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02 2013 BMW India Pvt. Ltd. Printed in India 2013.

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BMW Accessories

Driving Pleasure

The models, equipment and possible vehicle configurations illustrated in this brochure may differ from vehicles supplied in the Indian market.
For precise information please contact your local Authorised BMW Dealer. Subject to change in design and equipment. BMW India Pvt. Ltd.,
Gurgaon, India. Not to be reproduced wholly or in part without written permission of BMW India Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon, India.

BMW Accessories


Driving Pleasure

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The new BMW X1 is the perfect match between agility
and elegance. Versatile, unique and dynamic just like
you, its packed with the revolutionary TwinPower Turbo
engine that exudes performance. In addition, advanced
technologies like BMW EfficientDynamics and Servotronic
give you maximum control with minimum effort. Available
in 2 distinct lines: Sport Line and x Line, each with its
own distinctive exterior contours, plush interiors and
breathtaking features, the new BMW X1 is an SAV that
can match every aspect of your personality
Now, personalize your BMW X1 for an even greater level
of individual freedom with Original BMW X1 Accessories.
Original BMW Accessories outstanding quality and wide
range offer you a host of possibilities, so choose the ones
that are perfect for you. Go on and add your personality to
Sheer Driving Pleasure.


Light alloy wheels.
Original BMW light alloy wheels emphasise the dynamic
character and exclusive style of your BMW. Not only that,
these lightweight cast wheels also help the suspension
to smother surface imperfections and improve handling
and braking. All wheel/tyre combinations undergo rigorous
selection and testing processes, and every last detail is
optimized for use with the specific BMW model in question
- to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality as per
the Indian market driving condition specifications.
1. 19 Light alloy wheel Star-spoke 311, Chrome

Cast alloy wheel, 19-inch size.

2. 18 M Light alloy wheel Double-spoke 355 M

Cast alloy wheel, 18-inch size.
3. 18" Light alloy wheel Honeycomb style 323

Cast alloy wheel, 18-inch size.
4. 17 M Light alloy wheel Double-spoke 354 M

Cast alloy wheel, 17-inch size.
5. 17 Light alloy wheel Star-spoke 319

Cast alloy wheel, 17-inch size.
6. 17 Light alloy wheel Streamline 306

Cast alloy wheel, 17-inch size.





Black line rear lights

The dark Black Line rear lights with transparent-look
indicators and chrome bulbs give the rear of your BMW X1
an even more expressive character.

Wing mirror caps, carbon (for models from 01/13)

Ultra-light high-tech material such as carbon will shape
the future of vehicle development and design. One look
at the wing mirror will show you clearly whats happening
behind you. Set of wing mirror caps for left and right.

9. Outdoor car cover

Washable and precisely tailored to BMW X1 models.
The outdoor car cover is silver in colour, with a surface
that is heatproof, water-resistant and dirt-repellent.
It comes with ventilation openings and BMW logo.

10. Wing mirror caps, matt silver (for models to 12/12)

Add emphasis to the dynamic lines of the BMW X1.
Set of wing mirror caps for left and right.
11. Mud flaps
Available for both the front and the rear wheels, they protect
your vehicle and the car behind you against dirt and stone chips.

6. M Aerodynamics package (as shown in model till 12/12)
Emphasises the sporty character of the BMW X1 for
an even more dynamic look. Perfectly matched in design
and functionality, the M Aerodynamics package includes
front and rear bumper covers, air ducts and sill covers.

x Line (see cover image)

Attachments for the bumpers and side skirts further
underline the strikingly sporty looks of the BMW X1.
Available in matt silver.

6. Front grille, black

Surround and kidney slats in black underscore the dynamic
character of the BMW X1.
6. 19 Light alloy wheels Double-spoke 465 Ferric grey

Cast alloy wheel, 19-inch size.






1. Coat hanger system

Only in conjunction with base attachment. The coat hanger
allows clothes to be transported without creasing. It can also
be detached from the mounting and used to carry clothes
outside the vehicle. The coat hanger system is designed
around a separately available base support that can be easily
fixed between the headrest bars.

2. All-weather floor mats

Dirt-repellent and water-resistant. Available in anthracite.
2. Stainless steel pedals
A stylish detail in the footwell.
3. Key case
Tailor-made and in high-quality black leather. Protects
against scratches, dirt and water splashes. Also prevents
unintentional key activation.


4. Cool bag
A CFC free electric cooler which chills its contents to approx
20 degrees centigrade below the temperature inside the
vehicle. Capacity: 14 litres.

6. Sunscreen
Quick and easy to attach to the rear side windows, luggage
compartment windows and rear windscreen. When not in use,
it can be stored in the bag supplied.

5. BMW Interior fragrance, starter kit

BMW Interior fragrance concept for the car, consists
of a fragrance holder and replaceable fragrance sticks.
There are three different scents available: Purifying Green
Tea, Energizing Tonic and Balancing Amber.
The individual fragrance stick is pushed into a refillable holder
that is suitable for mounting in all BMW ventilation grilles.
Intensity regulation is possible via the grille itself or via the
four windows integrated into the fragrance holder.

6. BMW Junior seat I-II, with ISOFIX

Suitable for children weighing 9 to 25 kg (aged approx. 9 months
to 7 years). The seat features a restraint cushion and a heightadjustable back. The use of the ISOFIX function is permitted for
children weighing up to 18 kg. Children weighing more than this
should be secured without the restraint cushion, using the seatbelt.


