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regional exponent for progress

outstanding local newspaper

For Five Consecutive Years
St. Peter Baptist Catholic Mass Media Awards

vol. XXII, NO. 37

Bicol, the philippines

june 7- 13, 2015


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A Festival Honoring
the Sweetest Pineapple
By Rex A. Bernard, Ed.D.

Where can you find a place as festive and as

grandeur in paying their homage to the ridiculously sweet, if not the sweetest pineapple in the
world? Where else but in Daet, the capital town of
the northernmost province of the Bicol Peninsula,
Camarines Norte.
Locals and visitors swear that Daets Queen Formosa pineapple, although relatively smaller than other
varieties, have a very tangy sweet taste and crisp texture, and best eaten fresh straight from the market. Historically, the Spaniards brought the pineapple, from its
origin in central South America, to the Philippines in
the mid-sixteenth century.
Presently, Camarines Norte is the fourth largest
pineapple-producing province in the country, with
2,400 hectares devoted to the cultivation of pineap(Turn to page 6)

TESDA releases P13.5 M

scholarship grants for CSur
By Ana-Liza S.

NAGA CITY --A scholarship grant

amounting to more or
less P13.5M has been
allotted by the Technical Education and Skills
Development Authority
(TESDA) to 2,500 student-beneficiaries coming from 25 technical
and vocational colleges
in Camarines Sur and
this city.


Technical Education and Skill Development Authority (TESDA) Secretary Joel Villanueva
personally awarded scholarship grants amounting to PhP13.5-M to students in Camarines
Sur at the Avenue Plaza Hotel, Naga City on June 3, 2015.

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Salceda reorganizes
Albay project
monitoring body
By Connie B. Destura
LEGAZPI CITY Albay Gov. Joey Sarte Salceda has reorganized the
Provincial Project Monitoring Committee (PPMC)
which is tasked to monitor
and evaluate projects being implemented or that
have been carried out in
the province.
Salceda said the reorganization of the PPMC is prescribed under Presidential
Executive Order No. 376,
S.1989, as amended By EO
93, which established the
Regional Project Monitoring and Evaluation System

(RPMES) to decentralize
monitoring and evaluation
system leading to the adoption of corrective measures
to facilitate project implementation.
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NFA uses DA warehouses for stocks

Pili, Camarines Sur . To increase NFA

storage capacity from its own three (3)
warehouses and one (1) leased warehouse,
the local management of the cereal agency
in Camarines Sur forged lease agreements
with farmers association in the province.
Provincial Manager Gloria M. Tabayag

said under the agreement, the NFA will utilize Rice Processing Center (RPC) warehouses for a minimal fee,
One of the prime programs of the Department of Agriculture, an RPC warehouse has
a designed capacity of 10,000 to 12,000 ca(Turn to page 6)

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bikol reporter



Jesuit priests marked the 75th anniversary of the Ateneo

de Naga University with a thanksgiving mass over the

Fabiliooooooooooh! Ateneo!
75 years ago, a group of Jesuit priests met
with Archbishop Pedro Santos and out of that
meeting, the old Camarines Sur Catholic Academy became what is now the Ateneo de Naga
University. Since then, Bicol and the country
have never been the same again.
For truly, the Jesuit presence made a difference in the life of the region. By the fruit, you
shall know them. Lets mention a few names
(living and dead) and you will see what we
mean: Constitutionalist Fr. Joaquin Bernas,
S.J., Senator Raul Roco, Sandiganbayan Chief
Justice Francis Garchitorena, DILG Secretary
Jesse M. Robredo, PDI columnist Conrad de
Quiros. Those that have gone through the Universitys famed Four Pillars really stand out
and become the best of their peers, primus inter pares. Because the Jesuits taught them to
be Men for Others, and engage in a dialogue
with and have preferential option for the
poor, some of her alumni have gone above
ground or under, to rage against the dying
of the light, through boyhood daysand
Marcos years. Because Ateneans are taught
to recognize the reality of sin in this world and
become agents of change, to make the world
be on fire in faith.
Having reached this much number of years,
Ateneo has so much reasons for celebration.
We wish the University administration, the Jesuit fathers, more years ahead in the region.
We add our prayer that the University will
continue to be rooted in the culture and history of the region. We wish more Fr. James
OBrien will come along, a Bro. Adriatico or a
dreamer like Fr. Raul Bonoan. We hope that
the University will also lead in research and
publication, as well as in continually molding
men and women, for and with others. -- fpj


Tel. No. (054) 475-6262

ed g. yu


Lee G. Dullesco II

Head, Advertising Associates


june 7-13, 2015

Cagayan de Oro visit

Atty. APA chairs Acyatan & Co.,
CPAs-DFK International is past chair of
ASEAN Federation of CPAs, PICPA past
president and Hall-of-Famer, and ACPAPP
Lifetime Achievement Awardee).
Davao City is
considered the third biggest commercial
metropolis of our country, next to Cebu
and M-Manila. Cagayan de Oro and its
suburbs are fast on their tracks. We toured
the city last week and marveled at the
business developments in the city and its
suburbs. The malls are full of customers
even during weekdays. Local eateries
are fantastic good variety foods, truly
affordable by my spartan standards.
The towns between the industrial city
of Iligan and Cagayan de Oro are likewise
fast developing. This was brought about
by the transfer of the old CdO airport to
Laguindingan, about 45 kilometers away.
The town of Opol has several restaurants
between the highway and seashore,
offering freshly-cooked sea foods. We
noticed new projects and business
establishments being constructed in the
nearby towns.
NEW SHRINE: Some 13 years ago,
a local religious, charismatic foundation
received prophecies and messages,
urging them to build a church to remind
all and sundry of the divine mercies from
our Lord.
After a long search for a site, the Lord
pointed to an 8-hectare property in the
town of El Salvador (meaning Savior).
After bold, tedious fund-raisings, the site
was acquired and thereafter, a famous
master planner was hired (as the sponsors
were advised).
The Shrine of the Divine Mercy needs
additional constructions. The sponsors
are lucky because a congregation of Polish
clergy (assigned to the shrine) is helping

them in soliciting. There are funders who
donate to the Shrine after seeing the
beautiful structures. In comparison, our
Kamay ni Hesus Healing Church was
built and still being expanded through
mostly small donations from benefactors
and pilgrims. That is the reason why our
Kamay constructions are completed
MAR POE: Once P-Noy formally
anoints DILG Sec. Mar Roxas (grandson
of Pres. Manuel Roxas), his ratings will
soar. In a Binay-Roxas contest, the key
issue is good, honest governance, a field
which the DILG secretary is expected to
win. There are graft cases filed or about
to be filed against the vice president (and
his family). So far Roxas remains clean
of any corruption charges since the time
he joined the government.
The charge of lack of experience
cannot be raised versus Roxas. He has
been congressman, topnotch senator,
and busy-visible cabinet member. He
respects his predecessor Jesse Robredo
bringing him closer to Bicolanos
especially Naguenos.
The plan of
Senator Grace Poe to join the presidential
derby may change the equation. On this,

