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Dirty Little Secrets

Elyza Jane Q. Ariola
Jayson Acero
Mark Joseph Lobete
Hellive Joy Iwarat


Elizabeth (bride)
George (groom)
Valerie(close friend of George and Elizabeth)



Brides Maid with their Partner

Anna Patricia Garcia
Jennyfer Fajardo
Alyssa Marie Marfil
Marc Allen Ybanez
Michael Jo Dugenio
Ferdinand Canapi

Dianne Grace Tesnado

Jelly Pearl Luna
Francis Joji Suzuki
Aljan Esmeria
Arvi Ancan
Dane Yumang
Marko Yves Tambio
Mary-Helen Yutuc
Gisselle Balintong


Gwen (best friend of Elizabeth)

Anne(girlfriend of Spencer; maid of honor)
Spencer (ex-bf of Beth; bf of Cecile; best man)
Policeofficer 1
Police officer 2
Yves (Buttler)

Scene 1 Wedding (entourage)

Setting: Church
Background Music : The Gift by Jim Brickman
Narrator: A beautiful woman Elizabeth married a rich man whose name was George after their five years of fruitful
relationship. Though they encounter struggles, they keep their relationship strong. Trust and faithfulness develop within
themselves through the years that they were together. And now, they are celebrating the happiest moment of their lives,
their wedding day.
( Brides Maid with their Partners are walking on the aisle of the church.)
(The narrator will orate 1 Corinthians 13 then, the newly wed couple is sharing their vows to each other.)
Love is patient ,love is kind.
It does not envy, it does not boast,it is not proud.
It is not ruined, it is not selfseeking, it is not easily angered, it is no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth.
It always protect, always trust, always hopes, always perseveres.
Pastor: Do you take Elizabeth Araneta\ as your lawful wife? (looking at George)
George: Yes, I do.
Pastor: Do you take George Montez as your lawful husband? (looking at Beth)
Beth: Yes, I do.
(sharing of vows)

George: I George Montez, take you Elizabeth Araneta, to be my wedded wife. To have and to
hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to
love and to cherish 'till death do us part. And hereto I pledge you my faithfulness.

Beth: I, Elizabeth Araneta, take you, George Montez, to be my wedded husband. To have and to hold, from this day
forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, 'till death do us part.
And hereto I pledge you my faithfulness.
Pastor: I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride.
( Beth and George will kiss.)
Scene 2
Setting: Living Room
Background Music: All My Life
Narrator:. After the Reception, they went to Georges Private Mansion at the mountain side . Only close friends of the
bride and groom were invited to go there. George was the only child and he lost his parents when he was fourteen years
old, because of that he was the one who inherited the wealth of the family.
George: (arms around beth.) To all of you, thanks for coming on our special day.
Beth: Thank you for being there for us! George and I wouldnt be here without you.
(george lifted the glass wine as if to offer a toast)
Scene 3
Setting : Mansion
Valerie: Do you want to know how George proposed to Beth?
Mark: i bet he was nervous.
George : excuse me, guys, ill just change my clothes
Beth: I will change my clothes too ! Gwen , do you mind helping me?
Gwen: no,not at all!
Spencer : No , Ill be the one who will help her !! (Smirk,sisikuhin si Mark)
George: Hey ! What do you want?
Spencer: Easy dude ! After all , I have Anne in my life..(sabay akbay kay Anne)
(Anne makes a fake smile on her face)
George : (laughing)! Ok well go then ! Valerie, do not exaggerate the story or else ...
Valerie: (laughing out)! Dont worry, I wont do that.
George: Ok!
Valerie : Well now Ill tell you !(Close curtain) Way back February 14 , of course it is valentines day. George called me to
tell his plan about that proposal thing! (Smiling) I remember, Beth was angry with George because he forgot their
anniversary. So George wanted to make a surprise for her. He even told me that he would do sexy dance for her!!
Billy: Oh ! I imagined him doing that sexy dance ! HAHA```````
Mark : he did that dance after he came out from a huge cake! Ha
Edward : a topless man with a necktie ! ohhh . so hot ... hahaha
(Everybody will laugh)
Valerie: hahah . You three guys are funny ! But it ended up with a sweet dinner date .. But guess what happened that
night ??
Steph : Were not fortunetellers ! come on! Spill the beans!
Antonette: Yeah ! Shes right ,stop the guessing game !
Valerie: (speaking with george) Not a good guesser, arent you?, ok .. (flashback)George went to Beths house after to the
private mansion.
(But suddenly...)
George: Oh no !
Beth : Why did we stop ?
( george is trying to start the engine , but suddenly started to smoke)
George : Darn ! Get out of the car now. Ill check the engine !!

