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Starter of our faith He is there i the middle and he is there in the finish.

Looking unto Jesus who is beginnier and finisher ....He sat down at the right
hand of God and he has send us the Holy Spriit.. To help us.. To finisher...
If you wont quit and keep your eyes on him hell finish what he has starter
into you...Strip off those things that hGod word is the same ..inders
you....marathon race... God is BIG GOD and you have got the Holy
is about what is hapenning 6 months from now or a year now....
It is the person who endures and who wont give up.... My word is the same
and go back and pick it again ... Begin to expect it again no matter what
happended and or does not happen ... You are expecting and believing
expecting... It will happen if you dont quit .... It will come to pass
...looking unto Jesus ....lay aside .... Weight and sin ...that beset you... Keep
that joy...
Faith and Patience 2
Galatians 6:7; Heb 12 :1-2
Decide not to get tired . Dont have to get tired . Even standing a 6 months
or so ... Put on joy , put on patience.. Weariness is the prelude to weariness.
The moment you get weary or tired you are goign casting our faith... If get in
faith..And stay in faith .. And refuse to quit till hte end .. They recive the
answer...youll always receive
Psalm 105:18-19
The word of the LORD tried Him. Joseph got a vision from the Lord when
he was 17. It looks like the vision is not going to come to past... But he
believed ... 30 years old it happened.. Just coz it has not happened it dosent
mean that it will not happen .. If you beleive GOd it will happened. The
Word of Lord tried .......Ti tried them... If you dont quit ... No matter how
long it take .... Itll come to pass... Pass the test
Habbukkuk 2:1

Record the vision make it plain......coz the vision is for an appointed

time....though it tarries it will surely come to pass... Flesh to crucify ....tell
the flesh to shut up... Record it write it down... The just shall live by faith...
We live in the world of instant gratification and feeds the flesh... Tell the
flesh to shut up and by faith I believe I receive in my heart...I have it now.
Scoffers and mockers....people will make fun of you ...But He is coming
...closer to it
You have to keep infront of you..Satan cannot stop you when you get into
faith and stay in it ... They cant stop a healing from coming to you... He cant
stop your money from coming to you......
Harrassment of the devil in your thought life... He ll harrass you mind..
You have to cast it down...every thought .....Satan can hinder you but he cant
stop your miracle from happening... He wont wrestle with God.. Hell try to
get to hinder our faith.... To stop pur faith ... The moment you get weary and
quit ...God cannot do it for you ...
In due season you shall reap ..
Faith hand in hand with patience... You believe God untill... You stand until..
Do what you have been doing until
Hebrew 3:14
If we hold the beginning of our confidence till the end...hold fast our
confidence till the end ... Receiving the end of your faith....
Luke 8:5
Sower went our sow...Matthew 13 - the main principle of faith and the
kingdom of God..4 condition of the ground.. Seed is the word.. Ground is the
hearts of man... Fruit and product of the word of GOd...healing is the harvest
of the Word of God.. Prosperiy is the fruit and product of word.. Diligently
get into the word and sow the seeds of the wordin your life and reap the
Make sure the word dont get into you... If it does make sure it does not get
the fruit in you rlife.. First step to get a healing is to get the word of healing

into you..
Faith must be developed in every area by feeding on the word of GOd...get
the word out of your heart....not fruit understanding....
Rock=stony ground, shallow ground-shallow soil rocks underneath. They
receive the word with joy...immeditely receive the
word And these has no root.... When tribulation and trial arises ...on
account of the word they are offended... Be quick to believe God
Breaking up the fallow the ground ... Watering the quick to believe
GOd but not hasty ... Read the scriptures and meditate on it even though
you know it .... Get into meditation of the word and the roots to get to
through... Faith is not a rush but is a rest ... Dont rush ito it... Get into the
They were offended coz of the word...OFFENDED...affliction and
persecution offended .. That it does not work..
OFFENDED= cause to mistrust, causes a displeasure about something...
They received in joy .. Watch out for joy and no more peace..
Faith is of the heart not just words... When you fully persuaded about the
word .. Expecting it happened ... In different trial and tribulation ... Count it
all joy...
Be simple and only believe it the the Father will bring to pass......when it did
not happen it will cause you to be shaken ...
Stir yourself up.. Through faaith and patience we inherit the promises
Satan will come and tell the same old thing all the time ... Always triumph
in Christ Always triumph all the time
Matthew 13 :31 the ssmallest to the greatest
From the sickeest to the healthiest
Poorest to the wealthiest
Principles of faith the kingdom of god works on faith-mustards seed faith.
Seedtime and harvest. Faith works like a mustard seed... Seed grown it
becomes a tree. From a mustard seed to a tree.. Birds of the air came and

lodge on the tree.. In some area of your life you are a mustard seed...
Kingdom og God is leaven.. Dough and adds yeast it keeps working it will
throught he whole badge......not to emphasis on the spectucular but miss the
supernatural. Mustard seed the tree.. Plant the mustard seed on the
ground.. It groes expect to co,e out .. It begins to push out his shell....there is
crack ...push out