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Year Group: Year 9

O’Keeffe Style Flower Paintings Term Date: Spring


STANDARD 1.2: Students recognize the significant works of Western and non-Western art and understand the chronological development of art movements.
STANDARD 2.1: Students describe, analyse, and interpret works of art and artifacts.
STANDARD 3.1: Students identify and apply criteria to make informed judgements about art.
STANDARD 4.3: Students develop and apply skills using a variety of two-dimensional and three-dimensional media, tools, and processes to create works that communicate personal meaning.
STANDARD 4.4: Students reflect on, revise, and refine their work using problem solving and critical thinking skills.
STANDARD 5.1: Students create original works of art.
STANDARD 5.2: Students exhibit individuality in the interpretation and appreciation of images.


• Student uses colour families • How can you turn a realistic artwork into an abstract one?
• Student mixes colours accurately • How did Georgia O’Keeffe work?
• Student develops skills in drawing and composition.
• Student can explain the difference between realistic and abstract art.
• Student observes a floral arrangement to plan a composition of one flower that extends all four sides of
a page.
• Student uses tempera paint in monochromatic hues to add color, shade and value to their flowers.
• Student becomes knowledgeable of the style and composition in Georgia O’Keefe’s Work.
• Student applies colour mixtures and colour schemes correctly to personal compositions.
• Student creates a neat and tidy artwork.
• Student shows good attitude and behaviour (see rubric).
• Student shows good organizational and time management skills.


From Realism to Students begin with an in-depth study of colour theory, colour mixing, local Georgia O’Keeffe White Paper A4
Abstraction colour, tints and shades. Students learn about abstraction and enlarging Abstraction White Paper A3
Observational drawing through the work of painter Georgia O'Keeffe. Realism Pencils
Viewfinder Students make observational drawings of live flowers found in on the Observational Drawing Eraser
Enlarging pictures school grounds. Students use a viewfinder to choose an abstraction they Viewfinder Brushes
enlarge with acrylic paint. Texture Tempera
Pattern PP Presentation on Georgia
Hue, Tint, Shade, Saturation O’Keeffe
Class discussion
Assessment rubric