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Do you perceive a lack of connection between your thoughts and actions? Antisocial personality disorder is a
psychiatric condition depicted by dysfunctional, unlawful and immoral behaviors that manipulates, abuses, or
disrespects the rights of others. Personality disorders are habitual behavioral and relationship prototypes in which a
persons approach to thinking, comprehending situations, no respect for right or wrong when connecting to others,
gets in the way of their day-to-day living. Premature teenage years are a serious point in time for the development
of Antisocial personality disorder. These patients are very attention grabbing, well mannered, and remarkably
intellectual. They complicate their lives, do not complete their education, endure unemployment, broken marriages,
irresponsible parenting, homelessness and repeated detention.
Causes of Antisocial Personality Disorder:



Lack of parental control, growing up with alcoholic, drug addicts or irresponsible parents.

Cruel physical or sexual abuse in childhood.

Time after time witnessed or been cruel to animals during childhood.

Loss of parents in childhood through unusual circumstances.

Never endured punishment and every time rescued from wrong behaviors while growing up.

Symptoms of Antisocial Personality Disorder:

Secluded, unhappy and restless.

Dishonest, unlawful, unreasonable, irresponsible, violent and dysfunctional.

Fail to execute their responsibilities at school, work or family.

Indifferent to the safety of self and others.

Indifferent to the rights of others.


Inability to make or keep friends.

Lack of feelings for others.

Lack of self control.

Always criticizing others.


Loses interest easily, constantly needs a change.

Drug and alcohol problems.

Frequent imprisonment.

Impulsive dying through suicide, accidents or homicide.

Homeopathic approach to Antisocial Personality Disorder:

Homeopathy proposes a pragmatic solution for Antisocial Personality disorders. Homeopathic treatment of
Antisocial personality disorders is constitutional taking a more holistic look at the individual. Distinctive features like
genes, childhood nurturing, surroundings and the way an individual establishes their life, elucidates their
personality. Imperceptible forces manipulate every personality. The Homeopathic understanding of health is
intimately associated to its understanding of the mind in general. Every disease is considered as a Mind-Body
process where each individuals personality traits are as important as their physical symptoms thus taking into
account their diet, lifestyle, personality, surroundings and emotional factors. The constitutional approach of
Homeopathy determines the remedy that agrees with each individual energy prototype, giving it a positive stimulus.
Constitutional treatment is an innovative healing modality, which helps eliminate behavioral negativities by taking
into account a persons overall nature, personality traits and attitude towards life. The correct Homeopathic
medicine will catalyze a healing process that will raise the person's overall level of health.
Homeopathic remedies will assist in shrinking dissatisfaction, anger, hatred, guilt, shame, jealousy, dubiousness,
fear and other negative emotions. These medicines will enhance suppressed inner capabilities, shape the inborn
behaviors with the existing circumstances getting rid of mental negativities and restoring well being that was
previously within you. It will help stabilize emotions, attain mental peace and bring eventual happiness. As every
behavior is unique, Homeopathic Constitutional treatment offers remedies that are unique and exclusive created
just for your unique personality. Homeopathic remedies are safe, natural, inexpensive and highly effective. After a
constitutional Homeopathic treatment, patients become more realistic, less intimidating, much more accomodating,
and easier to live with. Homeopathic remedies help develop a better sense of right and wrong and help you go back
to living a more normal life.
Self Care measures for Antisocial Personality disorders:

Be regular with your treatment plan.

Educate yourself about your behaviors and state of mind, it will encourage you to maintain your treatment.

Involve family members or friends in helping you be persistent with your treatment.

Communicate your emotions well.

Be physically active.

Avoid seclusion and engage in activities with friends and family.

Avoid drugs and alcohol.

Eat a healthy diet and sleep well.

Avoid stress.

Boost your low self-esteem.

Develop a more mature and constructive way of interacting with others.

Hence, Homeopathy can help you shape your innate behaviors, eliminate negative emotions, and face life
challenges with optimism and maturity.