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2. and are not extracted in the same order as indexed in the FlightSafety Manual. The sections are not in any particular order.BEECHCRAFT 1900 SERIES DIFFERENCES INTRODUCTION 1. The following information is referenced from the Beechcraft 1900 series “Airliner” Pilot Training Manual produced for FlightSafety International: issued March 1994. Page 2 of 7 Version: 15 May 2000 .

1 lb/ft2 less DOORS Air Stair UB/UC = 6 lock mechanisms Cargo door Inside cargo compartment UE = 8 Lock mechanisms UE = Gas spring support 1000-1500psi UB/UC inspection window right side .BEECHCRAFT 1900 SERIES DIFFERENCES LIMITATIONS UE UE UE - Ramp Weight = ZFW Cabin height +350 520 LBS heavier than UB/UC = 15000 15165LBS (UB/UC unless moded 14000LBS) = 14” higher than UB/UC Baggage Differences Fwd comp Aft comp UB 250lbs 565lbs UC 880lbs 630lbs UE 1000lbs 630lbs Cargo Door 5” Bigger Wing Loading - - 0.UE on left UB/UC light switch on left side UE light switch on right side Emergency Exits UB/UC lock lever in up position for operation .5° PROP LEVERS AUTOFEATHER 1400-1700 525Tq@85-90% <250Tq 1200 & 1400-1700 1000Tq@90% <350Tq 58% 70% >64% 65% 71% NA Arm Feather FUEL CONDITION LEVER LOW HIGH Air Condition/Enviro Page 3 of 7 Version: 15 May 2000 .UE lock pin removed ENGINES UB/UC UE Pratt&Witney 65B 67 SHP 1100 1279 ITT 400-810 400-780 Tq 3400 3950 NP 1400-1700 Prohibited 400-950/1250-1395 UB/UC fuel nozzles = 14 simplex (7 primary 7 secondary [at 36%]) UE = 14 duplex (14 primary 14 seconday [at 40-45%]) UB/UC has a jet flap in compressor to generate swirl effect (for low speed compressor characteristics) UB has a chip detector POWER LEVER RPM Flt/Gnd Idle Gnd Fine/Beta Reverse UB/UC 7° 68-70%Ng /-3° -14° UE 4to9° 65-71%Ng /-5to9° -14.

Motor gear relay UB/UC on right CB panel and UE in left engine nacelle. 20sec-on. Nose wheel Tires on UB/UC are tubed and UE are tubeless Speed limit on tires UB/UC 160 MPH and UE 190 MPH Nose wheel steering 2 types – AIRIGHT Taxi=10° Park=63° and DECOTO Taxi=15° Park=55° ALTERNATE STATIC UB/UC on left and right of main instrument panel UE on left and right lower side panel Page 4 of 7 Version: 15 May 2000 . Horn warning on pilot sub-panel in different position in each type. 30sec-on. 30sec-on. 30min-off Or 20sec-on . Gear position light indicators test – UB/UC = depress lights. 60sec-off.BEECHCRAFT 1900 SERIES DIFFERENCES Starter Limits vary with differing mod states. 20sec-on. 3min-off. UE = depress annunciator test button. 30sec-off. 5min-off FIRE DETECT/EXTINGUISHER Detect = UB UC UE 1 swivel knob control Loop/Amp switches Loop/Amp = red illumination of Firewall Fuel Valve handles = loop annunciators indication/red illumination of handles Extinguisher = UB UC UE Same swivel knob control as Detect Test = Yellow/Green Disch/OK illumination Test A = Yellow Disch Test B = Green OK illumination ENVIRONMENTAL Heating – UE has no ejector bypass valve. Vent Blower – UC= Hi-Lo-Auto UE= Hi-Off-Auto Manual selection on UB/UC takes 60 sec to operate bypass valve and UE takes 30 seconds LANDING GEAR All models have various door hinges = check the piano hinge as some models are crimped for security of wire.

UE activates <750Tq UB/UC Prop De-ice 26-32A. UE ice light is on overhead panel UB/UC Auto-Ignition activates <550Tq.1 or No. UE side panel alongside above seats. UE 32-38A UE Cabin Diff Pressure gauge and switch are connected to the Alternate Static. Page 5 of 7 Version: 15 May 2000 . Passenger mask deploy position UB/UC overhead side panel alongside seats. ELECTRICS UB/UC HEDs are 250amp mono-directional UE HEDs 2x325amp bi-directional and 1x275amp mono-directional REMEMBER THAT LIMITS AFTER START WILL CHANGE BECAUSE BATTERIES ARE NOW GEL OR LEAD ACID. GEN CHARGE RATE MUST BE BELOW 40% BEFORE STARTING OPPOSITE ENGINE TO PREVENT BATTERY PROBLEMS UB/UC UE = No.2 Inverter = Left and Right AC/Inverters (Checklist for External Power start) ICE & PROTECTION UE has Tailet boots UE has annunciators that illuminate in order of inflation UB/UC ice light on pilot’s sub-panel.BEECHCRAFT 1900 SERIES DIFFERENCES OXYGEN UB/UC UE PULL ON/OFF at extreme left and middle of main instrument panel PULL ON/OFF at lower extreme left of main instrument panel UB/UC UE CABIN at lower extreme left of main instrument panel CABIN at lower left and centre (under pilot’s yoke) of main instrument panel Mask types differ – UB/UC = Lanyard activated constant flow UE = Diluter demand with mic.

AUX TANK. UE = 5 TRIM In pre-flight flight deck preparation UB/UC set elevator trim to 2 units. UE = 198 KIAS 168 KIAS 154 KIAS = UP – 17° 188 KIAS 35° 143(154)KIAS UB/UC flap motor – right CB panel UE – under first section floor board at air stair entrance Page 6 of 7 Version: 15 May 2000 . AC V/Hz indicator.5lbs useable. 200lb imbalance Wet wing tanks. 300lb imbalance Wet wing tanks.LAND. TOTAL FUEL = 4495lbs useable. UE set to 1. 200lb imbalance UB fuel is gravity fed to centre wing (collector) tank and fed with pumps to engine UC/UE no gravity feed (use of motive flow/jet pumps) UE wing probes for visual quick reference indication – Outboard = 1150lbs Inboard = 745lbs Heated fuel vent. TOTAL FUEL = 2864. AUX TANK. ANNUNCIATORS UE WARNING = AC instead of INVERTERS BAGGAGE not included CAB ALT replaces CAB HI CAB DIFF HI CARGO DOOR replaces AFT CABIN UE CAUTION = CHIP DET removed PWR STEER ENG removed RDR PWR in white COL TANK LOW replaces FUEL FEED PITCH TRIM YD/RB FAIL RB OFF UE FIRE EXT = RED replaces YELLOW EXTINGUISH (UE93+) FUEL PANEL UB UC UE = = = Integrated tanks.5 units FLAP UB/UC Speed limits = UP – TAKEOFF – APPROACH . sump drains UC = 3. UC = 6. No AUX selector.BEECHCRAFT 1900 SERIES DIFFERENCES INTERNAL OVERHEAD PANEL UE has light switches. Battery Ammeter. TOTAL FUEL = 4484lbs useable.

25 Page 7 of 7 Version: 15 May 2000 .8 UE = 5.1 UB/UC CAB ALT = 12500’ UE = 10000’ UE CAB DIFF HI = 5.BEECHCRAFT 1900 SERIES DIFFERENCES PRESSURIZATION UB/UC Cab Diff limit = 4.