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Criminalization in Politics

Everybody is a criminal. Because any crime, small

or big, is a crime. If you have stolen a piece of
committed a crime. Should you be barred from the
politics? My friends sitting there may say yes, but I
say no, I repeat no. Criminal is a human being too! I
know the intelligent speakers will say steeling
biscuit is different than murder. Should murderers
be not allowed in politics? You may think it is a silly
question. But no, it is not. Just imagine a decorated
soldier of your country. Should he be barred from
the politics? All of us would say no. But then, he
might have killed so many soldiers of enemy
country, is he not a murderer? For us he may be a
hero but for the family of those killed, he is only
and only a murderer.
Todays murderer may be tomorrows hero! Think of
Valmiki who was a dacoit but later turned out to be
a Saint who wrote Ramayan. Great Bhagat Singh
was charged of murdering English Sergeant. Should
we stop such great personalities from entering
politics? For gods sake.NO!
Crime may not be intentional!! If you kill someone
who came to kill you. Then even law does not hold
you a criminal. But you are a murderer. Should
you be stopped from serving the nation. I know my
friends there would say that when law doesnt say
you criminal then who stops you from politics. But
my friends you should know Goddess of Law is
blind She rules on evidences which can be
tempered. Should we bar innocents wrongly proven
criminals because of mistaken justice.

It is said that 60% of the lok-sabha members are of

criminal background. But India has developed
substantially. Why? Because what matters is the
present capability and intentions of a person and
not his past.
When you are in Politics people expect a lot from
you. Sometimes the expectations are unreasonably
high. If expectations are not met they start
implicating you in fake criminal cases. Opponent
politicians do the same. Association with fake crime
becomes a Professional Hazard. In such a
situation even having a criminal background would
help you tackle such fake allegations and criminal
charges. So criminal background helpsis a
positive attribute not a shortcoming.
If someone is a criminal, then let law take its own
course punish him or send him to Bandi Sudhar
Grah. A good society is one who is able to bring
back criminals to the normal life. My friends in the
opposition will say that if someone was a criminal
then he should not be allowed to marry, have
children, have jobs. Such cynics may even plead
that past criminals should not be allowed to breath!
What an orthodox thinking is this? I am ashamed
.Whole humanity would be ashamed on such
barbaric thoughts.
What is criminal background? If my father is a
criminal then should I be barred from politics? My
friends in the opposition would say that if my
neighbor is a criminal then I should be barred from
politics. I know the meaning of back groundits
the ground at my back.. so if a criminal is standing
behind me then I should be barred from politics.
Haha ha aare bhai criminal ka dost bhi to
criminal background wala hoga. To fir agar maine

ma ki almari say biscuit churai to main criminal. To

mere ye dost jo samane baithe hain criminal
background ke huai. In sab ko abhi isi waqt is mock
parliament say barkhast kar dena chahiyeDont
worry friends we will allow you in this parliament.
At last I would conclude that: WE should welcome
those in politics who are CAPABLE. Who can take
the nation forward, who can provide food to
hungry, water to thirsty, jobs to jobless, medicines
to needy and home to homeless. Who can bring
smiles on the faces of teaming millions. We should
choose politicians based on their capabilities not
their weary past.