(after checking the car)

I cant repair it , my tools are on the other car. Ill call the mansion to fetch us here !(geting his cell phone but
then found out the battery is empty)
Beth: What is it now?
George : My phones dead. Can you make a call ?
(Beth check her bag, but then closed it back again)
Beth : I think I left my phone in my house.
George: (to beth) Im sorry, I didnt expect this to happen ..
Beth : Its alright .. Lets wait for a vehicle to pass by.
( unluckily theres not a sign of any car passing that highway )
(George feeling guilty of the situation is going to ask for sorry and make his proposal)
George : Beth ?
Beth : Hmmm ??
George : Im sorry , I forgot about our anniversary.
Beth: You..
( George get the engagement ring from his pocket)
George: Will you marry me ?
Beth: Of course ! Oh my God George! I surely will!
Valerie : Isnt that sweet ?? I wish I could also marry a man as sweet as George ..
Antonette: How could you have one if youre a man hater? (laughing)
Anne : (laughing)! You got a point !
George : Hey ! I think the storytelling is over .. So lets party !
(disco music)
Scene 4
Setting : Mansion
( Everyone was in a good mood.Pastor is going to talk to Valerie.)
Pastor: Hey there ! Valerie right ?
Valerie: Yea
Pastor : enjoying the party ?
Valerie : Yes ,have a toast !
Why are you the one who married them?
Pastor: Im a very close friend of Beths family.
Valerie: Ah. We didnt talk much about her family , we even dont know where she came from..
Pastor: Ask her!
Valerie : Oh yeah ! The wine tastes so good.
Pastor: I dont know . I cannot drink liquor since I became a pastor ..
Valerie : Oh ! You should taste it ..
Pastor: No, thanks .. I will call the waiter to get you some more .
Valerie: (to pastor) Well, Thanks!
( but George called Valerie to thank her)
(while George is busy chatting with Valerie the Pastor is putting something on Valeries wine. Gwen will go to Valerie to
ask something then suddenly she saw what the pastor was doing.)
George: Thank you for your help!
Valerie: My pleasure ..
Pastor: Heres your drink .. Ill go by ..
Valerie : Thanks Pastor ..
(Pastor smiled at Valerie and George)
Narrator: After five minutes...(Valerie felt dizzy)
Valerie: Guys, Im dizzy . Ill just take a rest..
Edward: Thats the problem of drinking so much wine . Youve got the deal..
Valerie: No , Im not ..
Anne: Oh stop that . Ill bring you to your room !
Valerie : NO , I can still go upstairs (Valeries already having hiccups)
Anne : No way , Ill bring you to your room whether you like it or not ..

Steph: Ill help..

Anne: Comeon !
(they support Valirie going to her room)
Billy : Ill go after Steph , time to go to sleep ..
Spencer: huh.. dont deny it, I mean..... ! haha
Mark : hahaha , good luck bro !
(Billy soon follow them)
(then suddenly Anne went downstairs)
Narrator: Its Midnight ..
George: Its time to sleep guys.. Lets go to our rooms !
Spencer: Yeah , Im tired. .. lets go
SArah: Goodnight Everyone ! sweet dreams ..
( they go to their rooms)
Scene 5
Setting: Bedroom
Billy: Babe, the room isnt that bad right?
Steph : yes. Lets sleep !
Billy: goodnight Babe !
Steph : good night ..
Narrator : Billy woke up at 1 in the morning to see whats making the noise from the first floor ...
(he glanced at Steph who is still heavily asleep then go downstairs to see what happend)
(Billy saw nothing so he decided to go to the rest room . After going out of the rest room, suddenly, someone hit his head
that caused him to faint and that gives the opportunity to shoot him on the head, then Gwen saw what happened on her
way to the restroom. The killer simply put the gun on his hand to show the case as suicide and hid his body in the rest
room.After what had happened Gwen decided not to speak up for her safety and went back to her room)
Killer: HAHA I love this stuff.
(The killer then go to Stephs room and suffocate her with a pillow until she died.)
Killer : Same as first. So easy. Hahaha.. Nice kill. Effortless
Scene 6
Setting: Living Room
(George and Elizabeth are having coffee in the kitchen, Spencer and Anne go downstairs)
Beth : Good morning ! Lets have coffee , the cooks not yet done preparing our breakfast.
Anne : good morning . ok ! Hows the first night of the newly wed?
George: Fine but it will be more fun later... haha !
Spencer: Where are Billy and Steph? Also Valerie ? They were the first who slept last night.
George: I dont know maybe theyre still asleep lets just wait for them for a while ..
(Gwen also came down)
Cook : The food is ready !
Gwen: i think im just on time , good morning .
Spencer: wait , Ill go to the restroom...
Anne: ok .
Beth : God Im starving, what did our cook cooked today?
George: I told him to cook your favorite dishes.
Anne: How sweet !
( but Spencer suddenly came running to them.)
Anne : Why are you like that ? you seem like a mushroom suddenly sprouting.
Spencer : Its Billy !
(George and Beth stand up)
Anne: Why ? What happened ?
Gwen : Hey Spencer ! Speak up !
( They all run to the Cr.)
Beth: oh my god !
Anne : Ill call the police !
George: Darn! Did he kill himself?

