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DIAMOND - Crystal and Molecular Structure Visualization */
Version 4.0.3
(C) Copyright 2015 Crystal Impact, H.Putz & K.Brandenburg GbR,
Bonn, Germany.
All rights reserved.
Author: Dr. Klaus Brandenburg
Latest update of this Readme File: May 6, 2015
0. Contents of this Readme File

Installing Diamond
Installing POV-Ray
Online Update
Uninstalling Diamond
Online Support
Known Bugs
Contacting Crystal Impact

1. Installing Diamond
--------------------Before you install and run the Diamond 4.0 software, you should check the
following minimum system requirements:
- Microsoft Windows XP, 2003 Server, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
operating system. (Does not run with Windows RT!)
- Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher
- Personal Computer with Intel or AMD processor with x86 instruction set
- 512 megabytes of RAM
- 3.8 gigabytes of free disk space
- Graphics resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels (1280 pixel width or hig
is strongly recommended), with at least 32,768 colors ("High Color")
a) Install from download package:
If you have not already done so, download the installer from:
Then run the downloaded setup executable to launch the installation procedure an
follow the instructions on the screen.
This setup procedure will take several minutes. (Since there is a lot of data to
unpacked, this may become a lengthy task on computers with few RAM and few free
disk space.)
b) Install from DVD-ROM:
Please insert the DIAMOND DVD into your DVD-ROM drive and wait a few seconds;
an installation selection program will start automatically. Afterwards, please c

on the big Diamond logo next to "Install Diamond". The actual DIAMOND installati
program will start and lead you through the setup process. Please follow the
instructions on the screen.
If nothing happens for a reasonable amount of time after you inserted the DVD-RO
into your drive, start the Windows Explorer, right-click on your DVD-ROM icon,
and select "Autoplay".
c) License installation:
If you have installed DIAMOND from a download package or from a Crystal Impact
software demonstration DVD (or other media), the program runs in demonstration m
In order to turn DIAMOND into a full-featured version, you need a personal licen
file, which you most likely have received by e-mail when purchasing the software
Copy your personal license file ("yourlicense.lic") (and replace the demo licens
file) into the Diamond program directory (which is by default located at:
"C:\Program Files\Diamond 4\"). You may need administrator rights to copy the
license file into the Diamond program directory!
Note that you need to run the installer using administrator rights explicitly.
If you are not running the PC as administrator, you can right-click on the
installer file, then select "Run as administrator" from the context menu.
Please read the terms of the "End User License Agreement", which will appear
in one of the dialog windows of the setup program!
Note: May be a newer version of Diamond than the one that you have downloaded or
received on a DVD-ROM is available in the meantime. In this case, Diamond will
automatically offer an automatic online update to this latest version.
For details, see chapter 4 ("Online Update") below.
2. Installing POV-Ray
--------------------Once you have installed DIAMOND, you should also install POV-Ray(TM) (if it
is not already present on your computer) in order to be able to produce
photorealistic pictures. Please follow the instructions below:
You can install POV-Ray(TM) ( either by clicking on the
corresponding button in the installation selection program, or by
double-clicking on the file "povwin-3.7-agpl3-setup.exe" in the "POV-Ray"
directory on the DIAMOND DVD-ROM. If you install from separately downloaded
files, simply double-click on this file in the directory where you have
stored it on your hard disk. The POV-Ray(TM) installation program will start
and lead you through the setup process. Please follow the instructions on
the screen.
Please note:
(1) The POV-Ray editor (to edit, change, render, and debug POV-Ray 3D scene file
uses a different license type and is thus not included in the above mentioned so
ftware package.
The last step in the installation procedure will point you to a POV-Ray web page

