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Class 1

1. Main verifications before casting of concrete

2. General rules for concrete casting
3. Position of concrete joints
4. Concrete compaction (generalities: what does it mean, what is the purpose, if it
lack what happens)
5. Types of concrete compaction
6. Concrete surface finishing
Class 2
7. Curing concrete (general consideration and requirements)
8. Curing under temperature ranging from 5c to 30c (methods)
9. Hot weather concreting
10. Cold weather concreting
11. Accelerated concrete curing
12. Innovations in concrete construction
13. Concrete in green building sustainable sites
14. Concrete in green building energy performance
15. Indoor environmental quality
Class 3 and 4
16. Off-site precast manufacturing technologies
17. Precast concrete slabs
18. Precast concrete beams, girders, and columns
19. Precast concrete wall panels
20. Manufacture of precast structural elements procedures
21. Casting beds
22. Prestressing and reinforcing steel
23. Carbon fiber reinforcing
24. Hollow-core slab production
25. Column production
26. Job planning in erection of precast concrete elements
27. Selection of lifting devices for erection of precast concrete elements

28. Selection of equipment (cranes) for erection of precast concrete elements (name the
crane types and briefly describe their characteristics)
29. Sequence, schemes and procedures for unit erection
30. Joining precast concrete members (describe the connection types)
31. Composite precast/sitecast concrete construction
Class 5
32. General info on timber structures
33. Sawing of timber
34. Seasoning of timber
35. Lumber defects
36. Wood products (name and briefly describe all the types, you can also draw some
scheme to represent better)
37. Wood panel products (name and briefly describe all the types)
38. Wood chemical treatments (name and briefly describe all the types)
39. Wood fasteners nails
40. Wood fasteners screws
41. Wood fasteners - bolts
42. Timber connectors
Class 6
43. Masonry structures construction (general information)
44. Mortar (ingredients)
45. Lime mortar
46. Mortar hydration
47. Bricks (forming and firing)
48. Laying bricks (basic brickwork terminology drawing, joints thickness, tooling)
49. Spanning Openings in Brick Walls
50. Reinforced Brick Masonry
51. Stone masonry (types of building stone and types of masonry made of stone)
52. Quarrying and Milling of Stone
Class 7
53. The material steel
54. Steel Alloys

55. Production of Structural Shape (describe and draw examples of the standard
56. Cold-Worked Steel
57. Open-Web Steel Joists
58. Rivets
59. Bolts
60. Welding
61. Typical Connections of steel frames
62. Stabilizing the Building Frame (drawing of lateral stability elements used for
63. Shear Connections and Moment Connections
Class 8
64. The Fabricator
65. The Erector
66. Floor and roof decking (describe and draw the types)
67. Composite construction
68. Fire protection of steel framing (types description and drawing)
69. Longer spans and high-capacity columns in steel (briefly describe and draw the
70. Arches and Tensile Structures
71. Composite Columns