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Its Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Month

Now, I am not preaching you have
to eat all of your vegetables before you have
dessert. However, I am encouraging their increased consumption. I think we can all agree
that there is enough research and scientific
evidence to support the health benefits of a
daily dose of both vegetables and fruit. Which
varieties you deem as super, or trust in over
others is up to you.
I like the fact that fresh fruits and
vegetables month is in June as it ties into the
reappearance of local farmers markets in the
area. Its the beginning of a great summer
season of shopping outdoors for locally grown

produce with their very special taste. Alongside are often stalls lined with flowers and
various other homemade or unique products.
Take a morning to enjoy some fresh air and
support these local businesses.
To get you started and encourage
your consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables I have compiled a list of local farmers
markets to get out and try. Maybe the outdoor,
open market feel will inspire you to experiment with different spices or ingredients you
may find for your next meal. Talk with the
vendors for their recipe suggestions and other
great tips.
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I U D:
1st Flip a Coin Day
2nd National Bubba Day
National Rocky Road Day

World Environment Day

6th National Trails Day

7th National Chocolate Ice Cream Day
8th Best Friends Day
10th Ice Tea Day
11th National Corn on the Cob Day
14th Flag Day

were ready to abandon the gorgeous

suite because they could not sleep next
to one another comfortably.
As Marty explained, his frustration
spanned the four years he occupied the home
and his search for a solution lead him to that
many different contractors. Each of them
looked at the homes mechanicals and found
them to be working as designed. But Marty knew he wasnt crazy and that there was
actually something going on. We assured him
it wasnt all in his head and that by the time we
were done with our evaluation he would have a
viable solution we could implement.
After spending two hours measuring
his house, the ductwork, and contributing
factors that would affect indoor air comfort
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Martys Wife Was Hot...

15th Smile Power Day

No funny business here, just a wife

who was hot, thanks to her poorly ducted
master bedroom.
The most rewarding part of what we
do every day is talking to our clients after we
have made a significant impact in their home
its then we learn how bad their situation was
before we implemented our solution. As Marty
himself told me, if not for us, he would have
given up on his comfort quest.
His story is one I am proud to share.
People like Marty just assume they are stuck
being uncomfortable. He came to us looking
for a way to keep the master bedroom of his
newly-built custom home cool. He and his wife

16th Fresh Veggies Day

TECH CORNER: Why De-Humidify...

Many clients ask this question during
the often rainy late spring and early summer.
They want to know not only if they should be
running de-humidifiers, but what are the risks
if they do not and which systems and settings
are the best. Good questions, so why not delve
into the matter right now so that everyone can
benefit from our suggestions?
Fact is: our area is wet. Most homeowners who have basements and crawlspaces
have either experienced flooding, know someone who has, or are worried about it. No, this
article is not about flooding but mentioning it
is an important reminder of how much water

our homes and other buildings are up against.

Where there is water, heat, and stagnant air
there is higher humidity. Structures with sump
pumps, floor drains, flooding potential and
hosts of other water sources such as washing
machines and lower level bathrooms face high
humidity levels and the potential of related
Our recommendations: The easiest
solution is to run a small portable plug in
model in an area of multiple mechanical or
water sources. Based on the model, you can
set the desired humidity point and fan speed.
cont. pg 2
(I set mine at 50% which

TBD Nursing Assistants Day

17th Eat Your Vegetables Day
18th Go Fishing Day
International Picnic Day
National Splurge Day
Ramadan - Date Varies

World Jugglers Day


Fathers Day



Finally Summer Day


Swim a Lap Day


Take Your Dog to Work Day


Sun Glasses Day


Hug Holiday


M A:

Aquarium Month

Candy Month

Dairy Month

Fight The Filthy Fly Month

Gay Pride Month

National Adopt a Cat Month

National Fresh Fruit & Vegetables Month

Rose Month

Turkey Lovers Month

National Accordion Awareness Month

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CONT: Fresh Fruits & Veggies
Enjoy the free samples. You may end up
cooking more flavor ably, eating healthier and
feeling better.
Barrington Farmers Market - Cook
St. downtown Barrington, 6/19 - 10/30,
Thursdays 3-7
Buffalo Grove Farmers Market - Mike
Rylko Community Park, 6/12 - 10/12,
Sundays 8 -12:30
Chicago Botanic Garden Farmers Market - 1000 Lake Cook Rd., Glencoe, 5/410/19, First and third Sundays, 9-3
Crystal Lake Farmers Market - Depot
Park, 6/7 - 10/11, Saturdays 8-1

CONT: Martys Wife Was Hot...

