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Certificate No.

: QS6195


Ahead through innovation


Office & Factory :

Jalan Simpang Tiga Setu No.39
Tambun, Bekasi 17510
: +62 (21) 8830177-79
: +62 (21) 8830180

About MBW
In Brief
PT Melu Bangun Wiweka (MBW) was established in April 20th,
1989, and situated at Jalan Simpang Tiga Setu no.39, Tambun
Bekasi 17510, Jawa Barat, INDONESIA
Our engineers, supported with Computer Aided Design (CAD)
facilities, design and evaluate all of our products.
We have our own facilities to manufacture the products and we
are supported by audited vendors and/or other manufacturers,
producing on scheduled Quality Products to satisfy the
Our Facilities
- Office Area
: 593 M2
- Workshop Area
: 2,717 M2
- Total Area
: 10,250 M2
- Total Employee
: 113 persons
- Machining Center & Fabrication Tools

Our Services
1.Concept Development : Engineering, Project Management
2.Manufacturing : Machineries, Control Panel, Steel Structure
3.Procurement: Special Equipments or Components
4.Construction: Site Erection, Test run, Commisioning
5.After Sales Services
Our Sertificate

MBWs Quality Policy

Road Building Equipments

The activities of MBW were started with design and
manufacturing of road construction equipment such
as Asphalt Mixing Plant & Asphalt Sprayer.
The Asphalt Mixing Plants have been used in many
islands and provinces in Indonesia, from Sumatera,
Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Papua, Maluku, etc.
More than 150 units of AMP are produced and in
operation until today.

Asphalt Mixing Plant

AMP-1000 (capacity : 1000 kg/batch)

MBW also designs and manufactures Concrete

Batching Plant.
Population of our AMP in Indonesia

Asphalt Mixing Plant

AMP-800 (capacity : 800 kg/batch)

Asphalt Mixing Plant

AMP-300 (capacity : 300 kg/batch)

Coal Burner Factory Test

AMP in fabrication

Diesel Fuel Burner Factory Test

Batching Plant

Asphalt Sprayer
AS-1200 (capacity : 1200 ltr)

Material Handling Equipments

Belt Conveyor
Chain Conveyor
Slat Conveyor
Stacking Conveyor
Scrapper Conveyor
Screw Conveyor
Roller Conveyor
Feeder and Hopper
Vibrating Screen
Impact Crusher
Jaw Crusher
Vibrating Feeder
Belt Feeder
Appron Feeder
Double Roller Crusher
Ship Loader Conveyor
Grabbing Bucket
Crane, Hoist and Trolleys
Electrical and Instrumentation
Control System
Fly Ash System
Economizer Ash System
Fire Protection System
Gantry Crane
Trailer & Axle
Ship Loading & Portal
Supply Parts For Conveyor
Belt Scale
Magnetic Separator
Sampling System
Assembling Line

Automation System

To perform a more productive line, system automation is the answer. MBW offers the
years of experiences in automation system to automotive industry. One of such
production automation is used in the assembly line of Isuzu Panther from Astra Group.

MBW is designing and manufacturing the automated production conveyors for car
assembly. Different types of conveyor technology have found its typical application,
such as Slat Conveyor, Chain Conveyor, Overhead Conveyor, Chassis Line Conveyor and
Monorail Hanger

Overhead Conveyor and Buffer Stock Conveyor are used for stock keeping in car

In the line of Chassis assembly, the engines, axles and other components are mounted
and assembled into the chassis. Our design has made it possible to rotate the chassis
for easy and ergonomic access.

Engineering Works
In the engineering sector, we create the
concept, analyze & calculate the
technical solution and provide technical
drawings in conjunction to the
engineering to control the quality of
products and the efficiency of
manufacturing process

Trashrake system

In 1991, MBW designed Ground Support

Equipment for airports use. A handful
types of airport equipment has been
designed and manufactured by MBW,
such as: Towing Tractor, High Lift Loader,
Pallet Dolly, Baggage Cart, Pallet Rack,
Container Rack, Maintenance Truck, etc.
Other design projects currently under
development are automotive production
lines, special equipments and tools,
special vehicle such as monorail system.

CNG Transporter

Monorail Bogie
Structure Analysis

Coal Brickets Machineries

Towing Tractor

3 kgs LPG Bottle Machineries

Maintanance Truck

Monorail Interior

Monorail Train

High Lift Loader

Civil & Steel Structure

MBW provides the design, calculation, and manufacturing of civil construction and steel
structures for warehouse, public building, workshop, industrial building, bridges, etc.