I recall the highly popular Rogelio dela

Rosa losing to Diosdado Macapagal
when he ran as independent! Mar-Poe
na lang sana!
OTHERS: The list of presidential
probables for 2016 includes Davao
City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, former
senator Panfilo Lacson, House
Speaker Feliciano Belmonte, Jr., and
Bongbong Marcos. The first two are
preferred by those favoring iron-fist
leadership, while the speaker is being
egged by people who respect his
maturity and leadership. The young
Marcos standing in the pulse surveys
indicate that his fathers legacy is still
alive (Marcos pa rin!).
Our countrymen who prefer
Singapore-style discipline go for
a Duterte-Lacson leadership (vice
versa). There are many who fear
that strongman leadership does not
suit our religious values. The fatherly
management of Speaker Belmonte
sustains patronage politics.
Poe-Chiz Escudero tandem can
probably wait till 2022 so they must
keep their names continually recalled.
Ang bawat tao ay may panahon; ang
bawat panahon ay may tao!
BIRTHDAY: Opinions Unlimited
greets Rev. Fr. James Thomas Ferry,
MM Vicar for the Religious of Manila
Archdiocese a Happy 90th Birthday.
He was Asst. Priest in Paete, Laguna
in the mid-50s, and I was among his
altar boys! He has been here in the
Philippine since then, declaring hewill
die and be buried here! Later na lang,
PROVERBS: The plans of the
diligent lead to profit, as surely as haste
will usher in poverty.

Let Sen. Grace Poe run for President;

All Filipinos will pay for BBL -- Recto
Like I wrote several weeks ago, it
would be good for the country if the
people will have many candidates
to choose from in the coming 2016
presidential election. The more,
the merrier. I mentioned the name
of Sen. Grace Poe as among the
I like Grace Poe to run if she is
qualified. Because of the questions
raised on her qualification, I asked
Atty. Gilbert Morandartes opinion on
this matter. He is the election lawyer
of former House Speaker Noli P.
Fuentebella and Cong. Wimpy B.
Fuentebella and to other local officials.
He showed me the Constitution which
says in Article VII The Executive
Department the following:
Sec. 2, No person may be elected
President unless he is a naturalborn citizen of the Philippines, a
registered voter, able to read and
write, at least forty years of age on
the day of the election and a resident
of the Philippines for at least ten
years immediately preceeding such
Assuming that she is a natural-born
citizen, she renounced her Filipino
citizenship when she applied to be an
American citizen which was granted
to her. She lived in the United States
for thirteen years. By renouncing, she
lost her Philippine citizenship.
Based on published reports, she
applied for Philippine citizenship when
she was appointed Chairman of the
Movie and Television Review and
Classification Board. This issue here is
what kind of citizenship did she acquire.
Is it natural-born citizenship after being
an American citizen for thirteen years
or just Philippine citizenship without
being natural-born? This issue has to

nenita fuentebella-peones
be resolved by the court. It is important
to take note of the date when she was
granted her Philippine citizenship
and became a Filipino citizen again.
The word residence for purposes
of the election law means domicile.
There must be bodily presence in the
new locality and intention to remain
Regarding the issue raised by
Representative Toby Tiangco, Interim
President of the UNA, Tiangco dug up
Poes Certiticate of Candidacy (COC)
for senator in 2013 election which she
wrote that she had been a resident of
the Philippines for six years and six
With that information, Tiangco
believes Poe would only be a resident
of the Philippines for only nine years
and six months by election day
on 2016 six months short of the
Constitutional requirement. Poes
COC is under oath and notarized. She
has to show proof to dispute it.
Representative Abigail and Nancy
Binay should remember that Grace
Poe is not Fernando Poe, Jr. So,
they should not expect her to value
the friendship of their family with the
late FPJ even if their father had been
FPJs campaign manager when he

ran for President in order not to be

disappointed. Grace Poes character
shows in this instance.
There are many advertisements
of would-be candidates on TV but
are not admitting that they will run for
President or any position because
they are still thinking about it. Are
they avoiding to be scrutinized
early? Look at what happened to VP
Binay. Well, Binay now knows who
are with him and not with him in the
face of the coordinated demolition
job of his detractors and still putting
him No. 1 in suveys.
The Philippine Daily Inquirer dated
June 3, 2015 reported the following:
The proposed Bangsamoro region
would get a lot of subsidy and
powers including that of taxation,
but in return would not contribute
anything to the national government
because it would retain as income,
according to Sen. Ralph Recto.
During the hearing on the draft
Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL)
Recto said, if you create a regional
government, it is an additional cost
not to the Bangsamoro people but the
people outside of the Bangsamoro
because they are the ones paying
for it. He also said this new regional
government would actually add
another layer to the bureaucracy
and its functions remained unclear.
But since taxpayers nationwide
would be shouldering the cost of
the new region, the draft BBL should
be subject to a national plebiscite
not just one conducted in core
territories, he said.
Sen. Rectos view is right and
reasonable, and I agree with him.

