This book is a complete consumer’s guide to receiving the most from a psychic reading. Suzette Martinez Standring, author of The Art of Column Writing.




June Ahern
Intuitive Arts Mentor

Timeless Counselor – A Professional Psychic Reading as Alternative Counseling is the key to understanding what a psychic reading can offer you. In it you will learn:
  CHAPTER EXCERPTS:  2nd Excerpts 

Chapter 2 Profiles of Clients When I am asked what kind of people go to readers I answer, you’d be surprised. I have read for people from all walks of life: successful professionals with over-extended calendars wishing for a more peaceful life; ambitious business people seeking to use their potentials to achieve success; artists who desiring to rid themselves of mental blocks inhibiting their creativity; therapists who are too close to their own profession to seek traditional therapy; law enforcers discreetly investigating unsolved problems; married couples wishing to improve their relationships; parents hoping for greater insight to a child’s problems, and many different people who are all in quest of harmony and balance within self and with others. The majority of people are confident, curious and adventurous. Many people find psychic counseling more beneficial than any other kind of counseling. Readings are for anyone who desires the experience. I have spent my whole adult life developing my abilities in the field of parapsychology that has led me to belief that the time will soon come when psychics have a major role in helping to shape the future and that readers and healers will be recognized as counselors and teachers and respected as a useful part of society. Therefore, now is the time to shed light on how to receive a reading and utilize the information to your best advantage. As one of my clients said, “My readings give me a keener perspective on where I am going.”

Chapter 4 Methods and Tools Everyone is concerned with the validity and accuracy of a reading with regards to making right decisions, setting or fulfilling goals and/or seeking spiritual enlightenment, but there is also a great interest, for many querents, in the method and tools readers use. Each reader chooses her method and tool in conjunction with her personal interests. One reader may have an interest in the art of palmistry, cradling the querent’s hand to read the lines across the palm. Another might hold a personal belonging of the querent (i.e., a ring, a favorite article of clothing, and/or a picture) and reveal information about the person’s

past, present, and perhaps even future. Please understand that whatever tool or method used, the reader is still the actual source of the information. The tool merely assists and centers the reader. A successful reading is based on the reader’s psychic ability and the willingness and participation of the querent, not necessarily the specific method or tool. It is superstitious to believe psychic tools hold the psychic power. A client changed her beliefs after she received a reading from me. When I spoke of impressions and outcomes of her situation while not using my tarot cards (one of my tools), she said, “Ask the cards.” She was under the impression that my cards held the answer. I truly appreciate the tarot, history and artwork of each card, but without my interpretation and psychic knowledge, the reading will not be successful. If you are interested in a particular tool, research it. You can find references to psychic tools throughout history, some dating back thousands of years. Your choice of method or tool reveals something about yourself. Would you enjoy a personal interaction with a reader? Palmistry and tarot cards are two examples of “hands on” type of reading. Astrology and numerology are examples where personal interaction to receive psychic information is not essential. I have read for people who specifically wanted a tarot card reading because they responded well to the visual messages drawn on the cards. I read for a woman who is an accountant and prefers my knowledge of numerology to be incorporated with my psychic impressions during her reading. A reader can use one or more methods during a reading. ASTROLOGY - Does the full moon have an effect on you? Or does the Sun at its fullest draw you out into it? People involved with astrology believe that the forces of the planets and stars and the energy of the universe have a strong affect on all living things. NUMEROLOGY - Numerology is believed to be the oldest form of the occult sciences. It is based upon the concept that letters and numbers have certain influences on us. PALMISTRY - A palm reader can say, “You hold the whole world in your hands.” Palmistry involves reading your entire hand; the fingers, the shape, the lines and markings on them. changes in your life are needed, she can bring this to your attention AURA READING - The aura is an energy field that surrounds all living organisms. Aura is seen in colors. Individuals using developed psychic awareness can see auras. The aura holds information about the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical condition of a person. Each color is relative to specific information. The color(s) of the aura can change as it is affected by the mood and energy of a person. CHAKRAS - Since we are on the subject of energy and aura reading, an understanding of “chakras” will be useful to you. The colors in the aura are often seen the chakra - energy points that cannot be seen or measured. PAST LIFE - We have discussed some information on past life readings. This is a philosophy, a belief shared by many cultures and religions both in the past and present. information and the use of hypnosis as a means of self-discovery in this area.

DREAM INTERPRETATION – A reader can interpret your dreams, while adding her own psychic impressions. SÉANCE - A séance or spirit communication is often like a group reading. It is conducted by a medium that communicates with the spirits of the dead TEA LEAVES - The leaves form images, patterns and letters and numbers that the reader sees to answer your questions or see future events. Coffee grounds in some cultures are used instead of tealeaves. CRYSTAL READINGS - Crystals have been used in healings and readings by many cultures, throughout the ages whether the reader holds one, places some on your body or gazes into a crystal ball. It is believed that the stones transmit and amplify energy. . A reader might gaze into a bowl with water for her impressions. This is called scrying. I CHING - or Book of Changes has been in existence for 4000 years and is an ancient method of consulting the wisdom of spirits, playing a strong role in China for thousands of years. The philosophy of the I Ching is accepting change and adopting that change in your world. RUNE STONES - consist of twenty-five stones etched with an ancient alphabet or symbol. They are an ancient Scandinavian oracle, advising you. TAROT CARDS - Besides the crystal ball, this is the tool most associated with the occult. and if you are interest in learning to read them, a class will be very beneficial. Those are only a few of the numerous psychic tools and methods. PLEASE SEE “BOOKS FOR SALE” TO PURCHASE THE TIMELESS COUNSELOR E-BOOK NEXT EXCERPTS WILL INCLUDE: Chapter 5 Finding a Reader Many people have had readings and perhaps you know someone who has, but if not, approach the subject. Once the topic is out in the open, you may be surprised to learn how many people have some knowledge …. Chapter 6 Making Your Appointment It is wise to ask certain questions of the reader before making your appointment, regardless of how you found the person 

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