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Orchestral Markings, Distribution, and Concept of Vision

Current issues: (Particularly rental) Parts being sent out disturbingly close to rehearsals with markings
not necessarily 'done' or consistent, Sls unable to do 'job'. Communication with director re; nuance of
articulation, shape, style, etc. nil until rehearsals begin. Director is a string player, he knows what he
wants, should be responsibility of Sls to convey information. Too much rehearsal time spent on
fundamentals and 'damage control'.
Goals: Accurately marked parts. Supplemental information re; history, form, articulation (and
technically how to consistently achieve), recordings, scores, etc. to be provided for study.
Observation: BCSO currently straddles the lines between community/regional/teaching/professional
orchestra. If expectations of professional product are to be imposed (which is obviously crucial to
growth of organization) some amount of spoon-feeding is necessary over 'growth' period. This
includes instructions/demonstrations of technique/articulation, and providing necessary history, scores,
recordings, etc. The expectation that the orchestra can follow/adapt 'on sight' to director
movement/musical implications of said, is (currently) unreasonable given the median/mean skill and
experience of section members.
Past Systems
Free For All
Parts marked independently by section leaders
Markings received over course of rehearsals by section musicians

Pros: None
Cons: total fuster cluck

plausible solutions: None. System deeply flawed

Bowing Committee
Parts marked cooperatively by section leaders
Markings made by volunteer committee in parts

Pros: Cost effective, theoretically a perfect solution

Cons: In practice; Volunteers unreliable, incapable of meeting deadlines, accuracy of markings

Plausible solutions: Unclear.

Suggest imposition of regular schedule (i.e. every tuesday during season we meet for two hours with
coffee and to mark parts). 'Hard' deadlines must be imposed. Incentives must be offered. Nature of
incentives unclear; What motivates a particular group of people to do xyz on a volunteer basis? More
(recognized) responsibility? Program thanks? Season tickets? Input in program development? (i.e.

'power' over product?) Idea too good to write off without discussion.
Current System
Parts marked cooperatively by section leaders
Markings delivered to section musicians via interwebs and section players responsible for marking
individual parts

Pros: Cost effective, (potentially) accurate, philosophically appealing/engages capability

Cons: Time consuming for section leaders to upload, personal accountability and culpability of
section leaders and section musicians suspect

Plausible solutions: Unclear

Suspect motivation. If each member is made to feel/know they are responsible for overall product and
have crucial role in product improvement of performance possible. Incentive likely crucial; Change in
position in section/leadership role?
Proposed Systems
Section Leader Marked
Parts marked cooperatively by section leaders
Markings made by section leaders in parts

Pros: Cost effective and accurate, responsibility delegated to people within the organization,
deadlines met
Cons: Very time consuming for section leaders, time not necessarily appropriately compensated,
personal accountability of some Sls suspect

Orchestral Librarian Internship

Parts marked cooperatively by section leaders
Markings made by intern in parts

Pros: Accuracy, deadlines enforced/met, engagement of 'outside' resources and thus engaging
'outside' interest
Cons: Cost, director time drain to communicate necessary info, skill needed by potential
applicants and time invested to screen (the heck out of) applicants.