june 7-13, 2015

bikol reporter

Old national flags given proper burial

By Maolin S. Macatangay

A countrys flag is not

just something that sets it
apart from all the others;
it is also its history, its symbol, and its identity. For
three weeks, which runs
from May 28 to June 19,
Naga City would be one
with the rest of the country as it celebrates National
Flag Days.
While homes and establishments hang the countrys flags in their buildings,
old and worn out Philippine
Flags would be burned and
buried. For this event, Naga
City held a Ceremonial Burning of Old Philippine Flags
last May 29 at the City Hall
grounds to honor the flags
and what they stand for to the
Filipino people.
The ceremony began with
speech by Mayor John Bongat honoring the nations old
flags. Here, he explained that,
according to the law, once
Philippine flags have become
too old and worn out they
should be properly burned
and buried so that they are
not just thrown as trash, or
used as toys, or left to rot if
it cannot be used anymore.
He adds that once a flag has

been damaged or torn, it is

only appropriate to replace it
and put the damaged one in a
proper place.
Ang watawat na ipinaglaban hanggang sa kamatayan ng ating mga bayani ay
huwag pababayaang yurakan
ninuman. Panatilihin natin
ang matingkad nitong kulay
na simbulo ng mayamang
kultura at kasaysayan, ended Mayor Bongat.
The Mayors speech was
followed by a brief discussion
on the countrys flags by Vice
Mayor Nelson Legacion. He
gave the audience a short run
down of how the countrys
flag is what it is now, beginning with Ferdinand Magellans expeditions, to the retaliation led by Lapu-lapu, to
Andres Bonifacio and his Katipuneros version of our flag
and how Jose Rizal offered
his life for the country, and a
lot more leading the audience
to the present.
Abonal then explained the
national flags importance
to the country followed by a
speech on the flags different
symbolisms given by the City
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The City Government of Naga, headed by Mayor

John G. Bongat and City Officials led the burning
of old flags as required by law. He was joined by

members of the local government units, officials of

the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of the PhilippinesNaga City Council.

LEGAZPI CITY -About P20-million worth

of illegal drugs, mostly
methamphetamine hydrochloride or shabu, were
burned on Friday by the
Philippine Drug Enforcement Authority (PDEA)
in Bicol.
Bryan Babang, PDEA
regional director, said the

leaves; 142 tablets of benzodiazepine, and 59 tablets of

morphine sulfate.
Babang said it is PDEA's
practice to destroy the seized
illegal drugs after it gets court
The seizure of 3.9 kilos of
shabu also led to the arrest of
one Hope Sasan, a known illegal drug pusher in Masbate,

PDEA burns P20M illegal drugs

confiscation and disposal
by burning of seized illegal
drugs came as a result of
various operations conducted
by the PDEA in the region
against illegal drug.
The burnt illegal drugs
worth PHP19,947,886 included: 3.9 kilos of shabu,
the poor man's cocaine; 3
grams of dried marijuana

in 2010, Babang said.

Babang said the disposal
of the illegal drugs, which
was held at the PDEA compound in Camp Gen. Simeon
A. Ola here, was witnessed
by representatives from various local courts handling
drug cases, civil society organizations, media and PDEA
officials. -PNA

bikol reporter

The Renovated Inorogan Chapel

The way to Inorogan Chapel in Sto. Domingo, Iriga City is a

long and hard climb. But I was able to make it finally. It means
climbing 162 steps and before it was some two kilometers hike.
Good thing, the weather was very fine. The sun was not shining
very brightly as it had been days that taking a walk under such
weather can be very hard and even delicate. I was about to give
up but my daughter who was in Iriga for a brief vacation cajoled
me into continuing the pilgrimage to the Shrine of Nuestra Senora
de las Angustias whose chapel has been renovated and to be
blessed last Saturday, June 6. After all, it was my idea that we
attend the blessing. So, we moved on. No complaining, that was
what I told myself. Yes, no complaining.
The climb was truly exhausting, For my age, climbing 162 steps
and taking an almost two-kilometer hike was simply unthinkable.
When we finally reached the top, my feeling was one of awe. The
chapel is beautiful. The Blessed Mother rests in the altar in all her
glory. I did not know what to say except breathe a prayer of thanks
that I was able to make it although I told myself and the Blessed
Virgin. I would never do another climb. Pardon me. Mother Mary
but I am dead sure I will not survive if I climb again.
The renovation of the chapel is a project of very meaningful
and noble gentlemen who just got together one day and decided
to take the renovation as a project. So, it was that a non-profit
non-stock corporation was founded with the name Ina Nuestra
Senora de las Angustias, Inc. In no time, the renovation started
and financial assistance poured to help them with their personal
resources/ God bless them!
It is wonderful to have Edwin Tantiado, Alan Tan, Elmer
Potencio, Rolly Silva, Melchor Nacario, Roberto Jocom. Jr. who
really took the renovation of the chapel as their pet project. But
the project does not end with the chapel renovation. There are still
more that these gentlemen are undertakingthe Garden of the
Last Supper, a giant Pieta, the Wall of Gratitude, the steps that
really need to be made stronger and more. It should not come as
a surprise that Inorogan will draw devotees to Nuestra Senora de
las Angustias visiting her regularly. Tourists too, I am very sure,
will come and experience the climb and when at the top of the hill,
they will get a very good and clear view of the City of Iriga.
Incidentally, the blessing was not without snacks for everyone.
Those who remained, I know had lunch. There were plenty of
bottled water courtesy of the Iriga City Water District.

By Ni Estelito B. Jacob*

sa tahaw kan mga hiling

nagkasabotan na mayong
binutasan na tataramon
solamente, orolay
sa tahaw
kan pagbutong nin doros
pagbaton asin pagbagsak
kan mga daghan
pagsapo nin palad
sa doros
pagpugol kan dapan
sa gabat kan hawak
abot an huyom
abot an mata
nin memorya
dawa an tataramon
naglalayalaya pa.
Nobyembre 6, 2014
8:42 nb.

