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JUNE 16, 2015

NR # 3865B

Stiffer penalties for hazing by fraternities,

sororities and other organizations
The House of Representatives has approved and endorsed to the Senate House Bill 5760
which prohibits all forms of hazing activities of fraternities, sororities and other organizations.
HB 5760 is entitled An Act prohibiting hazing and regulating other forms of initiation
rites of fraternities, sororities, and other organizations, and providing penalties for violations
thereof, repealing for the purpose Republic Act No. 8049.
R.A. 8049 is otherwise known as An Act Regulating Hazing and other forms of Initiation
Rites in Fraternities, Sororities, and other Organizations and providing penalties thereof.
The measure, in substitution to five similar bills, was steered in plenary until its early June
final passage by the Committee on Revision of Laws chaired by Rep. Marlyn L. PrimiciasAgabas.
The five original bills were as follows: HB 636 authored by Reps. Christopher S. Co and
Rodel M. Batocabe; HB 4164 by Reps. Rufus B. Rodriguez, Maximo B. Rodriguez, Jr. and
Joaquin M. Chipeco, Jr.; HB 4692 filed by Rep. Evelio R. Leonardia; HB 4714 by Rep. Sherwin
T. Gatchalian; and HB5017 by Rep. Catherine Barcelona-Reyes, M.D.
There is an urgent need to address the rampant violence of hazing that occur during
initiation rites of various organizations, fraternities and sororities that results in injuries and
even death, the authors stressed.
We have to eliminate the tradition of violence that had been embedded as a culture
among fraternities, sororities and other organizations, they said.
At the same time, the authors underscored the need to empower fraternities, sororities and
organizations and make them exercise more accountability and transparency in their actions.
HB 5760 provides for the registration of school and community-based fraternities,
sororities and organizations and stiff penalties for violation of the law.
The bill provides that Any physical or psychological suffering, harm or injury inflicted
on a recruit, member, neophyte, or applicant as a form of an initiation rite or practice made as a
prerequisite for admission or a requirement for continuing membership in a fraternity, sorority, or
organization shall be considered as hazing and is hereby prohibited.
The penalty provisions for violations of the proposed Act range from fines of P1-million
to P3-million and/or six months to life imprisonment (reclusion correccional to reclusion
perpetua), and other sanctions as prescribed.

Hazing shall also include any activity, intentionally made or otherwise, by one person or
acting with others, that tends to humiliate or embarrass, degrade, abuse, or endanger, by requiring
a recruit, member, neophyte, or applicant to do menial, silly, or foolish tasks.
Furthermore, only initiation rites or practices which do not inflict direct or indirect
physical or psychological suffering, harm or injury, to the recruit, neophyte, or applicant of a
fraternity, sorority or organization shall be allowed.
Among other requirements under the proposed law is a written application for the conduct
of initiations which shall be made to the proper authorities of the school not later than seven
days prior to the scheduled initiation date.
The head of the school or an authorized representative must assign at least two
representatives of the school to be present during the initiation.
All new and existing community-based fraternities, sororities, or organizations shall
register with the barangay or municipality or city wherein they are primarily based. Upon
registration, they shall submit a comprehensive list of their members and officers which shall be
updated yearly from the date of registration. (30) dpt