Baggage Handling System

We develop and manufacture baggage handling system for Airport

Our products has been installed and operated at more than ten airports in Indonesia
such as Makassar, Jayapura, Banda Aceh, etc.
We manufacture carrousel type conveyor, weighing conveyor for check in, and regular
transport conveyor.
Steel structure also provided to support baggage handling system located at Kuala
Namu Airport Medan and Sepinggan Airport Balikpapan.


-MONORAIL TECHNOLOGYSince year 2009, we started design Monorail with 125 passengers capacity. In 2010, We start
developed the prototype, called FLOBBUS UTM-125. Our mission is to participate with
stakeholder to solve the traffic congestion, as one of the economical public transport solution
in Indonesia.
The advantage of monorail :
1. Safe as monorail is elevated,
2. Environment friendly and silent operation because electrically power and rubber tyre
3. Punctuality, as monorail have own line,
4. Slim track, good view for city,
5. Having the small turning radius (50 m) and a large ability to climb (5%),
6. Fast construction time,
7. Efficient in energy consumption,
8. Low Maintenance,
9. Cost effective than other mass rapid transport.
We will be responsible in the Rolling Stock manufacturing and supporting systems, including
installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Our Clients
Abun Sendi, PT
Addis Pratama Perkasa, PT
Adyawinsa Staping Industries, PT
Agogo Golden Group, PT
Agung Mulia Iriana, PT
Agung Perdana Bulukumba, PT
Akam, PT
Alam Indah Cendana Lestari, PT
Alhas Jaya Group, PT
Alumagada Karya Mandiri, PT
AM Group Perkasa, PT
Anas Cipta Sarana, PT
Anugerah Dinasti Sakti, PT
Anugerah Jaya Konstruksi, PT
Anugrah Jaya Mulya Utama, CV
Areva Distribution, PT
Arta Makmur Permai, PT
Artha Teknindo, PT
Astra Daihatsu Motor, PT
ATS Nugratama, PT
Baja Kurnia, PT
Bangun Cipta Kontraktor, PT
Bara Indah, PT
Bayu Buana Gemilang, PT
Benawa Citra Putra Tabalong, PT
Bengkulu Mutiara Hitam, PT
Beriand Sejahtera, PT
Bina Konsindo Persada, PT
Biro Asri, PT
Bukaka Teknik Utama, PT
Bukit Bahari Indah, PT
Bumi Indah, PT
Bumi Rejo Tirta Kencana, PT
Bumi Sarana Utama, PT
BUT JGC Corporation - KBR Indonesia JO
Chandratex Indo Artha, PT
Cidas Supra Metalindo, PT
Cimora Batu Pecah, PT
Cipta Karsa, PT
Cipta Purna Karya, PT
Citra Nusantara Gemilang, PT
Citra Putra Pratama, PT
Dayana Cipta, PT
Dekky Karya Bestari, PT
Delta Surya Gemilang, PT
Dharma Aceh Raya, PT
Dinas Prasarana Jalan Pemda Padang
Dinas PU Parigi Mountong
Dirgantara Aspalindo, PT
Dirjen Geologi & Sumber Daya Mineral
Dor Ma Uli, PT
Dua Technica Utama, PT
Duta Graha Indah, PT
Eptco, PT
Gading Cempaka Graha Sarana, PT
Gading Murni Perkasa, PT
Gaol Maju Jaya, PT
Garuda Diesel, PT
Garuda Indonesia, PT
Gaya Bakti Jaya, PT
Gaya Motor, PT
Genta Nusantara, PT
Gunayasa Dianartha, PT
Gunung Mas, CV
Harlis Tata Tahta, PT
Hijrah Nusatama, PT
Hitachi, PT
Hotomo Haka Endah, PT
Hutama Karya, PT
Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper TBK, PT
Indonusa Harapan Masa, PT
Intan Sari Manik Perkasa, PT
Interpanca Kharisma Engineering, PT