*Si Esting saro sa mga enot na nagsurat asin padagos na nagsusurat sa Bikol, Siya an president kan KABULIG, grupo nin mga
parasurat na Bikolnon. Nagtutukdo siya ngonyan sa Camarines
Sur National High School.


june 7-13, 2015

An Satong Kultura nin Hubas asin Bagas

Kinatudan na takod asin hanapon
an kultura nin sarong banwaan sa mga
Halimbawa an Borobudor sa Indonesia
asin an Angkor Wat sa Cambodia, na mga
monument kan pagtubod sa Budismo
asin sa Hinduismo respektabamente
sa nasambit na mga nasyon. Huli igdi,
hinahanapan man kan iba an satong
banwaan nin siring na mga edipisyo
bilang senyal kan satong kultura.
Sarong bagay ining naipahayag na
kan depuntong Heswitang si Horacio
de la Costa sa saiyang The Jewels
of the Pauper.
Sabi niya, No
Shakespeare, no Cervantes has yet
been born amongst us to touch with
immortality that which in our culture is
most memorable, most ourselves. Ki
De La Costa, an satong kultura yaon
sa satong musika.
Sa lado tang mga Bikolnon, sa hiling
ko yaon ini sa satong pagkakan, sa
satong mga niluluto na an mayor na
mga sahog iyo an niyog asin an bagas.
Kaya, pagmasabing Bikol, an iniisip
tulos kan iba iyo an laing, o natong, na
sa pagluto kan iba lain man talaga sa
halimbawang katnga na niluluto kan

frank peones jr.
mga taga-Iriga. Kolektibo tang inaapod
na gulay an ano man na gulay na
hinuhubasan sa gata nin niyog. Kiniskis
na santol na may kurakding asin bangi,
lubi-lubi, magin pechay na pampatos
nin karpa o tilapia sa lutong inaapod na
sinanglay. Ginagataan ta an bayawas,
an talong, maski an pako. Madali
ining maintindihan huli ta an Bicol an
pinakadakulang nagtatanom nin niyog
sa bilog na Luzon.
Bako lang an gulay an hinhubasan.
Magin an mga pagkakan na gamit
an bagas. Halimbawa sa inaapod na
amrian kan mga taga-Rinconada, an

ibos, latik, asin pinuyos pirmeng may

niyog. Magin an balisuso, gamit an
lumbod na lukadon kan niyog. Garo
mag-agom na sahog an duwang ini
na pirmeng magkaibahan sa satong
pagkakan asin lamesa.
Sa hiling ko. kumpirmasyon lang
ini kan satong pinunan.
mga Bikolnon nagpoon harani sa
salog. An niyog (nyur sa lumang
Austronesianong tataramon), tinutubod na hali sa baba kan Pilipinas
magin sa India asin dinara o pinalakop
sa tabang kan tubig. Siring man an
kasaysayan kan paroy na segun sa
iskolar na si Dr. Oppenheimir kan
Oxford University, nagpoon talaga sa
Indonesia. Kaya sabi kan awtor kan
Eden of the East, an Sur na Sirangan
na parte kan Asya iyo talaga an duyan
kan siblisasyon kan kinaban huli ngani
sa pagpapalakop kan pagtanom nin
Kaya sa sunod na may magtuyaw
na mayo kitang sadiring kultura,
pakakanon na lang nindo nin pinakro,
si batag baga na hinubasan o kaya
nin sinuman, an suman kan mga

1.6M students back in Bicol schools

By Nancy Ibo Mediavillo
LEGAZPI CITY -- About 1.6 million students have returned to public
schools in 13 divisions in the six provinces of the region, Department of Education Bicol regional administrative
officer Jose Bonto said Thursday.
Bonto said the number of enrolled elementary and high school students now
have increased by two percent due to
increase in enrollment, mandatory kindergarten and transferees from private

inner chess
by j. henry danican

schools as a result of increases in tuition

He said the schools immediately
gave lessons because the classrooms
were already prepared after a one-week
Brigada Escuela.
The DepEd official reminded the
teachers to create an atmosphere that
is encouraging and inviting to students
and conducive to learning.
He likewise reminded the students to
always be present in classes as the lessons for the following day are already

different from those of the present

On the first day of classes on Monday, Bonto said, the teachers tackled
the department curriculum that every
student should know.
He added that students should
complete 180 meeting days in a year,
which has 201 school days.
Bondo said there is a monitoring
from the regional office to go around
the schools in the region to know their
current situations.

june 7-13, 2015

tip of an
homar murillo


Shock absorbers
An pagigin sarong tunay na lider sarong pribileyo asin
responsabilidad. Sabi ngani kayan sa sarong pelikula, With
great power comes great responsibility.
Sa sarong banda an pagigin lider ugwang kakambal na
prestiyo -- poon sa mga sadit na organisasyon sa eskwelahan,
barangay asin sosyo-sibikong iribinan hastang sa darakulang
grupo nin mga nasyon arog kan ASEAN asin UN, an mga
lideres minimirar na halangkaw sa katungdan asin rango.
An kada posisyon nin pagigin lider ugwang kaakibat na
poder, paggalang hali sa mga nasasakupan asin marhay na
pagtrato. Idagdag pa dyan si kapasidad na makagibo nin
mga dakula asin importanteng akomplisemento sa paagi kan
pinagsarong kusog, recursos asin kaaraman kan grupo o
organisasyon na pinapanginotan.
Arog halimbawa kan sarong alkalde na minimirar na ama nin
sarong syudad o munisipyo. Dawa dakol na mga empleyado
an minagibo nin sarong proyekto o programa sa sarong syudad
o munisipyo, an alkalde man sana giraray an pinaka binibisto
asin inuomaw kun magin mauswag an banwaan na saiyang
Alagad sa balyong lado, kun magpalpak an sarong proyekto,
programa o palakaw, an lider an minasapo nin haros gabos na
basol asin kasusopgan. Ini totoo magin sa sadit o dakulang
organisasyon. Ini totoo magin sibilyan o military na grupo.
Yaon an inaapod na command responsibility kan sarong lider.
Dawa dae man direktang kasalan kan sarong lider an sarong
kapalpakan kan organisasyon, an lider an nagigin shock
absorber o taga-salo kan basol.
Kun kamo pamilyar sa mga memes sa internet, siguro
nailing na nindo itong memes manungod ki PNoy na ugwang
caption na kasalanan ko na naman ito. Mapangirit minsan
sa mga komento sa Facebook lalo na kun harayoon man sa
responsabilidad kan presidente o kaya luwas na sa kakayahan
nyang kontrolon an sarong maraot o palpak na pangyayari.
Arog halimbawa kan sarong nailing ko na pasubang ibinasol ki
PNoy si kontrobersyal na resulta kan pagkadaog ni Pacquiao
sa laban nya ki Mayweather. Ini makaulok na ehemplo na
inagi sa pasuba alagad sa katotohanan an saro talagang
lider na arog ni President Noynoy Aquino, iyo an kadalasan
na shock absorber kan mga frustrations, pagkasurang asin
kawaran pasensya kan publiko sa mga mas seryosong isyu
sa sosyodad.
Sa lokal na mga pangyayari igdi sa Naga, minsan garo
makawara na nin gana magparadangog sa komentaryo sa
ibang stasyon nin radyo ta garo baga mayo nang nagibong
marhay an satong mga opisyales publiko. Makaduda lugod kun
iisipon na baka totoo man nangad na bayadang propagandista
lang an mga ibang broadcasters. Pero parte na ini siguro kan
kalakawan politikal ta harani na an eleksyon. Pati an media na
dapat kuta iyo an taga-balanse kan mga isyu asin dapat kampi
sa tawo, nagagamit sa amay na pamumulitika. Ugwang mga
inaapod na AC/DC na mga paratudok sa lokal na media, lalo
na sa radyo. An AC/DC iyo itong attack-collect saka defendcollect na mga bayadan na komentarista. Lalastaran sa ere
an sarong pulitiko tapos makolekta nin bayad hali sa kalaban
kaini. Siring man didepensahan an sarong pulitiko dangan
mahagad bayad sa nasabing pulitiko. Sa halipot na tataramon,
mayong integridad an mga naggibo kaini.

