
become a mind of the invisible, unveiled, wonderful knowledge of the Almighty God.
Therefore, since your mind has become so, it means that your body cannot remain in
the conditional state of existence where things are, in the sense of the act of
creation. It means that your body must immediately go through a supernatural
change, become celestial, and be changed to the same condition of your mind. And
when your body does that, it means that all of your surroundings that you once had
seen as things of tangible matter can never again be that. It automatically changes as
the light comes forth. All of your environment changes to the celestial state of being,
or state of affairs that you are to be related to throughout eternity.

So then, death is a state of mind. Life is a state of mind. Death is the state of mind
that comes from Lucifer, the tree of knowledge. If you live like that and think like that,
you will automatically believe like that. In unbelief you are cut off from the Spirit of
life, and the Spirit of life cannot fellowship you because of your evil heart of wrong
thinking or unbelief. As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is. But, there is that state of
mind that is the mind of Christ. If that mind lives in your heart, your thinking will
make you eternal because it will give you the faith of God that is in the mind of God,
and it will change your body from within outwardly, from glory to glory, faith to faith.
What I am saying is that it's a state of mind.
The Bible said that God has put the world in your heart; that is, they that are not born
again. The world is a state of mind. They that are worldly minded have the love of the
world in them. To be worldly minded is death. If the love of the world is in you, the
love of the Father isn't there, because the love of the Father is the love of celestial
things. So then, God has placed the world in your heart by allowing the mind of
Lucifer to be there, and when you are born again, that world is killed out. That world
leaves you. Lucifer is cast out of your body. He's not in the body of Jesus Christ,
therefore, the kingdom of heaven is within you.
So the worldly state of mind is taken out, and then comes the kingdom of God, the
heavenly realms, or God's world, the state of the mind of Jesus Christ. In that mind is
the faith. Contend for the faith that was once delivered unto the saints. They were
shut up under the law at Calvary, or unto the faith that should afterwards be
revealed, that is, after Calvary. It was the faith of Jesus Christ that stood the test, the
faith that was in His heart and in His body. It never wavered one time. After Calvary
came the promised Son, or the promise of eternal life, the promise of the Holy Spirit,
and the promise of Christ within Jesus, who never wavered one time in His faith.
When you come to Calvary, and find the Calvary of your life, then that faith comes. If
you receive that faith, then it goes into your heart. It's a state of mind, for in the mind
of Christ is that transformating faith. Enoch was translated by faith that he should not
see death, translated by faith, from within outwardly.

The faith of Christ in our hearts is imputed unto us for righteousness, the kingdom of
God being within us, and we in it by translation. That was Christ's works, but the

creature, which is our body, must receive the glorious liberties of our God. Our labor
and travail or duty to God is to perfect the outer man; Christ being revealed in His
saints. The body is changed by this appearing from terrestrial to celestial.
Glorification is what we mean.

We are near the end time. The change is upon us. Two in the field, one being raptured
by spiritual revelation into the heavenlies or the mind of Christ, and one left to face
tribulation. He shortened the days for the elect's sake, coming at Pentecost in His
appearing in the saints, that His coming to the world might be unto judgment, but
unto His temple, whose temple you are, unto salvation unto them that look for Him.
Jesus said, "I've chosen you out of this world. You are not of this world, even as I am
not of this world."
Having been translated into the marvelous kingdom of our God, we are in heaven with
Him; hid with Christ in God, whom the heavens have received, unto the restoring
(restitution) of all things, which is now at hand. The sons of God are being revealed.
They are spiritual sons, made manifest in the flesh as their Father was, that people
might see and recognize them. Being superior in faith, knowledge and wisdom,
superior in power, life, strength and health, they will correct the perversion, changing
this perverted system and perverted world into its original form. The whole creation
groaneth in a prison of perversion, awaiting the manifestation of these sons of God,
when all the members of the body are caught up into the heavenly revelation, then,
the door of the ark, the door to the Gentiles will be closed, turning back to the
spiritual Jew in revelation.

If we want this body as an inheritance from God forever, then we must leave the
beastly level of life. We must be elevated to the God level. We must reach up into the
heavenlies and make contact with God that we might take on the mind of Christ,
which supercedes the powers of Satan and his mind. Let's get beyond the intellectual
powers of darkness and have enough understanding, faith, and spiritual power to
overcome Satan and take control of this body, to change it from this beastly form, in
its fallen condition, into the image of the Son of God. The Bible says, "As many as
received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that
believe on His name."

Then, when the child is born (he that is born of the Spirit is spirit), he is born of the
Spirit of revelation. Paul said to pray that God will give unto you the Spirit of
revelation, that it might vaporize you into that angelic realm, transformate your mind
and change this body, as a quickening spirit, that you might be received up into
heaven in that cloud as Jesus was, or caught away as was the high priest.

While we are alive in this world, in the sense that there are people looking on the
outward appearance, then that means that we are the moon realm which is inbetween, and the light is coming down to the people through us. But the very day our

outer man changes, that is, when this God light on the inside consumes our outer
man, the perverted image of the bastard child that God has rejected and killed
through Jesus Christ, then that old man will fade away into nothing and we will find
ourselves standing there as the glorious resurrected Christ that came out of the
grave. When we do that, then that means that everybody else is in darkness because
that innermost light comes out of that veil and it can't shine to them anymore.

So then, I say again, life is in the worm. I will help thee, thou worm Jacob. I'm going
through the transitional changes. My body relates to the serpent, and so did Jesus'
body. I relate to Jesus in the sins, and I relate to Jesus in life and resurrection. My
inner is Christ in the resurrection, and my outer is Jesus in death.

What are we doing over here with this kind of understanding? It is because we made
it into heaven. At last, we heard the tutoring down through the years and the Bar
Mitzvah has come. We have recognized it! It's time to take over our Father's business.
It is the saints rising and taking the world. The Kingdom of God has been here all the
time. It started over here with Calvary and it's come down through the transitional
changes of time. We've been changed and translated into the marvelous Kingdom of
God. I'm not waiting for the Kingdom of God to come. I'm not waiting to be translated
into the Kingdom of God because it has already come. The law and the prophets were
until John, and we are preaching this Kingdom message throughout the world so that
the end (the shadows) can flee away. I'm not waiting to get into it, for God has
already translated me into the Kingdom of God. I'm not waiting to go to heaven, for
I'm not of this world. God has chosen me out of this world, and I am hid with Jesus
Christ in God, Whom the heavens have received until the restoring of these things.

George Pike Sr.