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Pastor William Nkea - Founder of the Bethel of

Pastor William Nkea, a man of faith. An ordained pastor, he is a devoted servant of God,
spreading the teachings of The Bible by sharing with others his stories of love and
compassion. A senior pastor at Christian Victory Church in Grand Prairie, Texas, Pastor
William has become not only a spiritual counselor for those in his congregation that have lost
their way, but a spiritual mentor for others to follow. Since 2004, Pastor William has been a
messenger of God, working to eliminate the body of Christ of false teachings and restore the
authority of the believer.
In 2014, Pastor William was once again called upon by God to the high calling of an apostle.
After the calling was confirmed by the Apostles, Bishops, Archbishops, and prophets, Pastor
William was ordained an apostle by his eminence Arch Bishop Clarence E. Davis. As a
newly ordained special messenger of God, Pastor William Nkea started the Bethel Apostolic
Ministries in 2015. The non-traditional church is a gathering place where people who have a
calling to serve in the kingdom of God can assemble. Pastor William's vision for the Bethel
Apostolic Ministries was to have a place of encounter, where his congregations destinies are
changed, and their lives take on new meaning through a transformation by the Holy Spirit.
One of Pastor William Nkea's strongest testaments is his ability to plant churches. When the
Christian Victory Chapel was first started back in 2004, there were only four members in the
congregation. Today, there are over 300. With his open-minded and progressive approach,
Pastor William is able to draw fellow worshippers from across the city. Worshippers that
come from different backgrounds and that have different lifestyles. Since its launch in 2004,
the Christian Victory Chapel has sprouted four other churches that have been birthed with
the launch of the Bethel Apostolic Ministry. Along with the opening of the Bethel Apostolic
Ministries in Grand Prairie, Texas, there is also the Bethel Apostolic Ministry in Fort Worth,
Bethel Los Angeles, and Bethel Maryland.
For Pastor William Nkea he is doing what he loves, preaching the gospel. He is making a
positive difference in his community and the world. A passionate man of God, Pastor William
has aspirations for his life, including becoming a published author on spiritual leadership,
releasing arrows from the quiver, and ignorance and spiritual abuse in the body of Christ. He
also hopes to become an instructor at a theological seminary so he can continue to pass on
the messages of God.