Salceda reorganizes . . .
The RPMES is being undertaken by the development
councils or planning boards
at the regional, provincial,
city and municipal levels.
The reorganized PPMC is
composed of Daraga Mayor
Gerry R. Jaucian, chairman,
with the following members;
Olivio D. Ramirez, Department of Interior and Local
Government provincial director; Oas Mayor Gregorio
H. Ricarte; Cynthia Salamea,
Provincial Gender and Development focal person; Camalig Mayor Carlos Irwin
G. Baldo Jr.; Sto. Domingo
Mayor Herbie B. Aguas;
Cristita C. Triunfante of
MIDAS; and Irene A. Solmirano, Entrepinay Legazpi
Chapter president.
The members of the
secretariat or the technical
working group have also
been reorganized to include:
Engineer Millie C. Bueta,
acting assistant Provincial
Planning and Development
Office head; Ma. Susana C.

DOST, 4th District solon partner for a Wifi-Free Partido
bikol reporter

Fonacier, development management officer II; Serafin

management officer II; Bella
B. Almilla, planning officer
II; Rosemary N. Padua, project development officer II;
Jose M. Barquez Jr., project
evaluation officer III; Judy
P. Bala, statistician; Regildo
Nunez, PEO II; Mary Grace
N. Nuada, statistician aide,
and Caroline Leones, planning assistant.
With the expansion of
the PPMCs membership,
its monitoring responsibilities were also expanded to
include: (1) foreign and nationally funded projects, including development projects funded from the Internal
Revenue Allotment share of
local government units or
supported by funds released
directly to the province, city
or municipality, and (2) projects funded from locallygenerated resources which
are implemented within their
respective areas.

Sur --- A free Wifi for the
constituents of the Partido
District of this province will
soon be realized as soon as
the Department of Science
and Technology (DOST)
and the office of 4th District
Representative Felix William Wimpy Fuentebella
come up with a final ground
to ink the said agreement.
The project is consistent
with House Bill 4926 or an
act providing for an on-line
network establishment policy
for the Philippines introduced
by Fuentebella together with
2 other lawmakers. The said
piece of legislation endeavors
to provide an ICT hub in every legislative district of the
Also behind this effort is
the DOST-ICT office which
pushes for the creation of the
Tech4ED centers in every
nook and corner of the country towards One Philippines.
Tech4ED stands for Education to gain Employment

Congressman Fuentebella
& empower Entrepreneurs
towards Economic (4E's) Development. This is From Internet Access points to Training and Business Centers.
ICTO-DOST Asec Bettina
Quimson personally disclosed
the programs benefits to the
constituents of Partido district
to the Board of Directors of
the Partido Development Administration (PDA) during the
latters regular board meeting
held Friday at the PDA headquarters, here.

Quimson stated that the

current administration wishes
to harness ICT to empower
and transform society towards
an inclusive, integrated and
equitable countryside. She
added that the government intervention intends to empower more or less 18,117 Access
Points, specifically targeting
3rd-6th class municipalities
in the countryside.
Congressman Fuentebella
invited Quimson and her
team to share this project to

his constituents with the vision of putting a free wifi in

his district.
This is the governments
catalytic intervention for inclusive growth. The aggregated connection will make
the Philippines a better country. This is through the adoption of TV White Space Technologies which is accessible
up to 12 km across water,
over hills, through forests and
walls, Quimson added.
The ICT technology can
be used to speed up the delivery of health services like
Primary healthcare delivery,
access to specialists, health
management, provide health
care access for all, among
others. For education, the
technology can be used to
relay multimedia instruction,
access to the better teachers
and improve Information access and delivery.
By 2016, DOST hopes to
enable 99% Connectivity under the ONE Philippines program. -LSMacatangay

Build hope, build a nation

By Maolin S. Macatangay
The clich that the youth
are the nations hope for
the future is a clich for a
reason. No matter how you
look at it, a nations future
lies squarely on its childrens shoulders. But what
the clich fails to mention
is that the youth cannot do
it by themselves, they need
guidance and good foundation.
The Naga City government, Barangay Walang Iwanan, and Gawad Kalinga are
putting a prime on the youth
as the future nation builders
and have invested their time
and resources in helping the
youth understand and reach
their true potentials.
Last June 6 and 7, these
three organizations headed
the 2015 HOPE Conference
at the Metro Naga Sports
Complex, Pacol Naga City.
The HOPE Conference is
one of Gawad Kalingas programs where their organizations reach out to the youth
and introduce them to the future we are capable of having. They hash tagged End
Poverty as the overall theme
and goal of the event.
The event featured different sessions that were anchored on the youths role on
the grand scheme of things.
There were discussion like
Kabataan, Pag-asa ka ng
Bayan, Barangay Walang,
Lakas ng Bayanihan, and
the like. These discussions
were conversational and provoked participation from the
300 or so participants.
Speaker Vic Bueneventura spoke highly of the of
the youths role as the future
nation builders. The phrase
maging pag-asa, wag paasa reverberated throughout
the entire discussion which
was repeated consistently

HOPE Conference


The Gawad Kalinga, in collaboration with the city government of Naga recently sponsored the
first ever HOPE conference, held under the shade of trees growing at the Metro Naga Sports
Complex in Pacol, Naga City with Mayor John G. Bongat.