we were confident of finding what the other
contractors had missed, because our assessment is done with the insight that the home
plus its equipment comprise a system of many
components needing to interact correctly
to optimize the comfort level the occupants
deserve. Without examining the structure and
equipment in its entirety they only saw the tip
of the iceberg. Luckily for Marty, the solution
was easy, and did not require any equipment
changes or upgrades. Our load calculations
and duct analysis showed us the furnace was

starved of air, and their bedroom did not have

large enough ducts to properly condition the
Then Martys only concern was
whether or not he could count on our evaluation finally putting an end to his suffering.
We reassured him by our confidence that we
had the right duct renovation prescription to
solve his problem and backed it with our 100%
satisfaction or his money back guarantee. That
put his mind at ease. Instead of calling up
another, or one of his previous contractors to
implement our solutions and given that hed

struggled with discomfort for four long years

he agreed to let us get to work.
His thank you video says it the best,
but I can assure you that Mary and his wife
are now FINALLY comfortable in their master
suite. Now, I wont take credit for saving their
marriage or anything that dramatic, but I do
know that Marty and his wife feel a major
problem in their beautiful home has been
corrected. They have a bedroom in which they
can now sleep through the night together, and
Check it out for yourself! Martys

quate coverage. Also look for one which not

only handles the basement square footage, but
performs with low electrical usage.
For more extreme humidity issues there are
whole house de-humidifier options. The same
companies that bring you humidifiers will
most likely have a full line of ductable de-humidifiers. These units interlock with your
current air handling equipment and are ducted
to condition specific areas of concern. We can
get into more details on these if your situation
O.K. How long should we run de-humidifiers and what if we dont? The answers are

easy: all rainy season, and all summer long. If

not, that musty odor caused by high humidity
hangs around, as does an ideal environment
for mold to grow. Its frightening to know that
it only takes as little as forty-eight hours, some
water, and a food source to cultivate breeding
ground for a great crop of this not only pesky
and odorous, but potentially health risky crop
of troublesome mold.
If you have other questions we havent covered or concerns about your specific
situation, feel free to give us a call. Or - ask our
technician when he is out doing your annual


Deerfield Farmers Market - Metra Lot

Deerfield & Robert York, 6/14 - 10/11,
Saturdays 7-12:30
Downtown Evanston Farmers Market University Place & Oak Ave., 5/10 - 11/8,
Saturdays 7:30 - 1
Glencoe Farmers Market - Green Bay &
Park, 6/14 - 10/18, Saturdays 8 - 1
Glenview Farmers Market - Historic
Wagner Farm, 6/21 - 10/11, Saturdays
8 - 12
Lake Zurich Farmers Market - Paulus
Park, 6/13 - 9/26, Fridays 3 - 7
Lake Forest Farmers Market - East Lake
Forest Train Station 6/22 - 10/12, Saturdays 8 - 1

Why De-Humidify...

may be a little greedy, but I have a lot of

ground water, and am happy with the results
thus far). If the unit can be put in an area near
a ground drain all the better as most come
with (garden) hose adaption options which can
be run to it along the floor. If not, other units
are available with water capture containers
which stop the de-humidifier from running
when the water reaches a certain level and will
restart after being emptied. When shopping for
one of these portables, know your basements
square footage and look for a unit with ade-

S3U D4O7 K1U B R E A K

How to solve:

9 66



8 7


9 3


77 8 8



Aprils Puzzle

To solve a Sudoku, you only need logic and

patience. No math is required. Simply make
sure that each 3x3 square region has a number
between 1-9 with only one occurrence of each
number. Each column and row of the large grid
may only have one instance of 1-9.




Libertyville Farmers Market - W. Church

St. between Milwaukee and Brainerd Ave.,
6/19 - 10/16, Thursdays 7 - 1
Palatine Farmers Market - Train Station
Lot, 6/1 - 10/25, Saturdays 7 - 1
Park Ridge Farmers Market - Prairie
between Main & Garden, 5/26 - 10/25,
Saturdays 7 - 1
Ravinia Farmers Market - Dean Ave.
between Roger Williams Ave. & St. Johns
Ave., 6/4 - 10/29, Wednesdays 7 - 1
Schaumburg Farmers Market - Olde
Schaumburg Centre, 6/6 - 10/31, Fridays
Wilmette French Market - Village Center,
4/26 - 11/1, Saturdays 8 - 1


This round of contest coupons are already flying out the

door! Everyone who sends us their raving fan testimonial
or refers us to friends and family are already being
entered into the next drawing. To enter, simply refer us
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pass along to us communicates that YOU were involved
in the referral. For further assurance of your entry, send
us a note with the name of the referred. You can also
enter the drawing by submitting a testimonial of how
happy you are with our work. Either way, it takes only
a few minutes to enter. You can just drop us a line at: One ticket is given for each
testimonial or referral; ten tickets for every raving fan
video. You determine your odds of winning, as there is no
limit to entry tickets - plus - every referral nets YOU a gift
as well!