Spencer: I dont know ! No one knows , wheres steph?

Beth : Wait ! I guess Steph is still sleeping .. let me check !
(Antonette and Edward came)
(Antonette was shocked of what she sees and hugged Anne)
Anne : Dont worry i already called the police ..
Scene 7
Setting :
( Beth meet with sarah, mark and pastor)
( They noticed that Beth is crying and seemed in a hurry)
Pastor: Beth, what happened ?
Beth: ITS BILLY(suddenly stopping), HES DEAD !!!!! Ill go check Steph.
Sarah: Well go with you!
( Theyre knocking really hard but the door wont budge, its locked)
Mark: The keys ?? Where are the darn keys ?
( the battler came bringing the keys)
( Beth immediately run to Steph after the door flung open)
Beth: Steph ! Steph ! wake up ??!! Wake up please !!
Yves: Maam, let me check her pulse ..
( Yves felt for the pulse)
Yves : Im sorry ! Shess dead
Beth : Oh no ! Why is this happening..
(Beth is crying)
Pastor: sshhhh .. Beth , Calm down .. Everything will be alright ..
Scene 8
Setting: Room
Yves: maam , I thought you still had another companion? Wheres the other one?
Sarah : Why? Valeries still in her room.
( They run to Valeries room )
Mark: She was the first to sleep but shes not yet awake?
Sarah: Valerie? Hey, wake up ! Why is she so ... cold ?
Beth : NO ! even her ? (crying)
Yves: Let me check !
Shes also dead !
Sarah : no ! Why is this happening!?
(anne arrives)
Anne : What happened ?
Sarah : Valeries dead ...
Anne: (shock) But how ?
Beth : I dont know ..(soft sober)
(Anne and Sarah comforts Beth with tears on their face)
(sirens rings)
Scene 9
Setting: Living Room
Police 1: What happened ?
Battler : Inside, quick!
( They get in scruying)
( All the males hurried with the pulis )
( They move the body to investigate)
Police 2 : We already have the evidences left on the scene.
Police 1 : Will the two of you come with us ?
Beth: Ill come ..
George: Ill come too.
(The police leaves with Beth and George)