1. BMW Rear DVD system

Includes a monitor with 7 colour display integrated into the
centre console and a DVD drive that plays DVDs, music CDs
(incl. MP3 format), and displays JPEG images in superb
quality via standard-format data CDs and USB drives. The
monitor can pivot 180 and folds into the armrest to protect
it from damage. It also features AV input which can be used
for video cameras or games consoles. Available in black and
Savanna Beige.



BMW Tablet DVD system (not illustrated)

Consists of two portable seven-inch monitors, plus two
holders attached to the headrest support bars. The Tablet
DVD system can be plugged into the vehicles 12v socket.
The DVD player, which is built into one of the monitors, can
play video, photo and audio CDs (inc. MP3 format), and
display JPEG images on USB sticks and memory cards.
Audio playback is via either the monitors built-in loudspeakers,
or headphones such as the infrared stereo headphones
(sold separately) from BMW.

Infrared stereo headphones (not illustrated)

Specially designed for use with the BMW tablet DVD system,
they are extremely comfortable and let you control the
listening volume while delivering outstanding sound quality.

2. Rear view camera

Clearly shows the area behind the vehicle on the control
display. Interactive track lines show whether or not the parking
space in question is big enough for the vehicle. The rear
view camera is automatically activated when reverse gear is
engaged. Fitted for select models only.
3. BMW Car hotspot
Need to book movie tickets online or update your facebook
status? The BMW Car hotspot allows you to do just that.
Various devices, including an iPad, laptop and gaming
consoles can all access the wireless internet connection at
the same time. The BMW Car hotspot is fitted into the centre
armrest, using a snap-in adapter, with a combination of UMTS
(HSDPA) and GSM technology ensuring the best possible
connection. Talk to your dealership to find out more.

5. Video/Audio adapter for Apple iPod/iPhone

Cable adapter to connect your Apple iPod, iPod nano, iPod
mini or iPod Photo to the USB-audio interface. The cable
adapter enables the playback of all tracks stored in the iPod.
The device is automatically charged during the process.

4. USB/iPod interface
The USB/iPod interface allows the connection of all Apple
iPods with a docking connector and all Apple iPhones to the
on-board network. Music in the iPod is played back via the
audio system while the iPod is simultaneously charged. Your
entire iPod music collection is always available by genre,
artist, album or playlist. Alongside these devices, the USB/
iPod interface also allows the connection of USB sticks and
other suitable MP3 players for audio playback. The radio or
multifunction steering wheel enable direct operation. All lists,
songs or artists are shown in the radio display.




1. Luggage compartment mat, reversible

Can be used either way up. Features one velour and one
anti-slip plastic surface. When folded out, the reversible
luggage compartment mat covers the folded down rear
bench. With loading sill protective mat.

2. Mobility set
Consisting of pump, tyre gel, gloves and valve adapters. The
combination of the powerful compressor and 750 ml tyre sealing
gel outperforms the other compressor kits and tyre repair sprays
available in the market.

Luggage compartment mat, fitted (not illustrated)

Non-slip, precision-fit mat made of durable plastic.
Oil and solvent-resistant.

Emergency spare wheel system (not illustrated)

In the case of a flat tyre, the BMW X1 is equipped with runflat
tyres. However, the emergency spare wheel system has been
developed especially to offer additional safety in addition to
the standard breakdown system, particularly on very long and
difficult roads. The accessories of the ESW as car jack set,
bag or straps can be ordered separately.

3. BMW Base support system, lockable

The support bars are made of high-strength aluminium
tubing. The BMW base support system is equipped with an
anti-theft feature and complies with the most stringent safety
requirements. Available for vehicles with roof railing. Easy to fit,
with no tools required. Maximum permissible roof load: 75 kg.
3. BMW Roof box, 460 litres
Easy to load, thanks to an innovative system that opens from
both sides. Features anti-theft triple central locking on both
sides for complete peace of mind. Available in silver or black.
Capacity: approx. 460 l. L x W x H: 230 x 82 x 37 cm.


1. Original BMW Care Products
These products make it easy to keep your BMW looking
great for longer. Use BMW hard wax with nanotechnology
to effectively protect your vehicles paintwork, or the leather
preserving set with UV protection to ensure your BMW stays
as good as new. Other surfaces, such as glass, plastics and
textiles, can also be gently yet effectively cleaned with BMW
Care Products.These products are easy to use and can be
used on different materials.
2. BMW Natural care
As well as the existing selection of cleaning range, BMW
now offers a new range called Natural Care. These products
are more sustainable and environmentally friendly in every
way they are sourced from natural raw materials, such as
tenside from sugar beet, carnauba wax or linseed oil. The new
range consists of six products: car shampoo, car polish, car
wax, windscreen wash concentrate, glass cleaner and interior
cleaner. Natural Care is all about combining sustainability with
high product quality.

BMW Petrol additive (not illustrated)

The BMW petrol additive protects your engine from wear and
corrosion, prevents deposit accumulation and reduces friction.
Moreover, the additive has a positive effect on the lube oil
quality and improves the cleanness of the lubricating system.
Overall, it maintains the new condition of the engine over a
long time.