24/7 Emergency Service: (847) 397-5888

C ooking Corn e r :
Quest for the Cup!

In honor of Turkey Lovers Month &

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Month:

Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Record: 59-33-6
3rd @ Lightning


Ingredients - For the Filling:


6th @ Lightning


12 ounces ground turkey

2 teaspoons vegetable oil
8 ounces white mushrooms, chopped
3 scallions, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
One 6-ounce can water chestnuts, chopped
1/4 cup soy sauce
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 tablespoon rice wine vinegar

For the filling: Brown the turkey in the oil in a

large saute pan over medium-high heat until
no longer pink. Add the mushrooms, scallions,
garlic and water chestnuts, and cook until the
mushrooms soften. In a small bowl, mix the
soy sauce, brown sugar and vinegar, pour over
the turkey mixture and cook 1 minute. Remove
from the heat.

8th vs Lightning


vs Lightning


13th @ Lightning


15th vs Lightning




Ingredients - For The Sauce:

12 ounces ground turkey
2 teaspoons vegetable oil
8 ounces white mushrooms, chopped
3 scallions, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
One 6-ounce can water chestnuts, chopped
1/4 cup soy sauce
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 tablespoon rice wine vinegar


@ Lightning


For the drizzling sauce: In a small bowl, whisk

together the soy sauce, vinegar, honey, mustard,
Sriracha, sesame oil and 1/4 cup water.
Serve the turkey mixture with the lettuce leaves,
drizzling sauce and vegetables for lettuce wrap

Record: 26-22 (6) G.B.

1st - 3rd @ Marlins
4th - 7th @ Nationals

Yields 4 Servings

11th - 14th vs Reds

Recipe courtesy Melissa dArabian

15th - 16th vs Indians

17th - 18th @ Indians
22nd - 25th vs Dodgers


26th - 28th @ Cardinals

First I would like to take a minute and

thank everyone who has sent their well wishes to
me, or asked my owners about me I am recovering
well. For those of you who do not know I recently
underwent a TTA operation, which is what happens to dogs when they tear their ACLs. Mine was
probably torn as a result of running around like a
crazy dog in the back yard, at the dog park, or at
the office. Hard to pinpoint the exact moment it
happened, but it did.
The worst part of the whole things is not
being able to go to all the places I like to go and
having to stay home. I am told that a bad jump of
run could set my recovery back. I do not want that as I have been recovering
way too long as it is.
There is a silver lining in the fact that I get two days a week at home
with Jack on his days with his grandmothers. Which means it is all about me of
course. As you can see Jack is taking special care of me, but is constantly trying
to convince people to let him ride me. Thankfully my parents and the grandmothers are not falling for his cute looks. Anyway, back to more exercises for
Oh, and to that squirrel (you know who you are) who has been taunting me from the backyard as I recover: be forewarened. One day soon, Ill be




30th @ Mets

Record: 23-26 (7) G.B.

2nd - 4th @ Rangers
5th - 7th vs Tigers
8th - 10th vs Astros
12th - 14th @ Rays
15th - 16th @ Pirates
17th vs Pirates
19th - 21st vs Rangers
22nd - 24th @ Twins
25th - 28th @ Tigers
30th @ Cardinals

2137 Hammond Dr.,

Schaumburg, IL 60173

(847) 397-5888

Cozy Newsletter
24/7 Emergency Service: (847) 397-5888

Toms Two Cents

Wow, way to go Hawks!
Some of the most exciting
hockey Ive seen congratulations. The Tampa Bay series
should be great, too. Stay
Memorial Day usually
signals the unofficial begin-

ning of summer. I havent checked the

Farmers Almanac, but I am predicting
a Parade in July for the Hawks and an
unseasonably hot summer. If you do
not like the heat, get out early to get
your outdoor activities accomplished.
Remember to change your
filters regularly and as always, I recommend annual maintenance. It is a
lot cheaper than being stuck with an
emergency call for a small or routine

She asked me to tell her the

three words every girl wants
to hear. So I whispered

Lets Go Hawks!
in her ear.

repair, plus, it is much less stressful.

You should enjoy summer, and not be
stuck with an uncomfortable home.
Well, instead of going on
and on I wanted to share this funny
someecard someone made for the
Blackhawks. I hope you all enjoy the
series as much as we will, LETS GO

In This Issue:

PG. 1
Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Month
Martys Wife was HOT...
TECH CORNER: Why De-Humidify
Unique Holidays & Monthly Awareness
PG. 2
Sudoku Break
Contest Corner
PG. 3
Sports Corner
Dogs World - Note From Franklin
Cooking Corner: Turkey Veggie Wraps

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