(Siren rings)
Narrator: The police asked so many questions to George and Beth and when they got home they felt really tired ..
Scene 10
Setting:Living room
(George and Beth came home.)
George: (standing) The police said theyll call when they find something.
Gwen:What happened to Valerie?
Beth: They still dont know. They didnt find anything.
Sarah: and Steph?
Beth: The police said the cause of her death is suffocation.
Anne : (shocked) how?
Edward: Why is this happening to us? Why us?
George: Nobody knows. Guys , I think we need to stick together.
Edward: I agree ..
Anne:So do I...
Scene 11
Setting:living room
(Gwen went outside to cry and calm herself about the situation when suddenly she saw the Pastor cutting the wire
connected to the break of his car.)
Narrator : Everyones impatient about their situation. Theyre worried that something might happen to them.
George:Edward, could you please stop that . What are you doing ?
Edward: Who the hell would feel relaxed with whats happening with us right now ?
Gwen: Boys, stop it!
Edward: Were going home now.
Spencer: No, youre not!
Mark : Lets just stick together, shall we?
Edward : No . we have to.We cant afford to die here.
Mark : Who likes the idea of dying here anyway?
Edward: You cant stop us, were going home.
Mark: Fine.. but..
Pastor: You can have my car. (handing the key to edward)
Edward: Thanks , lets go .
Antonette: bye , guys. Be careful, stay close to each other ok? ..
Anne: Call us when youre home.
(nagbeso beso)
Antonette: Dont worry , Ill call you later ..
Edward: Well just leave our things. Well go!
George: Thanks bro!
Edward : Just be careful ... Lets go Antonette.
Scene 12
Setting: Living Room
Newscaster: Heres the breaking news. There had been a car accident along the road of St.Vicente Village. The police
officers are still investigating on what happened. The car has a plate number of TUP143 ....
PaStor: Wait ! That was the plate number of my car !?..
Sarah : Does it mean Antonette and Billy were gone too ???
Anne : It cant be .. No way !
Gwen : Oh God !
Spencer : I told them not to go! (with fist clenched)
George: Its not your fault.
Anne: Dont blame yourself Ok ? please Spencer .
Spencer : I should have forced them to stay.
Sarah :Is this a curse or what ?
Beth : Honey, is our wedding a curse ?

Pastor: Hey! Whats the connection of the wedding?

Caretaker : So far as Ive remembered this also happened on the wedding of Georges uncle 20 years ago,sort of.
George : What ?!
Caretaker : Yes , it happened .. But we dont know where the bride is ...
George : Youre joking right ?
Caretaker : No, Im not !
George : Get out of here! Now!
( The caretaker went out.)
Beth : Easy honey .. easy !
Scene 13
Setting: living room/kitchen
George : Every one please go to your room.
Mark : Sarah is still on the kitchen. Ill go after her !
Gwen : WAIT !!! .
( but Mark already run to the kitchen to find sarah.)
Narrator : hours had passed when they left ... but theyre not yet coming back.
Anne : Theyve been there for so long, but theyre not here!
George : Ill go and check if theyre okay ..
Pastor : Nobodys losing anyone, Ill go there and check.
Anne : No pastor, we should stay here.
Beth : Im afraid ! ( Hugging George)
Gwen: But we cant stay here and let something bad happen to them.
Pastor: Ill go to the kitchen.
Gwen: Pastor, you think it will be okay if youre alone?
Pastor: Yes , It will be .
Gwen: ok. Be safe.
( After the Pastor left)
Beth: What took them so long ??
Spencer: Ill go by and check them. ( He stand but Anne stopped him)
Anne: No, you will stay here !!
( Pastor suddenly get in with blood on his shoulder.)
George: What happened ???????
Pastor: Somebody stabbed me from behind . Luckily, its only my shoulders..
Gwen: But where are Sarah and Mark ???
Pastor: I dont know ... I feel unconscious when I came and theyre gone. (grim smile)
George: Ill call the police to investigate here !
Beth: Ill get the first aid kit...
( Later the police came and give Pastor his first aid.)
Police2: Sir, (George) what actually happened here?
Pastor: Somebody strike me at my back. Then, when I came, I just saw them dead.
Police 1: Did you see the killer.
Pastor: He was all covered up. I have no idea who he is.
Police 1: Will you please go with me to the crime scene?
Pastor: sure .
(They went into the kitchen. George and Spencer came after them.)
(Anne go upstairs. Then Beth went with her after.)
Scene 14
Setting : Room
( Beth suddenly entered Annes room.)
Anne: Why are you here?
Beth: hmm Im just here to see if youre ok.
Anne : Is that true? If you already got youre answer. Just leave me alone.
Beth: It doesnt look like it.(grim smile)

Anne: ( Getting angry with Beth) So whatre you telling me?

