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Synopsis: Animation is the process of creating motion and shape
change illusion by means of the rapid display of a sequence of static
images that minimally differ from each other. The illusion as in
motion pictures in generalis thought to rely on the phi
phenomenon. Animators are artists who specialize in the creation of
animation. Animation is a very creative media to express,hence it is
being used in almost every field.Hence due to the increasing scope
and demands for future animation institutes need to be designed
keeping in mind the various aspects ,functionalities and
The Center would consist of several categories consisting of the main studio
space, education, administration, production, and entertainment,
recreational and utility space. The goal of the project is to introduce
multiple activities and functions into the center providing a unique sensory
experience bring people of creative profession together.
Justification: The project presented here is a Animation

Institute,which is to be designed due to increasing instrests of

people in this fields.Although there are a few animation institutes
but at a smaller scale.A larger project will prove to be a better
learning place for people who want to persue their career in
animation and film making.

Synopsis: Resort is a place to spent holiday for relaxation and
recreation so that, one can give dynamism to their leisure time.
A modern form of resort where one can have all the resort
facilities within a boundary and all the functions are
incorporated like amenities, attractions, and geographically
significant attributes that a resort requires to provide in order to
be considered as a resort. These include, for example:golf,
ski/mountain, beach/ocean, lakeside, casino/gaming, all-

inclusiveness,spa/health/wellness, marina, tennis, and Water

The main objective of this proposal is to design Re-creative
Tourist Resort for the partial fulfillment of Bachelor Degree of
The scopes of the projects are,The resort with recreational
facilities posses wide range of scope. If we analyze the present
trend of internal resort tourism and need of leisure place, then
it is acceptable to have multifunctional resort, which not only
focus on overnight stay but also concern in day servicestoo.For
internal visitors, there is no trend of going hotels in weekend,
due to their location on coreurban area. They intend to go some
distance far from city so that they can enjoy theenvironment
and freshness there. Hence, resort tourism can provide best
solution to internal tourism.
Justification: The major purpose of a resort is that it promotes
tourism.This sector has a great potentiality to generate foreign
revenue, which can bring about immediate socio-economic
benefit from small investments.A well-synchronized and
planned resort, which caters the modern amenities as per the
requirement of the visitors, is a present need. We can find
many resorts here and only few of which are fulfilling these
needs. In addition, most of the resorts are oriented to limited
service focusing only foreigners and paying very little attention
to urban haves.

Synopsis: Industrial design has roots in the guilds and
apprentice ships tradition where craft traditions were passed on
from generation to generation. with the emergence of the
industrial revolution the influence of the guilds diminished,but
at the same time it led to a need for art and industry to
collaborate, in order to produce numerous new consumer and

capital goods .thus the foundation for industrial design came

into existence.
A factory is an industrial site, usually consisting of buildings
and machinery, or more commonly a complex having several
buildings, where workers manufacture goods or
operate machines processing one product into another.
Justification :Using space as a medium, the design of factory
contributes in a personal, cultural, social and even political way.
Through scenery, smells, sounds and manipulatable of space,
the project is conceived to stimulate the individual.
The integration of nature into the beautiful industrial facility
reminds us of being part of a whole, while unconsciously
fosters interactions among people.

Ar . Saloni Shah
Prof.Bhavna Vimawala
Ar. Sarosh Wadia
Prof. Rikta Desai