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Thanks everyone for your interest in DDCC 1.60 Beta.

Suggested system reqs

----------------------450 mhz Proc. or better
32mb RAM
Windows 98 or better
2 MB of hard disk space <-- damn, these system requirements are getting ridiculo
us these days!
It very well could run on a much slower pc. This is just a guess as I developed
it on a 2000+ AMD
WinXP box w/256mb ram.
----------------------Please extract the program to C:\DDCC . You will have to make the DDCC director
Upon extracting the program onto your computer you should have at minimum the fo
llowing files/directories:
C:\DDCC\characters\ (Folder)
Once you have verified that all the items are present go ahead and double click
the DDCC.exe file to launch the program. I highly suggest that you do not tampe
r with the DCF files as you will likely break the program. You can fix this by
re-extracting the files from the archive and choosing "yes, replace", when
prompted by the extraction utility. DO NOT replace the characters folder in the
same fashion. At this point you may notice the butt ugly color scheme of the p
rogram. Fear not, it shall be fixed in the next release.
When you first launch the program select the modify menu and select the DM item.
This will reveal the
DM submenu. Select change password and change the DM password with the dialog.
Do NOT forget your password. If you do then there is a work around, though rein
stalling would likely be quicker. Note that the first time you run the program
it will not ask for a password, just type in your new password and click on the
keep password button.
Next go to the DM submenu again and select change preferences. Change the progr
am parameters to your liking and then click on the save button. Click on the ex
it button to return to the main window.
Now you can go straight to character creation using the descending steps or go t
o the create random button at the bottom left of the screen. These processes ar
e explained more thoroughly in the manual.txt file.
If you have any questions or need additional assistance then please contact me a
t the below email address. As this is still a beta program there are bound to b
e a few bugs. I would suggest against having other programs running while using

the program. All bug reports can be sent to the following address as well.
Enjoy the program,
<SEE ME!!> I am looking for artists who have D&D art for program "polish". If
you have art in bitmap format that you would allow me to use for the program, se
nd me an email. Please don't send me pics right away as I need
them to go to a specific email address. Thanks!