Beth: That he still loves me.
Anne : Thats not true.
Beth: Thats how you see it. But hes unusually kind to me.
Anne: Oh well, hes kind to me too. He just cares for you ..
Beth: I know that you like him and thats all the reason why he has to like you.
Annne : We both know thats not true.
Beth : Since when? If it werent for money well still be together.
( Anne suddenly thought about what Beth told her.)
Anne: Maybe youre the murderer? And youll kill George just to have his wealth ?
Beth: How could you say that!? Youre accusing the wrong person. I love him and he knows that.
Anne: Guilty? Youre making it too obvious ! (grinning)
(Beth slapped Anne, Anne slapped her back)
(they fought when Spencer came)
Spencer : Hey stop it! Both of you ... (spencer stopped them)
Anne : No Spence ! ( George then entered)
George: Hey !! Will you please stop!!! Everyones worried about their life and both of you are having cat fight!
( Beth went out with George following her.)
Spencer : Now what?
Anne : What? Youre blaming me? So youre on her side.( pushing Spencer away)
Spencer : Im not on anyones side !
Anne : Do you still love Beth!? Tell me the truth! You just like me because I like you? Right??
Spencer : Hey look , Anne .Yes, I still love here but I dont know why, all I know is I love her. I courted you because I
think I could fall in love with you easily ..but I still love her..
Anne : Youre a liar!
Spencer: Im so sorry ..
(Anne went out)
( After Spencer went down, George ask him if he could have a chat with him.)
George : Hey! Spencer can we talk ?
Spencer : About what ?
George : Look man, were married so just please leave us alone kay?
Spencer : Im not doing anything to her.
George : I heard everything...just forget the past.
Spencer : You know you have a point .. youre married after all. Take care of her. Just leave Anne to me.
George : Dont make her cry,please..
Spencer: Thanks bro.
( Spencer left)
Scene 15
Setting: Living room
(the next morning, Gwen confronted Beth)
Gwen: Beth!!!
Beth: Why?
Gwen: Wheres the Pastor? Hes one of your family friends. Is he a good person? Does he really commit himself to God?
Beth: Yes. We even treat him as a member of our family.
Gwen: Oh really.. I dont think so.. I know a secret about him.. Maybe your helping him...
Beth: Me? Helping him in what!?
Gwen: In achieving his dirty plans ..
(Beth felt cold and weak then saw George approaching him)
Gwen: A night before we saw Billy, I saw black clothes with blood in the garbage near your window pane..
Beth: What do you mean? Im his accomplice!? Ive been with my husband the whole night.
George: Yes Im with her. So how could you accuse her with that?
Gwen: I accidentally saw the Pastor before every killing happened..
Beth: This is impossible ! Im always with my husband ! (teary eyed)
George: Maybe youre doing this to separate us!?

Gwen:Yes, I dont like youre wife.

George: Gwen I know my wife. she cant do that thing.
( Later the Pastor got in to know whats happening.)
Pastor: (to george) Whats the problem?
George: (to pastor) Its nothing, just a little misunderstanding.
Pastor: (to george) What is it?
George: Gwen is accusing you and my wife as the silent killers here in the mansion ..
( Pastor got near Beth and she then move away to George litle by litle. Then admit...)
Pastor: she should!
Pastor:yes.(grinning) we are the reason behind all of these.
Beth: Yes! Hes the one I trully love George... We planned it all.
George: No its not true!.., this cant happen maybe youre just affected by your emotions. But with you telling me that its
him you truly love its ALL A LIE. You didnt plan these, right? I know...... youre just affected.. Thats it....
Gwen: Im right! Its the both of you.. you planned this all.. youre just manipulating us the whole time. You're smart and
cold. Just like Ive suspected, youre a demon ... yes! you really are one.. (looking to Beth and to the Pastor)
Beth: Youre right. Hahhahaah youre so easy to manipulate. Too easy.... Hahaha. .
( At Georges anger he started to grab the Pastor down, while Beth and Gwen fought each other.)
Beth: Valeries poisoned the drink, Billys death due to gunshot, Stephs suffocation by means of a pillow, Antonette and
Edwards car accident , Sarah and Marks murder. We did it all and now its your time to say goodbye! Byebye Gwen and
Gwen: You are sinistered people!
(The pastor shot George, Gwen smashed the vase on the pastors head), (Beth grabbed the pastors gun and pointed it to
Beth: see you in Hell! My dear Gwen..
Gwen: Noooo!
(Gwen attempted to get the gun, just in time the police have arrived. Beth intentionally forced the gun into Gwens,
making the policemen witness that Gwen was the one attempting to murder Beth, an on the spot frame-up.)
Pulis: (Gun pointing to Gwen) put your gun down, and raise your hands now !
(Gwen unhanded the gun and the police handcuffed her hands.)
(Gwen was accused guilty, Beth, on the other hand, married another man from a far away place...)

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