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New Website for Australian Citizenship Practice Test - Theaustraliancitizenship.


One of the most important education website that provides users/applicants to practice for
Australian citizenship test online for free as many times as they like to. All questions are
covered from Australian citizenship test resource book 'Australian Citizenship: Our Common
Bond'. website is developed by group of professionals having good
knowledge in Programming, education experts and mints. We offer questions and answers
along with guides which will help users/applicants to practice well unlimited times without
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All these questions are based on official resource book and covered from all chapters which
are available in Our Common Bond'. We are trying to provide you all the latest and up to
date test questions to practice more and you can build more confidence to take the final
In our website, we have 25 free practice model tests papers; each free practice test
contains 20 questions covered from all chapters randomly. And if you want you can practice
the test chapter wise also, chapters are:

Australia and its people

Australia's democratic beliefs, rights and liberties
Government and the law in Australia.

And end of every test we will provide you the score card with pie chart.

Citizenship Test Format:

All questions will be in English language

Consists of 20 multiple choice questions, and
Has a pass mark of 75 per cent.

Currently we are not offering practice test questions in other languages and you need a
basic knowledge of English to pass the test.
More than 4.5 million people have become citizens since Australian citizenship was
introduced in 1949.
Some 85 per cent of the population is Australian citizens.
Former nationality or citizenship

In 1949, during the inaugural year of the Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948, Australian
citizenship was granted to 2493 people from just over 35 different nationalities. The top 5
nationalities (and number of grants) at that time according to the Australian Yearbook 1953,
ABS were:

Italian (708)
Polish (597)
Greek (276)
German (225)
Yugoslav (80)

In 2012-13, 123 438 people became Australian citizens by conferral from at least 190
different countries.
The following table shows the number of people who were conferred as Australian citizens at
ceremonies in 2012-13, according to their former nationality/citizenship.

Former nationality


Per cent

United Kingdom

20 478



19 217



9 090



8 979


South Africa

7 900


New Zealand

3 794


Sri Lanka

2 746



2 739



2 568



2 100


43 827


123 438


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