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POWERFUL, diesel-electric locomotive

is shown on turntable being switched
TRIPLE VALVE is tested for from roundhouse where repair and
defects in the photo above. maintenance has been performed by
Cpl. Denzel Leadman is the the 724th Transportation Railway Ope.
tester. Pacific Stars & Stripes rating Battalion. (U.S. Army Photo by
owes a deep bow of thanks to PFG J. A. Napiwovskl)
the men of the 765th Transpor-
tation Railway Shop Battalion
as they have saved the Pusan
printing plant of the paper at SGT. KICHARD W. ROHLE (left),
least 200 hours of presstime by diesel-electric locomotive engineer, as-
their help when presses needed signed to Company C, 712th Transpor-
repair. (All 765th TRSB tion Railway Operating Battalion, pre-
photos by PFC Sidney W. Tur- pares to move his train out of busy
ner, 226th Sig- Sv BnT southern marshalling yards. (U.S.
Army photo by PFC Mitchell)

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reconstruction, and jr^uch new construction,
This has been particularly true during the
hectic offensives and counter-offensives in
BIG WHEELS are moved from 1950 and 1951. Often it was necessary to
the locomotive shop to the OPERATION of the military rail network destroy rail equipment and facilities, which
operated £>; the Korean National Railroad, had to be reconstructed when the UN re-
machine shop for repair, (at in Korea is not unlike that of civilian roads. over whid
left) Sgt. Mukio Ando, of the American control and super- gained control of the territory. Bridges,
Col. Alton A. Hill, general manager, .3d vision is e. cercised, but in which territory
765th Transportation Railway TMRS, sits at the throttle. His telephone stations, marshalling yards, nAiles of trackage
American,, •^rsonnel are not assigned. In have been destroyed by bombing; however,
Shop Battalion, operates the rings constantly, and members of his staff, most irustai.
hyster. of KNR operation, equipment each time, engineering groups, 3d TMRS and
seasoned civilian and military railroad men, is furnishec /y the KNR; however, in some
come and go all day. He quietly dispenses KNR engineers, have re-built these facilities,
cases jitean . and diesel-electric power has and have continued to expand as expansion
years of railroad experience in civilian and been provic :ed by the 3d TMRS, and other
military status to the various sections and became necessary. Just recently, as a result
rolling stoc fc has either been furnished by of the cooperation of 2d Engineer Group, 3d
divisions of the rail network, which includes the 3d TMI '-S, or repaired and put into op-
- miles of military and non-military trackage. TMRS facilities and engineers, and KNR
eration by them. Generally, all steam engineers, the Imjin and Second Han river
RAILROAD WORK requires An around-the-clock operation, reports, power is o;
rugged men. Sgt. Robert Hill icrated by the Korean National high level railroad bridges were completed,
(left below) and PFC Norman
Ull types of correspondence, TWX's, tele-
. phone calls and personal contacts pour into
Railroad, v
operated bj
hile all diesel-electric 'power is
the respective battalions,
making possible additional logistic support £&v*&3
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Thiele are typical of the men Headquarters constantly. to the UN forces, as well as additional ton- >i*>£s V-
s-*5> •
who do the repair work at the The enti e operation of the KNR is supef- rage for civilian relief.
Mainline operations in the south, are vised by th CPL. EDWARD CASTILLO, Company C, 772rt Military Police
765th Transportation Railway under the supervision of Lt. Col. George O. J 3d TMRS, and additional pas-
senger and freight services desired by the Battalion, is shown checking seals of a boxcar against the secu-
Shop Battalion in Korea. v Larmer. His 724th Transportation Railway KNR are fii rity check list which has been furnished him at the origin FMCO,
Operating Battalion, in addition to operating st studied by the 3d TMRS. The
3d TMRS i isures the coordination of train This is a 'must' duty for MP's in order to determine if car has
all rolling stock in this division is respon- schedules ; been tampered with, (U.S. Army photo by Napiwoski)
sible for the supervision and movement of nd shipments, preparation of
train and s: ation rules, issuance of regula-
all materiel, supplies and equipment while tions for la tding, blocking and securing of
moving through 724th TROB territory. equipment i
Throughout the territory are located engine nd supplies shipped by rail,
The 765t i Transportation Railway Shop
houses equipped to accomplish maintenance Battalion, >mmanded by Maj. Frank S.
and repair on steam and diesel-electric Marshall, is
locomotives, as well as areas in which all responsible for all major repairs
and constr •tion work on rolling stock. In
types of railway cars can be repaired. addition t
American personnel, stationed at 32 performing major repairs on
steam anc Diesel-electric locomotives, the
points in the 724th TROB territory, handle 765th TRSi
traffic moving through their respective locale. jmpletely assembles and builds
steam and d esel-electric locomotives, and all
These stations are referred to as field move- types of rai
ment control officers, formerly RTOs, and 'way cars and equipment.
Like anj large railway equipment con-
consist of transportation terminals, junction struction 01 lanisation, the 765th TRSB is
points, and other locations requiring super- composed o
vision of movements. These personnel are machine shops, a fabricating
shop, finishij g'shop, sawmill shop, carpenter
members of the 593d Transportation Traffic shop, weldi;
Regulating Detachment, on detached service '.g shop, painting shop, boiler
shop, cast ii m foundry, brass foundry, and
to the operating battalions. Colonel Hill is a sheet met:
commanding officer of the 593d TTRD. 1 shop, all of which combine to
make the. '('•as t rucl ion of a railway ear
Mainline operations in the north are possible.
under the supervision of the 712 rh Trans- The 7fiSii TfiSB is unique in thai a great
portation Railway Operating Battalion, com- deal of r,aii
manded by Lt. Col. Alex T. Langsion.' The ' is m a n u f a c t u r e d
in its shop and, foundries, an operation
712th TROB has American personnel at 33 w h i c h is rioi
p o i n t s - w h i c h require supervision of move- only time-saving, but is a boon
to Korean ^ •onomy since Koreans are em-
ments. Both railway operating battalions ployed in i. ~ ~ e shop.s. a? in o t h ^ r shnns CPT>. THOMAS WHITE. Company C. " l ? < h Transportation Rail
are similar in operation, and m a i n t a i n and throughoutt 'ail network. A m e r i c a n pnr- ' way Operating B a H g l i o n , i? m a k i n g - m i n o r repairs on ».
operate the same u n i t s necessary to the over- sonnel .cup
all operation. thfl operation. Ino.nmoUvc whi^h hnc bocn bronsM i n ( n nr»o of fhf.
Constvi- between 1890 R n r ] |!}n.i. i h r >
2 are many miles of trackage. Korpan Kg s hor>,« operaic.rl by the 71.21.H TROR. ( U . S . Army photo
al R a i l r o a d h a s .'-pnuiveri. much !
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