to remind the participants

of their responsibilities not
only to themselves and for
their families but to the entire country.
Another popular quote
from the session went like
this mahirap umasa kung
mag-isa ka, kung wala kang
kasama which basically explained that no matter how
determined you are or how
good your intentions may be,
you can never do anything
alone- only in helping one
another out do we achieve
something great.
Other parts of the sessions
emphasized how important
the local baragays were for
the success of the organizations and the youths advocacy to help those in need
and fish the nation out of its
state of poverty. Despite this,
the participants were told
that they were not born in a
third world country or in a
country riddled with despair,
but that they were born to a

country filled with different

There were also short
workshops that gave the
participants a glimpse of the
stories behind social entrepreneurship,
the environment, first aid,
and disaster preparedness.
All of these were tailor fitted into something that the
young participants could
identify with in terms of explaining them with respect
to the communities they
came from.
Aside from the different
talks, discussions, workshops, and conversations, the
event also featured different
activities that were specially
created to foster camaraderie
and teamwork between the
different participants. These
activities, although presented as games, allowed the
participants a hands on feel
on how they were to achieve
their goal and their battle
cry; ending poverty.

Talks on the existence of

a forever also sneaked its
way into the events. However entertaining it was
talking about love lost and
love found, the participants
confirmed that forever did
exist. May forever sa Dyos,
sa Pamilya, at sa Bayan,
was an answer by one of
the participants during the
activitys sharing portion.
The answer evoked cheers
and laughs but all were in
agreement that the answer
rang true.
Karen Aciso, one of the
organizers, mentioned that
the primary objective of the
event was hope. She proceeds
explaining that the nation is
not a lost cause and that the
youth pose a great potential
that could help create a nation where poverty and suffering are at minimum, if not
completely eradicated. Ang
ating bansa kaya pang iahon
lalong lalo na ng kabataan,
she affirmed.

june 7-13, 2015

Bikol reporter



EFFECTiVE MAy 30, 2015
Any transaction entered bearing the abovementioned will be treated null and void.
republic of the Philippines
Province: Camarines Sur
City/Municipality: Libmanan


CFN - CFN-007-2015
CCE - CCE-0035-2015 R.A. 10172
In compliance with the publication requirement and
pursuant to oCrg Memorandum Circular No. 2013-1
Guidelines in the Implementation of the Administrative
Order No. 1 Series of 2012 (IRR on R.A. 10172), Notice
is hereby served to the public that ANASTACiA AgAPAy
PArADA has filed with this Office, a Petition for Change
of First Name from ANASTACIO to ANASTACiA and
correction of entry in Sex from MALE to FEMALE in
the certificate of live birth of ANASTACIO AGAPAY at Libmanan, Camarines Sur and whose parents are JOVINAL
Any person adversely affected by said petition may
file his written opposition with this office not later than
June 13, 2015.
(Sgd.) EMiLiE S. AgNES-DAirAo
Municipal Civil Registrar

BiKoL rEPorTEr
Published: MAy 31 and June 7, 2015

Balatas Road, Brgy. Balatas, Naga City

a festival honoring the . . .


It was in 1993 when then

youthful town councilor Tito
Sarion (now Daets incumbent
mayor) saw the potential of
staging Pinyasan Festival or
Pineapple Festival, to promote
the prime agricultural product of
the province. He revealed before
the Pinyasan, the Peafrancia
Festival is the only established
and popular festival in the Bicol
Region but it is a religious festival so I thought of starting a celebration that will showcase the
agricultural produce of Daet.
We decided to make it a
vehicle, this product that is distinctive to Camarines Norte,
Sarion added, who plant pineapple himself and has heard many
favorable comments about the
sweetness of locally grown
pineapples from the tourists
who visited Daet. The festival
would later harness the creativity of Daeteos in sustaining the
popularity of the pineapple and
fortified industries related to it.
There is now a Pineapple
Island Resort-Hotel in Calasgasan, Daet, a pineapple processing plant at Basud, a locality
near Daet, owned by a Chinese
firm Sonzu. The local Technology and Livelihood Development Center (TLDC) under the
LGU of Daet have created new
fiber products and the popular
pili-pinya pie, Daets contribution to the one town, one
product OTOP program of the
Department of Trade and Industry. The center also held cooking
competitions during the festival
that created food recipes that
include pineapple as ingredient.
We have a saying that the food

in Daet will make you lose your

diet, Sarion quipped.
The Pinyasan, like most
festivals, is a way of also promoting the rich culture of Daet
and its people. For example, the
first-ever monument honoring
Dr. Jose Rizal was erected by
the people of Daet in December
30, 1898, barely two years after
his martyrdom in Luneta. Daeteos also takes pride of having
built the countrys first museum
dedicated to the first National
Artist Fernando Amorsolo.
The Maestro, as he was fondly
called, stayed in Daet during his
childhood where he drew inspirations on the idyllic sceneries of the town that become the
hallmark of his masterpieces. To
pay homage to the great painter,
the old municipal hall was converted into a heritage center that
housed some of the works and
articles written about Amorsolo.
Not to overlook is the famed
Bagasbas Beach, Daets main
attraction and is the most favorite beach in Camarines Norte
Province. With its wide and long
2km stretching fine grey sand
and promenade that spans the
best part of it, Bagasbas is one
of the top surfing spots in the
Philippines. The beach is a safe
place for both novice and experienced surfers alike.
The Pinyasan as the
Daetenos call it has now evolved
as one of the most colorful parades in the Philippines. The main
part of the celebration lies with
the parade of lavishly decorated
floats and street dancers clad in
colorful costumes executing
unique and well-choreographed
dance movements in street-theat-

nfa uses da warehouses . . .