you can download the POV-Ray editor from. We strongly recommend to install this
editor, too,
even if you do not intend to edit or debug POV-Ray scene files. Otherwise you wi
ll receive
a prompt whenever Diamond starts a POV-Ray rendering job and the command "Tools/
POV-Ray/Launch Environment..."
fails or shows an auxiliary POV-Ray window where you cannot edit the POV-Ray sce
ne file.
(2) You should run POV-Ray separately before you make the first POV-Ray renderin
g job from Diamond.
Otherwise Diamond may have trouble locating the POV-Ray executable "pvengine[64]
.exe" on your hard disk.
3. Documentation
---------------A comprehensive user manual/tutorial is available in Acrobat Reader format (PDF)
We strongly recommend to work through the tutorial in order to learn about Diamo
most prominent features, so that you can get the most of it later when you work
your own data. There is a special chapter "What's new for Diamond 3 users", whic
h we
recommend to all customers who have already worked with the previous version of
You can access the manual/tutorial either from the menu ("Help"/"Tutorial (User
of from the Windows Start menu: "Start/Programs/Diamond 4/User Manual".
(In Windows 8 simply type "manual.pdf" on the Start Screen and select from the r
in the right part of the screen.)
You will need Acrobat Reader to read the user manual/tutorial file. You can down
it free-of-charge from:
We recommend using the "What's New in Diamond Version 4" manual (a set of HTML p
available from the "Help" menu) that guides you through the new features of vers
ion 4.
In addition to user manual/tutorial and "What's New...", Diamond includes a Help
(the "online help") covering all aspects of Diamond and its use. To access the H
Library when Diamond is running, choose the "Contents", "Index..." or "Search...
command from the Help menu. You can also access the Help Library from the Window
s Start
menu: "Start/Programs/Diamond 4/Diamond Help". Besides this, you can open the on
line help
context-sensitive by pressing the F1 key.
4. Online Update

---------------Diamond is able to automatically download and install a new version once it has
become available.
It connects to the Crystal Impact webserver and compares the version of the
most recent update available there to the version which is currently installed o
n your
PC. In order to achieve this, a working connection to the internet is required,
of course.
If you are not connected to the internet, Diamond will ask you to do so before c
If a more recent version is found on the webserver, a list of changes and improv
features in the new version will be displayed, and you will be asked if you woul
d like
to download the corresponding update. Once you have acknowledged and the corresp
files have been downloaded, you will be asked to close all open Diamond windows
so that
the update program can replace the program executable. After the update has been
Diamond will be restarted so that you can check if the update was successful. Th
is can
e.g. be achieved by selecting the "About Diamond..." command in the "Help" menu
checking the version number and date in the dialog which is displayed.
By default, Diamond checks the Crystal Impact webserver for a new version automa
each time it is executed. If you would like to disable this feature (e.g. if you
not permanently connected to the internet), you can do so on the "Desktop" page
of the
"Tools/Options" dialog, simply by removing the hook in front of "Check for avail
updates when starting" at the bottom of the dialog.
If you have disabled the "Check for available updates" option, you can update yo
software online manually by selecting the "Online Update" command from the "Help
" menu.
The procedure will be the same as the one described above for the automatic upda
5. Uninstalling Diamond
----------------------a) Windows 7 and earlier versions:
If you would like to uninstall Diamond, please click on the Windows "Start" butt
then click on "Programs", and finally select the command "Uninstall Diamond" fro
the "Diamond" subfolder.
Alternatively, you can also open the "Control Panel" from the "Settings" folder
in the Windows "Start" menu. Afterwards, double-click on "Software" (on some ope

systems called "Add/Remove Programs") in order to bring up the normal Windows so

installation dialog. In the list, please mark "Diamond", then click "Change/Remo
As soon as the uninstall program has been opened, please click "OK" in order to
remove Diamond.
b) Windows 8:
Unless there is no (regular) Start Menu available from the Windows 8 Desktop,
the easiest way is to go to the Windows 8 Start screen and start typing "Diamond
While you are typing, Windows will provide you with a list at the right side of
screen, there click/tap on "Uninstall Diamond 4.0", which will start
the uninstaller as described above under "Windows 7..."
6. Online Support
----------------In case of trouble with Diamond, you can quickly access the most recent support
documents on the Crystal Impact web site for Diamond ("
by selecting "Update Page", "Frequently Asked Questions", or "Know Bugs" on Diam
"Start" screen. You can also send an e-mail to:
You might also want to visit the Diamond 4 webpage from time to time:
7. Known Bugs
---------------------------A list of all currently known bugs is available on:
If you encounter a bug that is not yet described there, please send an e-mail
describing your problem to:
8. Contacting Crystal Impact
---------------------------To contact a Crystal Impact sales representative, either send
e-mail to
fax to +49-228-9813644
call +49-228-9813643
or write to: Crystal Impact, Kreuzherrenstr. 102, D-53227 Bonn, Germany.
You can also visit the Diamond sales webpage at

and download an order form you can send either by fax or conventional mail.