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3.4. Controls and Instrumentation.

3.5. Piping and Appurtenances.

3.6. Special Tools.
4. Inspection, Testing, and Preparation for Shipment.
4.1. General.
4.2. Inspection.
4.3. Testing.
4.4. Preparation for Shipment.
5. Vendor's Data.
5.1. General.
5.2. Proposals.
5.3. Contract Data.
Appendix A. General-Purpose Gear Data Sheets.
Appendix B. Lateral Critical Speed Map and Mode Shapes for a
Typical Rotor.
Appendix C. T'?ical Lube-Oil Systems.
Appendix D. Material Specifications for General-purpose Gear
Appendix E. Vendor Drawing and Data Requitements.
Appendix F. Referenced Specifications.
Appendix G. Spiral Bevel Gear-Tooth Contact Arrangement
Requirements for Inspection.
Appendix H. Residual Unbalance Worksheets.
2.4.9 ANSI/API Standard 682 and ISO Standard 21O49:,2OO4
(ldentical). Pumps-Shaft Sealing Systems for
Centrifugal and Rotary Pumps
This international standard specifies requirements and gives recom.
mendations for sealing systems for centrifugal and rotary pumps used
in the petroleum, natural gas, and chemical industries. It is applicablc
mainly for hazardous, flammable, and toxic services, where a greatel
degree of reliability is required for the improvement of equrpmenr
availability and the reduction of both emissions to the atmosphcrc
arxl lifc-cycle scaling costs. It covers seals for pump shaft diametcrs
lrorn 20 nrnr (0.7,5) to I l0 nrnr (4.i3).
This international standard also is applicable to seal spare parts
nd can be referred to for the upgrading of existing equipment. A
classification system for the seal configurations covered by this internntional
standard into categodes, types, anangements, and orientallons
is provided
2.4.10 API Standard 685 Sealless Centrifugal Pumps for
Petroleum, Heavy Duty Chemical, and Gas Industry
ll)is standard covers the minimum requirements for sealless centdfrrgal
pumps for use in petroleum, heavy duty chemical, and gas
lndustry services. Refer to Appendix U for application information.
Single-stage pumps of two classifications, magnetic drive pumps
irrrcl canned motor pumps, are covered by this standard. Sections 2
tlrlough 8 and 10 cover requirements applicable to both classificatlons.
Section 9 is divided into two subsections and covers require||ronts unique to each classification.
For process services not exceeding any of the following limits,
ptrchasers may wish to consider pumps that do not comply with API
Slandard 685:
Maximum discharge pressure,1900 kPa (275 psig).
Maximum suction pressure, 500 kPa (25 psig).
Maximum pumping temperature, 150"C (300"F).
Maximum rotation speed, 3600 rpm.
Maximum rated total head, 120 m (400 ft).

Maximum impeller diameter, 300 mm (13).

l,rble of Contents
l. Scope.
2. ReferencedPublications.
:,|. Definition of Terms.
.1. General.
4.1. Unit Responsibility.
4.2. Nomenclature.
5. llequirements.
5.1. Units of Measure.
.5.2. Statutorv llco r.rifcments.