Berkeley Co. Solid Waste Authority P.O.

Box 1227 Inwood, WV 25428

Where to Recycle

South Berkeley
Inwood Pilgrim Street Every Monday, Tuesday and Saturday

Recycling Guide
How & Where to Participate



Handi Shopper Every Thursday 9-5

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Grapevine Road Every Monday through Saturday 9-5

Eagle Plaza Every Friday and Saturday 9-5

Berkeley County Solid Waste Authority Office: 267-9370 (M-W-F 8:30 am – 2:30 pm) Recycling Hotline: 671-2925 (M-T-TH-F-S 9 am – 5 pm) Email:

When You Recycle, Everyone Wins
1. Do not mix newspaper & their inserts with any other paper. 2. Place loose newspaper & their inserts in red containers only.

Bi-Metal, Steel, & Tin Cans
1. Must be empty and rinsed out. 2. May remove ends and flatten. 3. Test cans with magnet; if magnet sticks include with steel; if not include with aluminum cans. 4. Deposit in proper bin.

Yard Waste/Christmas Trees
Leaves, grass, brush, sawdust, weeds, sod, flowers, Christmas trees & garden residue 1. Grapevine Road and South Berkeley sites only. 2. Christmas trees must be free of lights and ornaments. 3. Yard waste may be commingled. 4. Brush must be less than 6 inches thick.

Mixed Paper Products
Corrugated cardboard, cereal boxes, magazines, catalogs, computer paper, telephone books, paperboard & other paper products 1. Mixed paper must be boxed, bundled or placed in a paper bag. 2. No wax, fax or carbon paper or covers from hard-bound books. 3. Place mixed paper in green paper shed or trailer at the Grapevine Road Recycling Center or the South Berkeley Recycling Center. 4. DO NOT USE PLASTIC BAGS.

Appliances & Scrap Metal
Washers, dryers, stoves, electrical wiring, aluminum, brass & copper 1. Grapevine Road and South Berkeley sites only. 2. No propane bottles, fence wire, cable or units containing Freon.

5. Brush must be less than 10 feet long. 6. Stumps, food scraps, ashes or pressure treated wood not accepted. 7. Remove from plastic bag and deposit.

Plastic Milk & Soda Bottles
1. Grapevine Road and South Berkeley sites only. 2. All colors accepted. 3. Must be stamped #1 or #2 on plastic bottles. 4. All lids must be removed and discarded. 5. Place bottles in clear see- through plastic bag. 6. Plastic bag provided free of charge upon request. 7. No oil bottles accepted.

Glass Bottles & Jars
Clear, brown, green, yellow & blue 1. Glass must be sorted by color. 2. Containers must be empty and rinsed out. 3. Lids and caps must be removed. 4. Labels may stay on glass. 5. Gold glass goes in with brown glass. 6. Blue glass goes in with green glass. 7. Deposit in the proper bins.

Aluminum Cans, Foil & Pie Pans
1. Must be empty and rinsed out. 2. May be crushed. 3. Deposit cans in proper bin. 4. Give foil & pie pans to attendant.

Recycling Hotline 671-2925
(Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri., & Sat. 9am-5pm) Email:

Clean Lumber
1. Grapevine Road and South Berkeley sites only. 2. Wood with paint or stain not accepted. 3. Pressure treated wood not accepted.
Printed on 100% Recycled Paper

Mulch for Sale - $5/2 scoops (min.) at Grapevine Road only Inkjet Cartridges - Call for mailers

For more information, refer to pages R1 & R2 in the Verizon Phonebook

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