At least two (2) RPC warehouses are now occupied by
NFA Camarines Sur, one in
Magarao (Dela Paz Carangcang Farmers Irrigators Association) and the other in Salvacion, Iriga City (Malangatong
Farmers Association. Other
RPC warehouses are expected
to be opened by NFA.
This move by the NFA
local management eased the
burden of the farmers in the
transport of their palay to
NFA buying stations. Farmers still retain the delivery
fee incentive of P 0.20 per
kilogram. Likewise, it also
augments the service area
coverage in palay procurement of the NFA.
From January to June,
NFA has a programmed target in procurement of 125,500

cavans. Based on records, this

was already attained in the
last week of May and still going up in volume this month
of June.
NFA market intervention
normalizes both the ex-farm
price for palay and the prevailing price for commercial
rice. NFA Camarines Sur
Public Affairs

rical presentations. It also features

agro-industrial fair, beauty tilts,
historical-cultural presentations
and different sports events.
The Festival, now on its 22nd
year of staging, is a 10-day festivity, which coincides with the
towns foundation anniversary
and culminates in the religious
activities in honor of St. John the
Baptist, the patron saint of Daet,

whose feast day is celebrated on

June 24.
In the end, the most significant achievement of this spectacular celebration is the showcase
of Daeteos unique arts, culture
and capabilities in fostering their
heritage and vast environmental
resources gifted with land where
the worlds sweetest pineapple
abundantly grows.

republic of the Philippines

Province: Camarines Sur
City/Municipality: Libmanan


In compliance with Section No. 5 of R.A. No. 9048, a
notice is hereby served to the public that SHIRLEY DELFIN
DEL SOCORRO has filed with this Office, a Petition for
Change of First Name from SHIRLY CONCEPCION to
SHirLEy in the birth certificate of SHIRLY CONCEPCION DELFIN who was born on December 12, 1956 at
Taban, Libmanan, Camarines Sur and whose parents are
Any person adversely affected by said petition may
file his written opposition with this office not later than
June 13, 2015.
(Sgd.) EMiLiE S. AgNES-DAirAo
Municipal Civil Registrar
BiKoL rEPorTEr
Published: MAy 31 and June 7, 2015

republic of the Philippines

Province: Camarines Sur
City/Municipality: Libmanan


In compliance with Section No. 5 of R.A. No. 9048,
a notice is hereby served to the public that SHEILA S.
LAMAR has filed with this Office, a Petition for Change
of First Name from EDNA LUNA to EDNA in the birth
certificate of EDNA LUNA TOLOSA who was born on December 10, 1955 (1954) at Bigajo, Libmanan, Camarines
Sur and whose parents are SANTOS TOLOSA and PELAGIA NACIANCENO.
Any person adversely affected by said petition may
file his written opposition with this office not later than
June 13, 2015.
(Sgd.) EMiLiE S. AgNES-DAirAo
Municipal Civil Registrar
BiKoL rEPorTEr
Published: MAy 31 and June 7, 2015

For MAy


MAy 1, 2015


MAy 2, 2015

JoSE B. Lo

MAy 2, 2015


MAy 6, 2015


MAy 7, 2015


MAy 9, 2015


MAy 8, 2015

rAy JiLL E. CorTEz

MAy 11, 2015


MAy 10, 2015


MAy 14, 2015

Luz B. ruBio

MAy 14,2015


MAy 16,2015


MAy 20,2015


MAy 22,2015


MAy 23,2015


MAy 23,2015


MAy 24,2015

roMEo r. DE LoS SANToS

MAy 29,2015


june 7-13, 2015

bikol reporter

4Ps program in CamSur . . .

review. Endorsement of Request for Fund Release (RFR)
to Regional Program Management Office (RPMO) had also
been completed.
Two (2) Pantawid Pamilya
beneficiaries were also invited
to share how the government
program significantly transformed their lives. Quennie
Eve De Leon from Carolina,
Naga City graduated Valedictorian from Carolina National
High School. She said that
it is through the scholarship
program of DSWD that she
and her single mom was able
to pull through the daily challenges of life.
Eliza Pentecostes of La
Victoria, Bula narrated to the
members of the local press
how her kababayans was able
to achieve ease in transport after a farm to market road was
finally realized in her hometown.

We usually sweat out a

one-hour trek from our barangay in La Victoria before
we can reach the poblacion of
Bula, the 14-km dusted road
is now concreted and only
take us 15 to 20 minutes travel
time. This is a great help to our
community, most of whom are
farmers who take their produce
from the farm going to the
market, the vibrant 70 year
old Pentecostes narrated.
Some of the 4Ps services
that are now in full swing in
various areas in Camarines Sur
include installation of water
system, slope protection, small
irrigation systems, construction
of sea walls and access trail or
foot paths for rugged walkway.
River/ flood control projects
have also been implemented,
including the construction of
daycare centers and multi-purpose evacuation centers among


Camaligan, Camarines Sur
For inquiries:
Please contact 09192822901
(Direct Buyers only)



CamSur Gov. Migz Villafuerte joins Sarah Christine Bona

of Iriga City who was crowned Miss Kaogma 2015. Other
winners are (left to right): Mara Lina Prongoso of Iriga City
as 1st runner-up, Marie Sherry Ann Tormes of Bula as
Miss Camarines Sur 2015, outgoing Miss Kaogma Patrixia

Santos, the current Miss Kaogma 2015, Gov. Migz, Rachel

Louise Peters (2nd runner up Miss World Phils 2014),
Crystal Rosehelly Alday of Naga City as Miss Kaogma
Tourism 2015, and Ross Andrea Ambrosio of Iriga City as
2nd runner-up.

TESDA releases P13.5 M . . .

Old national flags . . .

The scholarship vouchers

carry with it a package of fresh
opportunities, a once in a lifetime chance to choose which
career path to pursue and a
gateway to a better future.
This is by earning a technical
vocational education and training (TVET) certificate and a
great chance to land a job after finishing a particular course
accredited by TESDA.
TESDA Director General
Secretary Joel J. Villanueva
personally distributed the
scholarship vouchers to techvoc school representatives during the simple awarding rites,
held Wednesday at The Tent ,
Avenue Square, here. Thousands of scholars witnessed the
event, together with members
of the local media, TESDA
Provincial Directors and other
voucher recipients include
Worldtech Resources Foundation Institute, Inc. and University of Saint Anthony both
in Iriga City; PTC Libmanan,
RTC Pili, Ryden International
Training Institute, SPJ Institute
of Technology and Training
Center, located in Naga, Pili
and Tinambac respectively.
AMA Computer Colleges in
Iriga, CamSur Intl. School,

Events, Protocol and Public

Information (CEPPIO) Chiefof-Office Allen Reondanga.
After the speeches have been
delivered, City Youth Official (CYO) Mayor Ruby Jane
Bandola led the Pledge of
Loyalty to the flag.
Afterwards, the old Philippine flags were burned. Mayor
John Bongat led the burning
ceremony and was followed
by Vice Mayor Nelson Legacion and the Sanggunian Pan-

lungson Members. Members

from the Boys scouts of the
Philippines assisted in the
event, making sure to give
honor to the old flags as they
were being burned.
After came the burial of
the flags ashes. It was buried just beneath the statue of
Jose Rizal in the City Hall
grounds. The Naga City hall
choir sang respects during the
burial and ended the ceremony on a high note.

people lived their dream by

choosing TESDA and eventually came with a power to
change their lives. I hope that
our scholars present here today
will also have the same inspiration.
Villanueva also shared the
significance of International
Organization for Standardiza-

tion or ISO Certification to an

agency like TESDA who got
the seal of excellence in technical-vocational education and
training. TESDA was recently
bestowed with a nationwide
ISO 9001:2008 certification.
This would entail a higher
recognition of TESDA graduates.

