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Gilang Ruhinda Putra

Motivation Letter
It is with great enthusiasm that I submit my application for Industrial Microbiological
Laboratory assistant recruitment. My names is Gilang Ruhinda Putra and I am
currently a second-year student studying a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering at
Universitas Diponegoro.
The idea of enrolling to a university as an engineering student might invoke
images of workload which seize your days yet I realize that it is also a chance. I am
strongly delighted to look forward to this opportunity working with your team as a
Lab Assistant at Industrial Microbiological Laboratory. The major reason I am
applying for this job because of its advantages . Firstly, as a lab assistant we will
understand more of the theory we get in class as we try the related experiment
directly, and as a lab assistant we are required to be able to explain and communicate
the concepts to participants. Secondly, we can improve our public speaking skill since
the lab assistant should be able to communicate with practical student and deliver the
information and concepts clearly. This will also increase our confidence in front of
people as we get used to talk and work in a team, which is needed when we work in
company someday.
Putting ourselves as a lab assistant is a productive use of spare time.
Sacrifices, like cutting down the time to play around and hanging out with friends,
have to be made in order to make room for lab keeping shifts or report-checkings, but
I believe these are worth the time and effort. As an assistant, we have more chance to
interact with the lecturers, especially those teaching subjects related to the lab. It
opens up the chance for better exchange in idea and knowledge that may not be
satisfied in the usual classroom environment. The same reason also allows this job to
be prominent in networking effort, as we will be acquainted with fellow students and
seniors. Network, as it stands now, is important to shape our future past college days.
Being an optimistic, creative, able to deal with pressure, very good
communication skills, and also able to work in group. I feel I am the right person for
this position due to my personal strengths. And I firmly aspire to be a lab assistant and
will be delighted for the acceptance.