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Archangels are extraordinary beings,

extensions of God himself, personifying his grace and majesty and
power. All the archangels are healers. They come as master
surgeons to repair our bodies, even as they mend the garments of
our souls. There is no field of study in which they do not excel. With
the Elohim, they exercise the power to create or uncreate life.
The title archangel was given to those who became masters of
their worlds as Above, so below and that of archeia to their
feminine complements. In order to earn this office, many who are
now archangels had to embody in human form, experiencing the
same tests as the sons and daughters of God. However, there were

some who remained in the heaven-world and never took

embodiment in the physical octave.
El Morya urged us with Now I say, invoke the momentum of the
seven archangels to amplify in your soul and in your desiring to be
whole the feelings of God which compel the entire consciousness
into conformity with the geometry of selfhood. The seven
archangels wield the power, the wisdom, and the love of Infinity
of a cosmos yet to be born within you as microcosmic-macrocosmic
energies converge to become the warp and woof of the creative life
force. Now expand the cup of consciousness to contain the
archangel of your ray.

Daily Blessings of the Archangels

El Morya also described the daily opportunity we have to connect
with the archangels. Each of the seven archangels carries a sphere
of the energies of God, a portion of the ray on which he serves.
Each day in sacred ritual, kneeling before the altar of the Lord in
the Great Central Sun, he receives his sphere and he is
commissioned to go forth throughout the cosmos to scatter the
seeds of Christic light that burst from the ray and the sphere of the
ray which he bears within his heart as a great sun disc of emerging
And the twin flames of the archangels and their legions which
comprise the hosts of the Lord Christ bow also before the sons and
daughters of God, acknowledging the sacred fire upon the altar of
the heart. Each day the sons and daughters of God evolving in
Mater have the opportunity to receive the energies of one of the
seven rays cycling from the sphere of light held in the heart of an

Archangel Michael and Faith

Archangel Michael is the Prince of the Archangels and of the
Angelic Hosts, the Defender of the Faith, the Angel of
Deliverance. His divine complement is Archeia Faith.
Archangel Michael and Faiths etheric retreat is in the
Canadian Rockies at Banff, near Lake Louise. He also has a
focus of light over Central Europe.

Archangel Jophiel and Christine

Archangel Jophiel and Christine are the archangel and
archeia of the second ray of wisdom and illumination. These
twin flames amplify the Christ consciousness within angels,
elementals and men. Archangel Jophiel and Christines
etheric retreat is over the plains of Central China, near

Archangel Chamuel and Charity

Archangel Chamuel and his divine complement, Archeia
Charity, serve on the third ray of divine love. Their etheric
retreat, the Temple of the Crystal-Pink Flame, is over St.
Louis, Missouri. An arc of divine love forms a bridge between
their retreat and that of the Elohim Heros and Amora near
Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada.

Archangel Gabriel and Hope

Archangel Gabriel and Hope are archangel and archeia of
the fourth ray of the resurrection and the ascension flame.
Together with the angels of purity and the seraphim, these
angels guard the immaculate concept of the God design for
every one. Archangel Gabriel and Hopes etheric retreat is
near Mount Shasta.

Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary

Archangel Raphael is the archangel of the fifth ray of truth,
wholeness, healing, science, precipitation, the abundant life,
music and mathematics. His divine complement is the
Archeia Mary, who was embodied as Mary, the Mother of
Jesus. Their spiritual retreat is in the etheric realm over
Ftima, Portugal.

Archangel Uriel and Aurora

Archangel Uriel and Aurora are the archangels of the sixth
ray of ministration and service. In their ministrations, they
guard the dawn of the Christ consciousness in mankind and
elemental life. Their retreat is located in the etheric realm
over the Tatra Mountains, south of Cracow, Poland.

Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst

Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst are the archangels of
the seventh ray. Together with the violet-flame angels, they
embody the violet ray qualities of Gods freedom, alchemy,
transmutation, forgiveness and justice. Their retreat, the
Temple of Purification, is in the etheric realm over the island
of Cuba.

Archangel Uzziel and his twin flame

Archangel Uzziel and his twin flame are the archangel and
archeia of the eighth ray. Archangel Uzziel assists us to
transition from the seven rays to the mastery of the five
secret rays. He brings the light of the eighth-ray chakra, the
eight-petaled secret chamber of the heart.


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