Data up to June 2011

Irhde Putra Nusa, PT

Istaka Karya, PT
Jakarta Baru, PT
Jakarta Putra Mandiri, PT
Jati Baru, PT
Java Persada, PT
Jaya Abadi Sumber Pasifik, PT
Jaya Konstruksi, PT
Kali Suruh Karsa Mandiri, PT
Kaliraya Sari, PT
Karunia Jaya Sejati, PT
Karya baru makmur, PT
Karya Bumi Nasional Perkasa, PT
Karya Cipta Sejahtera, PT
Karya Indah Permata, PT
Karya Mandala Putra, PT
Karya Pare Sejahtera, PT
Karya Shakila Group, PT
Karya Wiraputra Bontang, PT
Kati Kartika Murni, PT
Kawamura Indah, PT
Kencana Sakti, PT
Kijang Sakti Contraco, PT
Krakatau Engineering, PT
Kurnia Sulawesi Karyatama,PT
Kuwaka Parama Karya, PT
Leighton Contractor Indonesia, PT
Lia Membangun Persada, PT
Lompulle, PT
Mahir Jaya Mahakam Raya, PT
Makasar Indah Graha Sarana, PT
Makmur Abadi, CV
Maliki Rial, PT
Masa Putra, PT
Matra Naluri Muda, PT
Mega Power Mandiri, PT
Mega Pratama, PT
Mega Sukma, PT
Megah Megah Megah,PT
Mon Mata Raya, PT
Multisand Abrasive Indonesia, PT
Murfi Jaya Abadi, PT
Negla Jang Mandiri PT
Nele Baru, PT
Ngalangkang Permai, PT
Nugraha Jaya Pratama, PT
Nurya Sri Murni, PT
Panca Artha Rashi, PT
Passokorang, PT
Pectech Indonesia, PT
Pelita Nusa Perkasa, PT
Pembangunan Jaya Papua Raya, PT
Pemda Kabupaten Bogor
Pemda Kabupaten Bondowoso
Pemda Propinsi Gorontalo
Pemuda Prima Utama, PT
Perdasa, PT

Rindang Tigasatu Pratama, PT

Rodateknindo Purajaya, PT
Sabar Jaya Pratama, PT
Sabarita Perkasa Abadi, PT
Sahabat Baru Sejahtera, PT
Sahabat Indonesia, PT
Salman Putra Serasan, PT
Sama Sental, PT
Sanubari Megah Perkasa, PT
Sapta Karya, PT
Saptaguna Daya Prima, PT
Sebukit Indah Mempawah, PT
Sederhana Karya Jaya, PT
Selo Adikarto, PT
Semesta Motor Mesindo, PT
Seneca Indonesia, PT
Seroja Indah Persada, PT
Silkar National, PT
Simtex, PT
Sinar 99 Permai, PT
Sinar Agung Karya Maluku, PT
Sinar Jaya Kendari, CV
Sinar Jaya, PT
Sinar Karya Manado, PT
Sinar Karya Mega Persada, PT
Sinar Sama Sejati, PT
Sinar Terang Lestari, PT
Sinar Terang Mandiri, PT
South Pacific Viscose, PT
Strada Multi Perkasa, PT
Subur Brothers, PT
Subur Sari, PT
Sugriwa Agung, PT
Sultra Prov., Dinas PerPrasWil
Sumatera Prima Febreboard, PT
Sumber Baru Pratama, PT
Sumber Daya Asia, PT
Sumber Sedayu, PT
Sumber Swarsanusa, PT
Sumbersari Ciptamarga, PT
Surya Baru Cemerlang, PT
Surya Cipta Sentosa, PT
Surya Mekar, PT
Suryatiara Nusa Wahana, PT
Taiyo Sinar Raya Teknik, PT
Tanjung Menthobi, PT
Tekniko Indonesia, PT
Timah Persero, PT
Timor Putra Nasional, PT
Timur Utama Sakti, PT
Tinggal Landas Jaya, PT
Toha Semangat, PT
Tradha Adi Kencana, PT
Trikarsa Nusantara, PT
Trikarya Abadi Prima, PT
Tunas Brothers, PT
Tunggal Mandiri Jaya, PT

PLN (Persero), PT
Polajaya, PT
Premier Oil Natuna Sea, BV
Pribadi Manunggal, PT
Prima Dana Mix, PT
Prima Pembangunan Kerinci, PT

Umbupati, CV
Unggul Mitrapratama Interindo, PT
Union Polytech Indonesia, PT
United Can Company Limited, PT
United Can Indonesia, PT
United Tractors Pandu Engineering, PT
Universitas Indonesia
Utari Prima Sejahtera, PT

Primantara Raya Abadi, PT

Primasetia Anugrah Jaya, PT
Prizka Riskyah, PT
Pulogadung Pawitra Laksana, PT
Pusaka Dewa Kresna, PT
Putra Jaya, PT
Putra Persada Menggala, PT
Putri Tunggal Mandiri, CV
Rajawali, PT
Rekimai Jaya, CV
Rezky Setia Abadi, PT