Inc., CAMO College, Inc.,

and CASIFMAS Pasacao and
Ragay Campus
Other techvoc schools who
received the grant include Naga
International Training Center,
Oliveros College, Inc.; Phil.
Computer College and Business Administration, Inc., Philippine Computer Foundation
College, Inc., Fatima School of
Science and Technology, Inc.,
Global Site for IT Studies , Inc.
located in Naga, Iriga and Goa;
I-Connect Global Institute Inc.,
IT Institute of Asia and America and Computer Communication Devt., Inc. Naga.
Villanueva, in his speech,
chose to define TESDA as an
agency that transforms lives
by giving a person an opportunity to grow and be socially
attuned and economically productive. He shared numerous
inspirational stories that served
as living testimonies of what
TESDA education has done to
change the lives of the people
who dared to choose the path
less taken.
We want to dispel the
wrong notion that only a 4-degree college course can bring
you to the fulfillment of your
dream. Proofs of these are a lot
of inspiring stories that came
from a simple dream. These


All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ROWENA ASPE
PAWNSHOP, P. Burgos St., corner J. Hernandez Avenue, Naga
City, pawned from from JAN. 2-31, 2015 whose terms have
expired will be sold to public auction sale on JULY 01, 2015
from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.
Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the abovementioned date will be honored until JUNE 28, 2015 only.

Published: JUNE 7 and 14, 2015





All unredeemed items/articles pawned at R. M. ASPE

PAWNSHOP, Cor. Panganiban & Elias Angeles Street, Naga
City, pawned from from JAN. 2-31, 2015 whose terms have
expired will be sold to public auction sale on JULY 01, 2015
from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.
Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the abovementioned date will be honored until JUNE 28, 2015 only.

Published: JUNE 7 and 14, 2015

All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE EXPLORER

PAWNSHOP, Ground Floor, Bichara Complex, Abella St.,
Igualdad, Naga City, pawned from from from JAN. 2-31, 2015
whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale
on JULY 01, 2015 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.
Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the abovementioned date will be honored until JUNE 28, 2015 only.

Published: JUNE 7 and 14, 2015





All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE CROWNJEWEL PAWNSHOP & JEWELRY STORE, Bichara Mall corner
J. Hernandez & Gen. Luna Sts., Naga City, pawned from from
from JAN. 2-31, 2015 whose terms have expired will be sold
to public auction sale on JULY 01, 2015 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00
Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the abovementioned date will be honored until JUNE 28, 2015 only.

Published: JUNE 7 and 14, 2015

All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE IGUALDAD

PAWNSHOP, Cor. Igualdad Ext. & J. Hernandez Ave., Igualdad,
Naga City, pawned from from from JAN. 2-31, 2015 whose
terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on JULY
01, 2015 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.
Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the abovementioned date will be honored until JUNE 28, 2015 only.

Published: JUNE 7 and 14, 2015

4Ps program in CamSur gains grounds

By Ana-Liza S. Macatangay

NAGA CITY -- As per

its latest data, the Department of Social Welfare and
Development (DSWD) has
already served a total of 115,
186 Pantawid Pamilyang
Pilipino Program (4Ps) beneficiaries, including the 2,290
Modified Conditional Cash
Transfer (MCCT) recipients
who have now access to the
governments basic services
and programs.
Included here are the 4,307
beneficiaries from the coastal
municipality of San Pascual,

DSWD Presscon with Naga Tri-Media.

regional exponent for progress

outstanding local newspaper

For Five Consecutive Years by the St. Peter
Baptist Catholic Mass Media Awards


june 7-13, 2015


Businessman Edwin Tantiado, Vice President of the Nuestra

Sra. De La Angustia Inc. a group of devotees which initiated
the renovation of the Inorogan Chapel in Brgy. Sto. Domingo
in Iriga City, expressed the appeal of the group for more help in
the continuing development of the chapel complex which was
blessed over the weekend by Fr. Senen Tijam, parish priest of
the Our Lady of Angustia Parish. Tantiado is joined by Elmer
Potencio, President; Alan Tan, Treasurer, Prosecutor Roberto
Jocom Jr., Secretary; and businessman Simeon Bonacua,
Dennis Ampongan, Rolando Silva, and Frank Penones Jr.,

Masbate which is under the

operations of Camarines Sur
because of its geographical locations proximity to the province.
In a press conference held
yesterday at the Naga Regent
Hotel, members of the local
media here were briefed on the
current programs of DSWD,
particularly those concerning
its poverty alleviation program
and the implementation of various development projects pursuant to the community-driven
development approach.

One of DSWDs accomplishments is the high percentage of cash grants disbursed to

1,603 barangays coming from
the 5 congressional districts
here in the province. Percentage of the disbursement ranges
from 82 to 99 percent. On top
of the list are the municipalities of San Fernando, Garchitorena, Pasacao, Calabanga,
Pamplona, Canaman, Lupi,
Minalabac, Ragay, and Lagonoy with a percentage rate of
99 to 98 percent cash disbursements.

Of the 35 municipalities
now reaping the fruits of the
4Ps program are the local government units of Calabanga,
Tinambac and Buhi. These
towns were released with
4Ps fund amounting to Php
12,262,800 ; 11, 797, 500 and
10,278,300 respectively.
To ensure that projects are
monitored and implemented
properly, DSWD continuously
conduct roll-out training for
area coordinating teams, project development workshop and
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