Edward and Bella 3 BPOV All of a sudden…he pulled his gun up and shot it at Edward. “No!” I screamed.

Edward didn’t move. But a bullet didn’t come out of the gun; a paint-ball came out instead. Charlie burst out laughing and started shooting Edward five more times. Edward’s face was twisted into a smile. On Charlie’s thirteenth shot Edward finally moved and said, “Charlie, would you please stop shooting me? Me and Bella would like to hear what you think.” Before Charlie could even reply I started yelling at him. I wasn’t the one to throw temper tantrums, but seriously? Shooting Edward? If only he knew Edward was a vampire. “What the heck Charlie?” I screamed. That was the first time he’d heard me call him by his first name. His smile turned into a guilty but pleased stare. “Me and Edward are getting married whether you like it or not. No, now you don’t even get a say! What the heck is you’re problem? Where did you even get paintballs?” I waited for his reply. “Well, um… you see Bells…I was headed down to the station to play some good ol’

paintball with Mark but he said he was sick so he couldn’t come.” He said as he looked down at the floor. Was Charlie having a mid-life crisis? I looked at Edward with shock and disbelief written all over my face. I looked back at Charlie. “I suggest you sit down so we can calmly talk about this. And before I can enroll you in a mental hospital.” I said. I began to talk again. “Dad, I love Edward. There’s nothing more I can say. We’re getting married whether you like it or not.” I said. “You can support us and be apart of the wedding or, you can not be in the wedding at all. Carlisle would be very pleased if I did the father-daughter dance with him.” Charlie looked at me in horror. “Fine,” he grumbled. “But this doesn’t mean I have to like him,” He added. After this, we had a calm conversation about the wedding. Edward left when it was dark and I excused myself and went to bed. I thought it would be more unpleasant. Well besides the paint-ball incident. JPOV I hate Bella! She looks so smug with Edward that it makes me sick! Why did he have to like

her? I’m prettier than she is, and like well, even though she’s like smarter than me doesn’t mean she can go around nabbing other people’s boyfriends! Or like, almost boyfriends. Then I have to get Mike Newton! Ewwww! I parked my car in the closest possible spot to Edward Cullen’s. “Jessica!” Lauren called. “What is it?” I asked. Seriously, she had like, patience problems. “Edward Cullen and Bella Swan are getting married!” She screamed. “What!?” I asked. How could Edward even like consider Bella Swan? “Yeah! My cousin Sarah was at the bookstore and she saw Edward and Bella there, and she saw a ring on Bella’s finger!” Lauren explained. “No!” I yelled. “We have to tell everyone!” I exclaimed. BPOV Me and Edward made our way to the cafeteria. When we got in Edward groaned. “Oh no!” He complained. “Edward what is it?” I asked. Before he could answer Lauren and Jessica ran to us. Lauren talked first. “Congrats to the happy couple! Are we invited to your wedding?” I was frozen in horror. How did they know? Edward answered. “Lauren, how did you find out?” He

asked. “My cousin Sarah was at the bookstore and saw you two. She also saw the ring on Bella’s finger.” She explained. I watched her and Jessica check out my ring while the rest of the people in the cafeteria stared at me and Edward. Jessica began to talk. “So, is it like a bouncing baby girl or boy?” She asked. That’s when I had enough. “What!?” I asked. Jessica looked very pale and frightened. The suddenly touched Lauren’s shoulder, then…she passed out on the floor. Hoped you enjoyed! Plz plz comment! I’ll continue it as soon as possible! Peyton