Vigon, PT
Wahyu Menara Mas, PT
Wam Far East PTE, LTD
Waskita Karya, PT
Watu Besi Raya, PT
Widya Sapta Colas, PT
Wijaya Karya, PT
Windhu Tunggal Utama, PT
Yayasan Purna Bhakti Pertiwi

Project Experiences

Project Name

: Automation Trashrake System

: PT PLN (Persero) qq PT Mega Power Mandiri
: PLTA Batang Agam Bukit Tinggi, Sumatera Barat
: 2008
: Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction and Commisioning of
Hydraulic Trashrake Unit, Trolley, Bridge and Control in Intake

Project Name

: Conveyor Structure
: PT Surya Cipta Sentosa
: Sumatera
: 2008
: Fabrication of many kind of Conveyor Structure

Project Name

: Coal Crushing Plant

: PT Putra Persada Menggala
: Muai, Samarinda, Kalimantan Timur
: 2008
: EPC of Coal Crusher, Conveyor, capacity: 500 TPH

Project Experiences

Project Name

: Batch type Asphalt Mixing Plant capacity 1000 kg/batch

: PT Widya Sapta Colas
: Medan, Sumatera Utara
: 2008
: AMP MBW-1000 complete with: oil heater, bitumen storage, wet
cyclon and fully automatic production process.

Project Name

: Stone Crushing Plant

: PT Bukaka Teknik Utama
: Poso, Sulawesi Tengah
: 2009
: EPC project of stone crusher system with capacity of 170 TPH, to
include the feeder, vibrating screen and conveyor system

Project Name

: Conveyor A2 Rehabilitation
: PT PLN (Persero) qq PT Karya Cipta Sejahtera
: PLTU Tarahan 2x100 MW
: 2009-2010
: EPC project of Coal Steep Slope Conveyor ( 47o ) capacity of 400 TPH

Project Experiences

Project Name

: Relocation of Area I
: PT Astra Daihatsu Motor qq PT Pulogadung Pawitra Laksana
: Sunter-Jakarta
: 2010-2011
: EPC project, Relocation of chassis assembly plant, painting booth, and
new Conveyor Hanger system

Project Name

: Mechanical Conveyor for MDF Plant

: PT Sumatera Prima Fibreboard qq Siempelkamp
: Palembang Sumatera Selatan
: 2010-2011
: EPC project of Belt Conveyor, Special Roller Conveyor for Wood logs,
Screw Conveyor and Diverter Flap

Project Name : Baggage Claim Conveyor, Type Crescent Carousel

: Direktorat Perhubungan Udara, Kementerian Perhubungan RI
qq CV Ratih Prima Sari
: Bandar Udara Gunung Sitoli, Pulau Nias
: 2011
: Design, manufacturing, delivery, installation and commissioning

Project Experiences

Project Name

: Mechanical Equipment
: PT Nichias Rockwool
: Cikampek Jawa Barat
: 2012
: Detail Engineering, Manufacture, Installation of Rockwool Production
Process Equipment (Packing Machine, Oven, Chain Conveyor, Blower)

Project Name

: Batching Plant
: PT Conblock Indonesia
: Purwakarta Jawa Barat
: 2012
: Engineering & Manufacture, Installation Concrete Batching Plant system

Project Name

: Automation Trahrake System

: PT PLN (Persero) qq CV Hensan Andalas Putra
: PLTA Batang Agam Bukit Tinggi, Sumatera Barat
: 2011-2012
: Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction and Commisioning of
Hydraulic Trashrake Unit, Trolley, Bridge and Control on Tando Pool

Project Experiences

Project Name

: Coal Unloading System for Coal Power Plant

: PT Merak Energi Indonesia qq PT Dharma Subur Satya
: Cilegon, Jawa Barat
: 2012-2013
: EPC of Coal Unloading Belt Feeder, Coal Conveyor, Transfer Tower

Project Name

: Slag Conveyor for Steel Factory

: PT Krakatau Engineering - POSCO
: Cilegon, Jawa Barat
: 2012-2013
: Fabrication and Supervision Conveyor system, Steel Structure and Chute

Project Name

: Trim Line Conveyor for Car Assembling Plant

: PT Honda Prospect Motor qq PT Tsubaco Indonesia
: Karawang Timur, Jawa Barat
: 2013
: EPC of Trim Line Conveyor system